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St. Ellas – Best Steakhouses

July 3, 2017

St. Ellas

July 3, 2017

Where: Zieglergasse 52, 1070

Opening times
MON–SAT: 5pm–1am (Kitchen until 11:30pm)
SUN: closed

You’d be forgiven for thinking St. Ellas is a bit fancy and pretentious. Its appearance and clientele screams it, but once the Schanigarten is open, St. Ellas true colours are revealed. The wooden-decked alfresco garden, surrounded by greenery to shelter you from the passing cars, shows the very laid back soul of St. Ellas. The place is a bar, bistro and steakhouse, wrapped up in one.

The steaks, also reflect St Ellas laid-back approach – the cuts are lightly seasoned – to let the meat do the talking – and comes in a variety of cuts (eg. Rib Eye and Flank steak), hail mostly from the US, and are all very affordable. Each steak comes with a choice of two dips (chilli aioli, BBQ, coriander lime mayo, herb pine pesto or herb butter) and can be upgraded to a mighty surf and turf should you fancy some king prawns with your cow. And the sides include all the desired accompaniments with a steak eg. baked vegetables, fries, or potato gratin.

We recommend… having a whiskey! They have 21 to choose from, although the guy on the table next to us was recommending the Lillet Vivet with strawberries and mint to anyone who would listen.

Good to know… they also have a cocktail list worth paying attention to

Price guide
Soup = 5.50€
Steaks ranging from 19–60€ (1kg Tom–a–hawk cut with béarnaise)
Upgrade your steak to Surf and Turf for 7,50€
Sides = 3.50€