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La Maree – Best Fish & Seafood

April 12, 2017

La Maree

April 12, 2017

Where: Naschmarkt, Stand 94–101, 1040

Opening times
SAT: 10am–11pm
SUN: closed

Reserve? Recommended as much as we recommend brushing your teeth twice a day. Reserve a table, here.

When the platter of seafood is laid out before us on the beautifully set table, we go fish-eyed. When we start digging into the catch on our plate, we act like stunned fish out of water. What we’re saying is – the seafood is good at La Maree. Real good.
From the moment your waiter lays a serviette on your lap and starts obsessively keeping your water glass full, you’ll feel you’re on holiday under the dim lighting of the shell fish lamps, and also in their sprawling outdoor garden that spills into the bustle of the Naschmarkt. La Maree proves that the Naschmarkt is not just for tourists.
We taste the sea in the oysters we pick from a tower of them, while the prawns are flavoursome and the octopus is grilled to the point of perfection.
The menu is full of choice, from a big grilled fish sourced daily from the Mediterranean, to platters for 1 or 2, full of seafood. Meanwhile, the French fish soup “Soupe De Poissons Dieppoise” got along swimmingly with our tastebuds (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves). 

Get me a god damn good #delinskideal at La Maree, here.

Price Guide
Appetisers = range from 10–20 €
A whole fish (of your choice) baked in in a salt crust = 7.90 €/100g