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Vienna on Instagram vs. Vienna in reality

So while scrolling through the countless beautiful photos people are making and posting of Vienna on Instagram, we had the idea that we’d line up some of the prettiest ones next to photos that we took – hashtag no filter, hashtag hopeless at photoshop.

Below are the results. Let’s just say the talented people on Instagram kicked realities ass.


© _velo_ / Instagram

We just don’t know how they caught this picture without any traffic in it! Hashtag patience is a virtue.


© marso_me / Instagram

Not only is @marso_me’s capturing of the lighting far superior to ours, but he must have been up damn early to take this shot without tourist heads bobbing about in it. Bravo, @marso_me, bravo…


© nurielmolcho / Instagram

Nuriel has kicked our ass here. Not only has he got the buildings standing proudly in a pretty tinge of pink, he caught the backend of a charming horse and carriage instead of the exhaust fumes of a modern horse and carriage, aka a bus.


© gregsideris / Instagram

Mr Greg Sideris’s Insta’ stream is full of stunning pics – this is one talented photog’ we were going up against here. But his pic of the Graben is one of those Insta pics where you look at it and wonder – how did he get access to the spot where he took that shot from?! We’re sure if we had the connections Mr Sideris did, we would have managed the same brilliance as his pic… that is, if we had any idea of what we were doing with a camera, as well. Sideris 1: Würstelstand 0


© spoti / Instagram

Now sir @spoti certainly stands out on your Insta feed with pics like above. Not only did he manage in this one to capture the perfect ray of sunshine reaching around the Rathaus, but he also caught a pic of the Rathaus empty! A miracle, we tell ya’


© / Instagram

Look at the sky in the pic on the left, and then look at ours… Just look at it! How the hell did you do that! Of course, you took yours in better weather, but wowsah! if we ever see the sky in that colour, perhaps we’ll believe in love, again (wink, wink). Magnificent shot indeed, not to mention your name makes us think of an actual tiger squeezed into a teapot.


© jamesdmorin / Instagram

On the left: the Opera in all of its glory – on the right: the Opera obscured by a Toyota Prius – we’ll let you be the judge.


© marso_me / Instagram

This has to be one of the most photographed little cafes in Vienna. @marso_me obviously got their brilliant shot early in the morning before Kleines opened, but we kinda’ were at Kleines the night before, and things got out of hand so, yeah… we kind of took ours a tad later in the day.


© timecapture_ps / Instagram

@timecapture_ps has managed to capture a shot of the U1 that makes it look like the set from the space shuttle in that futuristic film released last year with Jennifer Lawrence in it (we forget the name – let’s just call it the Jennifer Lawrence space film), while ours… um, not so much. For us, the smell of the U1 metro line had us wanting to get the pic quick and get the hell out of there as quick as possible!

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