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The Loft – Best Clubs

March 27, 2017

The Loft

March 27, 2017

Where: Lerchenfeldergürtel 37, 1160 

Opening times
TUE–THU: 7pm–2am (events until 4am)
FRI–SAT: 8pm–4am

Smoking: upstairs dancefloors only
Pay with card: yes
Indoor/Outdoor: yes/no

The Loft is one of Vienna’s younger clubs. It’s simple, not too fancy yet stylish, offering a versatile program and diverse crowd. Its location across the street from all the other Gürtel-clubs near Thaliastraße makes it very easy to change venues during a night out.
The bar in the front is opened all night (free entry) and you can enjoy a nice drink before heading deeper into the club. The two main floors (one upstairs, one in the basement), that each have their own bars, mostly host different kinds of music, and are – depending on the event – both opened from around 10pm and have varying entry prices.

Music: While you will mostly find electronic music and DJ lines on the weekends, this place offers quite a broad range from House, Hip Hop or Dancehall parties, to Rock music events, student parties, film nights or poetry slams.

Beer = 3.80€
Weißer Spritzer = 2.70€
Gin Tonic (Longdrink, 4cl) = 6.60€

What kind of night will you have?
The Loft hosts parties that you will spend on the dance floor almost all night. But even if you don’t want to stay, its proximity to all the Gürtel bars, clubs and hangouts makes it very convenient. But you can also start the night here and stay as long as you want, as there’s a comfy calm bar in the front, and get some alcohol into your blood before the main floors are opened for the night.