Viktor-Adler-Markt – Market Squares - Vienna Würstelstand

Viktor-Adler-Markt – Market Squares

March 22, 2017


March 22, 2017

Where: Viktor-Adler-Markt, 1100 

Opening times
MON–FRI: 6am–7:30pm
SAT: 6am–5pm
SUN: closed
Extra market street on Leibnizgasse: MON–SAT: 6am–1pm

Please note the following
+ While these are the official opening times of the market, each stand has their own independent opening hours which may vary
+ Cafés and restaurants typically have longer opening hours

Come to this market for
+ Cheap quality fruit, vegetables and meat produce
+ To buy good quality fish
+ Turkish speciality goods (including plenty of Halal products).
+ Some of the most quality sausage you’ll find in the city at the butcher, Wiesbauer

Now, this is a market! The closest you’re going to find to a bazaar in Vienna, where markets are orderly and neat. Situated in the multicultural 10th district, this place is one of our favourite markets and we felt like we’d left Vienna as soon as we approached it. If you’ve travelled to far-off exotic places in the world, you’ll know that the prerequisites of a real market requires a little grit, a little multicultural colour, pigeons humping on stand roofs. The Viktor-Adler-Markt ticks all of these boxes – the mélange of languages being spoken, the turban wearing men selling sunglasses, the smell of incense and spices, the shearing sound of the meat bansaw, the mix of Balkan, Turkish, Oriental, Asian and Austrian. And, you’ll be hard pressed to find fruit and veg and meat produce this cheap anywhere else in the city. It also boasts a collection of the best, and most reasonably priced seafood restaurants in the city. The real highlight of Viktor Adler Markt is the “pop-up” farmer’s market on the neighbouring street, Leibnizgasse. This place is loud and crowded, but where you’ll find the real deals on produce. An eclectic mix of Turkish housewives and restaurant chefs jostle for the best deals.

Our favourite features of the market
+ The fish restaurant Aura (with its rooftop terrace)
+ The small Bosnian grill stand, the Old Bridge imbiss.
+ The most amazing Turkish Gozleme’s we’ve tasted in town at Türkische Küche – you can watch them making it fresh!
+ Stopping at Rudy’s Imbiss for a moring spritzer and käsekrainer where Falco, or DJ Oetzi are often blaring on the speakers.

Price guide
Don’t forget people: this is only a guide and prices will vary
1 kg of cucumbers = 1.50€
1 kg of capsicums = 2€
1 kg of Spring onions = 1€
1 kg of mandarins = 1€
1 kg of Costa Rican bananas = 0.50€