- Vienna Würstelstand

Hey there! So you want to know about Vienna Würstelstand, huh?! Well, we’re glad you asked!


Vienna Würstelstand began as a passion project amongst a bunch of creative individuals (that being us) who love Vienna and are passionate content producers.

Since then, the English-speaking magazine has grown to be an international team of 12 producing one of the city’s leading lifestyle & city guide publications.

We now spend our days passionately producing content that inspires, entertains, and empowers our audience to make the most out of Vienna…and life.

Plus, after several companies approached us requesting we use our storytelling superpowers to create content for them, we launched at the end of 2017 our creative content production agency, pow.bang.boom., which we transformed into The Wurst Agency in 2020.

And to learn more about what Vienna Würstelstand stands for, read our Manifesto, below: