Meme this Vienna statue! 15 statues on the city's streets memed by you

Meme this Vienna statue! 15 statues on the city’s streets memed by you

May 11, 2020

Meme this Vienna statue!
15 statues on the city's
streets memed by you

May 11, 2020

Vienna Würstelstand's says

So, a while back we started calling on our community in our Instagram Stories to meme Vienna’s statues and we were amazed by the response – both in terms of how many people got meme-ing (is that a word?) and by the quality burns that came out. You people of Vienna are hilarious!

Here are 15 statues of Vienna memed by the people of Vienna that will make you laugh out loud.

Translation: It was him


We’ve been laughing at these kinds of jokes since we were 10! And forever will.


Translation: Look over there (ok, there’s no way to translate OIDA sufficiently)





Translation: Hey mate, look, there’s the door





Sooooo on point, it hurts




Translation: When your holiday ends and you have to go back to work


Translation: Do NOT get on the train!


So, in Vienna that would be at about 2pm, right?


Woop! Woop!


There’s nothing like it.



When it’s time to put your game face on


We’ve all been there.





We’ve all been here too, right? Right?


Translation: man spreading is banned in public

Man spreading is never OK


The simplicity of this one made us laugh out loud





Sexy fairy is always the way to go on Fasching


For those scratching their head at NNN – it means No Nut November. As in, no masturbating for a month. Felt we needed to spell this one out.




Translation: The Karlsplatz subway hustle at 5pm










Translation: It turns out I should have bought the bigger golden bra – I can’t breath in this!


Translation: Onwards to the next Spritzer!


Translation: Help a little with the moving, they said. There’ll be pizza and beer, they said.




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