8 Vienna bars & cafes with super coole vintage interiors

8 Vienna bars & cafes with super coole vintage interiors

February 25, 2019

8 Vienna bars &
cafes with super
coole vintage interiors

February 25, 2019

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Those that have dated an older guy/ girl will get the attraction of hanging out with old…stuff. Wait, we’re not saying your (ex) partner is stuff, we’re just saying…actually, we have no idea. Anyway, have a blast from the past at one of these cafes and bars with super coole vintage interiors:


Cafe Espresso

Where: Burggasse 57, 1070

Many hold a deep affection for the living legend of a cafe & bar, the Café Espresso – the kind of love that’s held for charismatic characters. The place looks old, and we say this to avoid the word retro or vintage, as Espresso was all these things before the trends had new bars opening up trying to replicate the look. Read more about Cafe Espresso, here.


Cafe Z

Where: Meiselstraße 2, 1150

Once a much-loved, yet dark and dingy pastry shop, Café Z reflects exactly how people setting the zeitgeist in Vienna are doing so in the 15th. The owner, who’s a 15th district native and saw her neighborhood’s potential way back, has preserved the old retro charm of the café, yet given it a crisp, inviting modern attitude. Read more about Cafe Z, here. 


Cafe Europa

Where: Zollergasse 8, 1070

This Viennese institution has been around for 33 years and has always been open to all kinds of people, which is why you might end up sitting between a business man in a suit and a dreadlocked punk. It has somehow managed to stand the test of time, without loosing a bit of its cool. So it looks retro, because it is retro. Read more about Cafe Europa, here. 


Schönbbergers Caffe Bar

Where: Wiedner Hauptstraße 40, 1040

This charming Steh coffee shop has the preserved look of the classic and iconic NABER coffee shops, and the young heart of the Schönberger’s coffee operation. The place bursts with vintage vibes, and their coffee is top grade. Read more about Schönberger’s, here. 



Where: Schleifmühlgasse 16, 1040

© Vollpension

What kind of heavenly place serves up that warm and safe feeling that only an Oma can emit with your coffee? Vollpension, that’s who. It looks like the place has been put together by somebody hunting down golden oldie gems from flea markets for a year. Made up of comfy couches, random framed photos on the wall, bare brick and neon signs – it’s a very comfy place to stuff yourself with cake. Read more about Vollpension, here. 


Ein Affe

Where: Schwendergasse 19, 1150

We love the 15th for its (kind of) undiscovered territory kind of vibe and reputation (except by the cool kids who live there). There is a whole world hiding out there, and in that world lives a small bar/cafeteria with the odd, but funky, name, ‘Ein Affe.’ This sexy bar sporting a retro look has a casual coolness to it that only fits in the 15th – it opens when it wants, and not for long. Read more about Ein Affe, here. 



Where: Burggasse 24, 1070


Torn, broken and mismatched furniture paired with a shabby chic charm and the crackling flames of a fire place – this is the lulling bubble of calm at the new café attached to the vintage clothes boutique, Burggasse 24. Read more about Burggasse24, here. 


Harvest Bistro

Where: Karmeliterplatz 1, 1020



Harvest earned its popularity for its weekend Vegan brunch, but it’s risen as a favourite amongst those looking for a cosy spot for a drink in the evening, a coffee, or a bite throughout the day. The funky-looking collection of vintage sofas that make up the seating of Harvest, along with the old vinyls, and other old stuff scattered around the cafe make the vibe here super coole. Read more about Harvest Bistro, here. 

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