Beer Lovers – Craft beer - Vienna Würstelstand

Beer Lovers – Craft beer

February 11, 2020

Beer Lovers

February 11, 2020

Where: Gumpendorfer Str. 35, 1060

Opening times
MON–FRI: 11am–8pm
SAT: 10am–5pm
SUN: closed

Vienna Wüstelstand says: Beer…walls and walls lined of beer hailing from all over the world. The first time you walk into the specialty craft beer shop on Gumperndorferstrasse, it’s an overwhelming sight (where do I start!?), but than when you start browsing the shelves closely you’re realise that patience and persistence will be needed to explore this world. And the staff here really love their beer, so they can also point you in the right direction of where to start. IPAs, stouts, Ales and more obscure brews only fanatics would recognise from all over the world – this really is a special place for beer lovers.