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Tanzcafe Jenseits – Unique Bars

November 13, 2018

Unique Bars

November 13, 2018

Where: Nelkengasse 3, 1060

Opening times
TUE–SAT: 8pm–4am
SUN–MON: closed

Unique Factor: It’s a quirky place this one, the kind where people arrive late at night and stay until dawn. While the velvet and tapestry everywhere makes you want to order a cognac and a cigar (which is totally doable), the trashy music makes you want to get those hips moving to anything from Soul to Funk, retro-Pop, or local Schlagers. This brothel turned bar (wait, did we mention that already?) is where bohemian meets a sassy atmosphere.

Entering this late night bar is like entering another era: the music is from forgotten times, the design of the place hasn’t been changed in decades and some people that linger around look like they’re in their own living room. Tanzcafe Jenseits has a dim-lit, Jazz bar atmosphere where you can get a glass of wine and a cigar at a decent price, dance to a DJ most nights of the week and catch the sunrise with drunk strangers who could possibly become your friends before the night’s through.

The bar opens around 8pm but things really start happening after midnight, when the most diverse people leave other bars and parties behind and gather here to save the night.

Website: tanzcafe-jenseits.com

© Photo courtesy of Tanzcafe Jenseits