Austrian food classics for the festive season reimagined

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Vienna Wurstelstand Deconstructed Austrian festive food classics

Austrian food classics for the festive season reimagined

You see, our parents used to always tell us not to play with our food. Now we’re all adult and stuff and can do what the hell we want! (don’t worry – no food was wasted mum and dad)

While getting excited thinking about Christmas and the delicious festive feast we will soon be diving into, we got a bit wacky and decided to make an ode to the traditional Austrian food served up on Christmas by reimagining them in some weird and wonderful Gifs.

Add some Knödeln, Würst, Weihnachtskekse, Sauerkraut, a Karpfen, a pudding, Christmas decorations, then animate. Here’s what happened (we recommend listening to your favourite Christmas song while consuming this post):


Who thought a Christmas meal could be so phallic?!


Frankfurter pudding with dancing Christmas balls.


Waltzing Christmas Wurstel.


St Nik reimagined with a Sauerkraut hat, and a Knödel nose.


The Christmas eve special dish, like you’ve never seen it before.


They’re like synchronised dancers, right?

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