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fluc + fluc_wanne – Best Clubs

March 27, 2017

fluc + fluc_wanne

March 27, 2017

Where: Praterstern 5, 1020 

Opening times
TUE–THU: 8pm–5am
FRI–SAT: 8pm–6am

Smoking: only on the terrace
Pay with card: no
Indoor/Outdoor: yes/yes

In the midst of Praterstern, next to some food stands, the train station and a bunch of drunk people, you will find the dark kid of Vienna’s clubs, Fluc + Fluc_Wanne. It’s dirty and shabby and you will find a bunch of very weird people, but also lots of great DJ music with heavy bass lines and music that has you dancing all night, forgetting all about tomorrow.
If you come here before 11pm, you will meet an empty dancefloor downstairs in the Fluc Wanne, but you can take a seat at the bar upstairs and have a few drinks to start the night, or hang out on the terrace on warm summer evenings.

Music: There’s definitely a focus on the rather dark and heavy-bass-electronic music at Fluc + Fluc_Wanne, featuring a lot of international acts dishing you some Techno, Elektro, and sometimes Hardtekkno.

Drinks: While you won’t find any upper-class brands of alcohol here, that’s not really what people come here for. You will get your beer, Spritzer and various shots of hard liquor with a suitable soft drink to mix it with.
Beer = 3.90€
Weißer Spritzer = 2.60€
Gin Tonic = 3.90€

What kind of night will you have?
It’s a great place for people who are not looking for something too fancy, but are still in search of a long night filled with great quality electronic music. This venue is animating, loud, crazy and an atmosphere that sucks you in.

Website: www.fluc.at