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The Guesthouse – Best Hotel Breakfast

March 28, 2017

The Guesthouse

March 28, 2017

Where: Führichgasse 10, 1010 

Breakfast is served
Daily: 6:30am–11am

Some hail this as the place for THE best place in Vienna for a breakfast. We don’t know about that, but we will confirm that the breakfast here is something special. The in-house bakery provides a heavenly, homey smell in this place which blends classic Vienna with clean-cut modernity. Here, a vast array of breakfast options can be feasted on. The breakfast packages are not that original, but they’re full of complex flavours – a result of the trained chefs at work on them.
All the egg-centric dishes are there, alongside some amazing French toast creations and homemade Bircher muesli. Meanwhile, you may see people slurping at oysters and champagne for breakfast.