End of the line: photos capturing the many faces of Floridsdorf

End of the line: photos capturing the many faces of Floridsdorf

March 11, 2019

End of the line:
Photos capturing
daily life in Floridsdorf

March 11, 2019

Vienna Würstelstand's says

Floridsdorf isn’t exactly somewhere you would choose to venture to when you’re an inner-city local in Vienna. These images of a normal day in Floridsdorf though may just change your mind. We discovered that the Austrian mixes nicely with the multicultural in its neighbourhoods and that there’s a whole lot of nature out there.



Upon arriving at the final station, Floridsdorf, you instantly get the feeling that you’re no longer in the Vienna you’re familiar with. This is a good thing, no matter which direction you decide to head in from the station. For all intents and purposes, we explored as much of the area as possible, but when it comes down to it, it’s the lake and greenery of the park that we recommend you head towards.

Here, you’ll spot Floridsdorf-eans and strays escaping the inner city enjoying long walks in the park along the lengthy waterways.

Wherever you look, you’re surrounded by nature.

Sweeping parks with dogs roaming free and people feeding birds. Sounds idyllic, right? It’s relaxed out here. People seem friendly. They live in houses with gardens. We found ourselves wandering into a neat suburbia setting of tree and house lined streets.

While our adventure took place during February winter days, come spring and all the way through summer, this area opens itself up for those looking to escape the city and enjoy summers wonderful conditions.

La Crêperie, is a restaurant right on the water with loads of seating space located right next to a boat rental place. We imagine scoffing on pancakes, then drinking Radler onboard our rental boat until the sun goes down. Ahhh, sweet summer, come to us, now!


This is not the kind of place where you would find a hip cafe or fancy restaurant, but the local Beisl’s are worth venturing into for their real and lived-in Austrian ways. Then there’s the store and restaurant contributions from the many different nationalities living out here.

Floridsdorf’s face transforms many times the more time you spend with it.

Places we found worth checking out in Floridsdorf

+ The lakeside Austrian-style restaurant, Wirsthaus am Wasserpark

+ The perfect nature spot to take a dip in Summer or feed the birds in winter, FKK Floridsdorf

+ The third highest church in Vienna, Pfarrkirche

+The Beethoven way, for a good ol’ Spaziergang, Beethovenweg 


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