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8 incredible photos that will change how you see Vienna

Vienna-based biotech student, Koki aka. @zuphrin, manages to capture Vienna from some verrrry unique angles. 

Here are 8 pictures of his that will make you see Vienna differently:



1. Describe how you see Vienna through your eyes and portray it in your Instagram feed in one sentence.

I see it as a beautiful city that is big enough to offer heaps of places to shoot, but also small enough to make you work just a little harder to get unique angles every time.

2. What 3 emotions do you want people to feel when they look at your Instagram feed?

Curiosity. I’d like them to wonder how I managed get certain shots of places that they’ve seen several times before in their daily lives, but had never seen in the same way my pictures captured it.
Anticipation. It’d be nice if people were eagerly waiting for new posts.
Joy. Because why not. The world needs more of it!



3. Give us 3 of your favourite Instagram accounts that you follow?

Hmm, for photos of Vienna it would probably be @seplb. After having taken photos in Vienna for the last 2 to 3 years, I’m still sometimes surprised to see him upload photos of places in Vienna that I had never seen before.
I also really like @kingvuddha for his fascinating, and sometimes a bit weird, portraits. There’s something about the colours that just makes me want to stare at the photos!
And lastly, @nocolourvision, because we travel a lot together. I love how after we’ve both been on the same trip, our photos look entirely different. Maybe because he’s close to 2 metres tall and all angles look different from up there? Who knows.

4. What do you imagine is the expression on people’s faces when they see one of your photos come up in their feed?

I honestly have no idea what they would look like when seeing my photos. I do hope to put a smile on people’s faces every now and then!



5. How did you find the photography style that best reflected you on Instagram?

I very much did what’s described in the book, ‘Steal Like An Artist.’ I looked at photos I liked and tried to analyse in very minute detail why they appeal to me. Of course, that sounds like a terrible thing to do – copying others. But when you learn a new instrument, you are likely learn how to play songs that somebody else has written, rather than reinventing the wheel, right? I mean, even The Beatles started as a cover band.



6. Where’s your favourite spot to hang out in Vienna?

I don’t think I have just one particular spot. It constantly changes for me.

7. What do you like taking pictures of in this city and what draws you to that subject matter?

I used to draw a lot when I was younger and I liked to play with vanishing points and vanishing lines. I think that has really stuck with me, so I like to take out my camera and see how I can “work the angles” in my favour, basically.



8. What photography gear do you use?

For portraits where I want heaps of bokeh, I use a Canon 5D. For all other cases, I currently use an Olympus EM10 III and I will be upgrading to an EM1 III soon. Switching to a Micro Four Thirds camera was most likely the best decision. It’s tiny and lightweight, so I can bring it everywhere and not miss important shots. Its stabilisation allows me to hand-hold multisecond exposure times with ease, sometimes even with just one hand. That’s something I can’t say about modern flagship full-frame cameras. But in the end, gear does not really matter. You just have to feel comfortable using your camera. Cameras are tools. You’re the artist.



9. What does your process of finding motifs look like?

Hmm, I don’t think I have a certain process that I follow to find motifs. It just involves a lot of walking around the city. In any case, lighting is everything. If the light is not right, no edit in the world will save your pictures!




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