Beautiful photography of Vienna's 5 new neighbourhoods changing the face of the city

Beautiful photography of Vienna’s 5 new neighbourhoods changing the face of the city

May 13, 2019

Beautiful photography of
Vienna's 5 new neighbourhoods
changing the face of the city

May 13, 2019

Vienna Würstelstand's says

In recent years, if you’ve looked out over Vienna from above, you would have noticed the countless cranes poking their head up across the skyline. That’s because Vienna’s been going through a makeover in many of its neighbourhoods.

Slick and radically symmetrical apartments with glass facades and balconies jutting out crowd new neighbourhoods of the city that are completely changing the face of Vienna. You might have heard of a few of them – the dreamy sounding Seestadt, or the 2nd district’s newest addition, the Nordbahnviertel.

We thought it would be interesting to take a closer look at the new neighbourhoods of Vienna in some stunning photography:



Where: Seestadt, 1220





It’s got a lake (translation: ‘See’) hence its name, and its full of sharp, straight lines. Seestadt not only has a dreamy name, but it also is kind of dreamy when you’re out there with few people wandering the streets that are lined with immaculate and symmetrical apartment blocks. It’s all a bit surreal, as you can see from the photos above. It kind of feels like a movie set, however in summer, it’s a gorgeous place to check out.


Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien 

Where: Welthandelspl. 1, 1020





The Wirtschaftsuniversität (WU, the Economics University) looks like a mad mathematician‘s gone nuts with his angles or an architect with his angle ruler. There’s the mangled metal mess in its earthy rusty red as you walk in, and then plenty more to look at if contemporary architecture turns you on. From when this was built over 5 years ago, the WU has made its mark as a Vienna landmark and as a truly impressive space to wander through (to to mention study in).




Where: Nordbbahnviertel, 1020





Still a work in progress, the Nordbahnviertel now rises from the site of the old Nordbahnhof (aka. the north train station). Located on the Danube river side of the 2nd district, the area is full of manicured gardens and apartment blocks that will make your eyes go square if you look at them long enough. It’s all very clean and organised out here. But you will find plenty of life out here, especially in its central park at around 5pm throughout the warmer months when families make the most out of the space. It also contains the new Austria campus, which is Bank Austria’s new HQ.


Erste campus

Where: Am Belvedere 1, 1100 




Straddling the 4rth and the 10th district as part of Vienna’s new main train station, the wavy and curvaceous glass exterior of the Erste campus stands out as one of the most unique building complexes in Vienna. There’s not a rigid angle to be seen here. It’s all about the curves.



Where: Sonnwendviertel, 1100




Another new estate in which it looks like each apartment building is looking to compete against the others on who is the most unique looking and militarily neat and orderly in its straight lines. The Sonnwendviertel neighbourhood surrounds a park in the 10th district, right next to Hauptbahnhof (Vienna’s main train station). It’s also still a work in progress. You’ll see a collection of brand spanking new apartment buildings going up if you’re arriving or departing from the train station.

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