13 stunning photos that tell the story of Vienna's autumn leaves - Vienna Würstelstand

13 stunning photos that tell the story of Vienna’s autumn leaves

November 4, 2018

13 stunning photos
that tell the story of
Vienna's autumn leaves

November 4, 2018

Vienna Würstelstand's says

We’ve been hanging around Vienna’s colourful tree-lined streets and parks this autumn and we’ve been paying particularly close attention to the different characters amongst Vienna’s leaves as they pile up in large numbers, and are swept away, disappearing for another year.

Here’s some pictures and observations of the largest group of travellers currently on the move in Vienna – the leaves:

There’s the show-offs, who turn delighted heads and catch attention with their incredible colours of crimson and fiery reds.

Then there are the other leaves who choose to take on a more golden hue as their colour of departure.

Take note of the early birds, who cash in early on Mariahilf and are gone before we even realise it’s autumn.

These are the ones that get to ground early, covering the grass with a blanket of yellow.

Some go in groups, easing their fall with the comfort in numbers.

Others take the leap and lead the rest, lighting up the otherwise overlooked corners of the city.

We dearly love all of Vienna’s leaves. They’ve been perfect companions throughout summer lending shade and a soundtrack to lazy days in the park. During autumn, they’ve made the lead up to winter easier with the glorious show they’ve put on. We will miss them, oh so much for the next few months!

Safe travels dear Vienna leaves, we look forward to your return!

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