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Zirkus- und Clownmuseum – Weird Museums

March 28, 2017

Zirkus- und Clownmuseum
(Circus and Clown Museum)

March 28, 2017

Where: Ilgplatz 7/1, 1020 

Opening times
SUN: 10am–1pm every
1st and 3rd THU of the month: 7pm–9pm

Free entry!

If you rank among the people who relive their childhood near a circus ring, let out a pleasurable shout of joy when tigers do a handstand, and when clowns pretend to be clumsier than five drunk David Hasselhoffs, the Circus and Clown Museum is for you. If you’re like us, and Stephen King’s Pennywise has pretty much f**ked up all clown encounters for you, you better stay away from this place.

Photos @ Zirkus- und Clownmuseum

Website: www.circus-clownmuseum.at