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Gergely’s – Best steakhouses

June 19, 2017


June 19, 2017

Where: Schloßgasse 21, 1050

Opening times
TUE–SAT: 6pm–1am
SUN–MON: closed

Gergely’s could be considered an insider’s tip amongst those mad for meat in town. Hidden away down a cobblestone side street in the 5th district, some of the juiciest cuts are being sizzled up. To get to the meat of the issue (we’re sorry, that’s the last pun, we promise) there’s plenty of important decisions to be made when choosing your steak here.; first you choose what kind, and what nationality cow you’ll be wanting your cut from – Argentinian Angus, American or Australian Hereford or an Upper Austrian Weidemastrind – than what kind of cut you’d like, and finally, what sides and sauces you’d like to pair it with – classic, French, Mexican or a salad-filled Light option. Once you’ve worked all this out, you can move onto the wine list which is full of bold reds and is 28 pages long (we recommend the Argentinian Malbec). There are two things that we really loved about this place – besides the knife-cuts-into-it-like-butter steaks – the charming and shady garden hidden in the cobblestone courtyard out the back, and the affordable prices. Actually, this has to be one of the most fairly priced steakhouses we’ve been to in this city. They also offer good deals to share with your fellow diners, like the steak for two (incl. Angus steak, a bottle of wine and a side of roasted potatoes for 69€), or if you’re a group of people, they’ll bring a big slab of meat to your table that you can all feast on like a pack of barbarians, and pay a price per head. There’s a holiday feel about Gergely’s alongwith super-friendly waiters and a (medium) rare familiarity to the whole atmosphere.

Price guide
Steak prices range from 21–32€
A set of sides of your choice = 5.80€