Why are these 6 locations the most Instagrammed in Vienna?

Why are these 6 locations the most Instagrammed in Vienna?

April 29, 2019

Why are these 6
locations the most
Instagrammed in Vienna?

April 29, 2019

Vienna Würstelstand's says

Some places just make people instinctively take out their phones and feel the urge to share a picture of it on Instagram. Heck, it seems like some people go places just to snap & postthe Instagram picture. We wanted to know what the most ‘gram-worthy locations are in Vienna so we got to work researching.

After countless hours interviewing scientists and,picture pros and scrolling through thousands of pictures (to be honest, we actually just searched the most popular Vienna-centric hashtags on Instagram and checked out what places came up the most), here are the 6 most Instagrammed places in Vienna. Plus, we’ve tried to explain their Instagram fame in the best way we can.

Schönbrunn Palace

Where: Schönbrunner Schloßstraße 47, 1130
Metro station nearby: U4 Schönbrunn

Our theory on why this place is so overgrammed: 

Once again, we think that if the Habsburgs were around today, they’d be keen Instagrammers. Especially Sissi. Imagine her snapping selfies in the Schönbrunn gardens, hash tagging – #feelingblessed

Well, no worries Sissi – we’ll grab those shots for you. Symmetry and bright colours is what works best on Instagram, and the Schönbrunn palace has both of these things down pact. The magnificent symmetry of the Schönbrunn palace and it’s sweet canary yellow colour is perfect for posting. Whether you prefer the elevated shot from the Gloriette hill above, or the ground level, Wes-Anderson-style shot (if you frame it right) the Schönbrunn palace will score you likes. We mean, it’s a palace…what’s not to Instagram about that.


The Michaelertrakt at Michaelerplatz 

Where: Michaelerplatz 4, 1010
Metro station nearby:
U3 Herrengasse

Our theory on why this is so overgrammed: 

Weeeeell, what can we say – it´s a damn cool looking building. Not only does it look like it has some serious history to it, it is shaped in a subtle semi-circle so it feels like it kind of embraces you. And as if the incredibly muscular statues inspired by Greek mythology on either side of the archway aren’t enough to trigger you to take out your phone, flex your muscles and snap a selfie in front of it! (those butt crunches are finally going to pay off). Not to mention its bedazzled copper dome on top – getting that dead centre in a symmetrical shot will make the likes go wild on Instagram.

And the cobblstone “Platz” the Michaelertrakt towers over– besides being crowded with people snapping Instagram porn – just so happens to be the ‘Hauptbahnhof’ for Vienna´s cute and charming horse and carriages. If you can fit the building, a horse, a moustached horse and carriage driver, and yourself in frame – that be Instagram fame right there. We have a sneaking suspicion that the Habsburgs literally built this magnificent piece of their palace specifically with Instagram fame in mind. Who said they weren’t forward thinkers!



Where: Resselpark, 1040
Metro station nearby: U1 / U2 / U4 Karlsplatz

Our theory on why this is so overgrammed: 

Well this is another beautiful, big-ass building. It´s a church, by the way (See, we do know something about this city). And this house of God makes it into the top Instagrammed spots in the city.

The little pool in front makes for great – look at this pretty church reflecting in a pool of water – kind of Instagram photo.  At night, the lightning of the church also makes it pop, however most Instagram shots are taken during the day. So, anyway, why does it get so much Instagram love? Well, the two minaret looking towers on the side that look like they should be on a mosque, rather than a church, might have something to do with it. Maybe it’s because this interesting looking church has so much room to do your pose in front of it. Maybe it’s the mint green copper dome roof? The whole combo is very photogenic and a like-generator.


Johan Strauss Monument at Stadtpark

Where: Am Stadtpark, 1030
Metrostation nearby: U4 Stadtpark

Our theory on why this is so overgrammed:

Firstly, it´s a golden statue (it’s practically common knowledge that ya’ gotta Instagram the sh** out of any golden statue), plus, it honours one of Austria’s most recognized classical composers – Mozart. Oh, no wait. Ok, we googled it. It´s Johan Strauss. Man, we’d be so pissed if we were Johann. It’s a common occurrence that you’ll see in the captions attached to pictures of this golden statue in Stadtpark a shout out for Mozart. But hey – Strauss, Mozart – what’s the difference?!

The green surrounding this monument makes this statue super hot for an insta’ feed. Especially if you’re featured in the pic, doing that side pose you do, with your leg slightly up like a stallion, and your head tilted upwards to avoid any double chin Insta-whoopsy.


Literally, every freakin’ place with pink or colourful flowers in Vienna

Where: eg. Votivpark (in the picture), the Stadtpark or any other park in Vienna

Our theory on why this is so overgrammed:

Ok, so this one applies to any city – if you find a pretty in pink, or vibrantly colourful flower while out and about, get up real close to it and use it as your foreground to any kind of cityscape background. Colour is what makes the Instagram world go round! And who doesn’t love flowers, right?


Donaukanal at sunset

Where: Donaukanal, 1010-1030

Our theory on why this is so overgrammed: 

When we’re part of setting where a sunset or sunrise is happening, we feel like we’re part of a special moment….even though it happens every day. Plus, you add orange and yellow reflections of the sky to this equation and you’ve got yourself the Claude Monet Water Lilly painting – take that Claude! How long did that painting take you? Check out my Insta-feed, sucker! That pic of the lit up Donaukanal took me literally 2 seconds and a filter.


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