Lichtenthalerbräu – Craft Beer – vienna würstelstand

Lichtenthalerbräu – Craft Beer

March 25, 2017


March 25, 2017

Where: Liechtensteinstraße 108, 1090 

Opening times
MON–SAT: 4pm–12:30am
SUN: closed

“Would you like a menu, der Herr?” the waitress askes the passing old man.
“No, I already have it in my head”, he mumbles back.
The waitress laughs and remarks that she likes that, and we do too. We’d safely say that if your customers are memorising your menu, it’s a healthy sign that you’re doing something right.

The Lichtenthalerbräu is a creative craft beer brewery in the body of a warm Gasthaus (tavern/pub). In amidst its cosy atmosphere (which hits you before you even walk in from its dark maroon facade outside) you can sip on a regularly changing selection of 4 or more craft beers right next to where the action happens – the copper brewing barrel plonked at the head of the dining room. All of the beers are brewed by the Braumeister (except the occasional guest beer) who obviously lives up to the claim in the menu – “the beer is handmade with a lot of love.” These words ring true to the Lichtenthalerbräu, in general.
There’s also a permenant resident beer, the Lichtenthaler Helles – unfiltered (like all the beer brewed here) pale lager which goes down a treat. I also feast on a pint of the Rosemary IPA (a spiced Indian Pale Ale containing wild Slovakian Rosemary), and when we say feast, we mean it. It’s a meal in itself, with a deliciously malty and chocolaty flavor.
Most of the menu here could be categorised as your typical Viennese kitchen found in a Gasthaus, but there are also the odd surprises, like the blue cheese burger.

Craft beer of choice: Because the menu is changing, we’d recommend you just read the elaborate descriptions which accompany each beer in the menu.

Price guide
Lichtenthaler Helles = 3.70 €
Blue cheese burger = 9.20 €