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Swing Kitchen – best vegan burgers in Vienna

April 8, 2019
Best Burgers In Vienna
Best Burgers In Vienna

Swing Kitchen -
best vegan
burgers in Vienna

April 8, 2019

Where: Schottenfeldgasse 3, 1070 

Opening times
Daily: 11am–10pm

Swing Kitchen is like an emergency room for vegans who need a junk food fix, stat! Their short and sweet, 100% vegan menu gives it to you straight. Chili burger, fries and a drink. Or you can go with the cheese burger. It’s all f**** devine! (Excuse the French – writing this was making us hangry which can make us slightly aggressive.)

It seems like Swing Kitchen burgers have been a staple in our lives forever in Vienna, but this Wunderkind (said in our best German accent) company just started in 2015.

After the first location opened and a mega-craze ensued, more locations quickly followed. In fact, they’ve just opened their 5th location in Vienna. So, there’s one more place to get a mouthful of these vegan classics.

These hearty, crispy, and filling burgers can fill you up on their own if you’re a civilised person, but for those of us who like to gorge, the menu option comes with fries and a drink. We like to add their garlic sauce to our fries, just so we’re extra kissable for the rest of the day.

People laughed when the founder of this vegan burger eatery said he wants to be as big as McDonalds. With burgers that taste so good and the rapid rise of this burger empire, nobody is laughing now. We certainly ain’t…’cause, ya know, imagine the mess we’d make when laughing with a mouthful of burger.

Price Guide:
Swing Burger with fries and a drink = 7.80€
Chili Burger with fries and a drink = 8.60€

Cards accepted

Website: www.swingkitchen.com