Team - Vienna Würstelstand

The Vienna Würstelstand Team

Editor-in-Chief / Infamous sock thief

Some breed of freelance journalist/writer with a curiosity for travel. Held captive by that clawing, sticky, high-steeple, hot old lady, story-book thing Vienna’s got going for it. Australian. Has never bought a pair of socks in his life. Lost his virginity somewhere between Darwin, Australia and Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan when travelling overland from Australia to Vienna. Founder of Vienna Würstelstand.

Christopher Hanschitz
Head Videographer

A raw…very raw individual who spends most of his time behind a camera. Either stringing moving images together with whip cuts in between, or hiding away in a studio playing with light and shadow on models. Hailing from Carinthia, he spends most of his time lost in Vienna, but as long as he has his camera with him, it doesn’t matter. He has 3 nipple piercings, yet only 2 nipples. Some call him Chris while others know him as Vienna Würstelstand’s grumpy camera man. You can find him, here: @chris_hanschitz

Christina Eckerstorfer
Head of digital marketing / Content creator

A country girl living the big city life. Strayed away from Vienna to live abroad but came back for the desserts. Prefers cake over Würstels. A dog-stalker and a (wannabe) swiss army knife.


Regular Contributors

Carla Bancu

Part-time writer of wrongs. Loves a good pun and curly hair. Mysteriously starts speaking like a gangster when nervous. A Transylvanian with rather sharp teeth. Trained in the dark arts of marketing, and also specialised in innovation and trends. Obsessive soup slurper. @carlatoria

Lorraine Wenzel

Freelancer by accident, moving around the vast fields of media and marketing with a passion for writing. Lost her heart in Africa and her soul in the Netherlands. Troubled when leaving a club earlier than 7am. Even more troubled when finding her way home then. @_tagessuppe_

Iwan Kasprzyk

One of the youngest content creators in the Würstelstand crew, and also perhaps the hippetiest-hippest of them all. A wise old man that switched bodies with a young guy after a freaky Friday night that he can’t remember much. Been stuck in this body every since. You may spot him skating around town with a camera slung over his shoulder, which he is known to use on occasion for the good of the magazine. You can find him, here: @iwaanoo

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Emilia Petkoski

She’s a minimalist city girl. Is in love with Scandinavian design and fashion. She’s a Daydreamer. Never leaves the house without a bottle of water and a snack. Some have called her crazy for her habit of waking at 5am. You will often find her on a yoga mat, taking pictures of buildings, or on her Insta’ feed: @em.ilia.e

Lucas Nguyen

The stereotypical ‘Asian’ guy aka. plays piano and violin. He also been seen often photographing people on the street (not in a creepy way) and sometimes lurking around the parks of Vienna (also not in a creepy way. Hmmm, should rethink how I describe my hobbies to people). Looks like your regular Asian tourist with a camera so trying to find him in Vienna is like playing a game of, ‘Where’s Waldo.’ Every now and then you might catch him with a bottle of wine at the Donaukanal. @lucasnguyenp

Michael Goldrei

After moving from London to Vienna to be with his Horologist girlfriend (clockmaker, not reader of star signs), Michael can be seen roaming the streets with his camera, taking photos of wild and wonderful scenes of the normally unnoticed. He’s a lover of Dachsteinbrot, a certain vegan ice creamery in Vienna and the Prater – but not all at once.

Isabelle Carhoun

A graphic designer by day and a mysterious photographer by night. Grew up in Favoriten, with way too many video games and animes around. Now she’s living in Neubau und pretends to be a grown-up while sending way too many Pikachu Gifs to her friends.

Eva Archan
Grew up in the middle of nowhere, but moved to Vienna to study media technology and somehow got stuck here. Stops and points out a pretty building, or balcony, every 5 minutes making her impossible to walk with. Feels special, because cats usually like her. Have a look at her, @evieeay
David Schneider
Just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Ma…umm content creator. Finds it kinda’ weird to talk about himself in the third person, but apparently that’s what ‘professionals’ do. Special talents include eating as much food as he wants food in one sitting, and then being hungry again an hour later. Has a camera and is not afraid to use it. He even takes great pictures (at least that’s what his mum says). Have a look at him, here: @heydavve
Sam Pyra

A Content Creator that drifts between being a serious filmmaker to a carefree video explorer. Since ditching NYC for Vienna, it’s been all about absurdly long coffee outings, attempts as passable German conversations, and dragging the locals out to random events every week. You can find her chasing her next whim on Instagram @SameraAbroad, or Youtube.

Benjamin Steindorfer

Grew up on a small farm in Carinthia. Somehow became a photographer and videographer. In love with cinematography, colours, and Vienna. You can find him roaming through the streets balancing a tripod on his shoulder. He can’t watch a movie without constantly thinking about how they might have filmed it. Excited to learn, improve and of course end up in Hollywood some day (well, so he wishes). Check him out, here:


Bih’s writing career began at the tender age of nine when she wrote her first-ever story. From then on, her passion for storytelling and writing has led her to discovering many other creative passions, from photography to video editing and coding. As an avid thrifter, you can find Bih at her local flea-market. When she’s not there, she’s on the internet where she enjoys reading terrible, but funny puns. Some of these witty words can be found on Instagram @bumblebih


Moved to Vienna to discover his creative calling. Still considers himself a painter at heart, but has also fallen in love with photography. Never leaves home without his camera. He drinks his morning orange juice in a wine glass, thinks he was Italian in another life as he claims he regularly has vivid dreams of living near the sea. He stops sometimes mid-sentence just to finish taking a photo in his mind. Seeing the northern lights was the most amazing psychedelic experience he’s ever had. @pauldragu


Works on all sorts of creative endeavors, most of them behind the camera, or in front of her laptop. Fascinated by humans and is always looking for stories. Spends most of her weeknights in the dance studio and can be found galavanting around Vienna, or streaming on her couch on the weekend. Worked as a game master in an escape room for two years. Loves solving mysteries, so she’s very hard to surprise. Find her creative work on @lightsourcelimited