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Ateliertheater – small theatres in Vienna

April 17, 2018


April 17, 2018

Where: Burggasse 71, 1070

When you enter the Ateliertheater for the first time, you’ll likely to have a Wow moment for a brief second. To do justice to the name, this very dark, black-walled theatre is part cosy little theatre, part chic bar and part art gallery. So a space where a lot of culture and drinks are consumed. It was established in 1932, and moved locations several times until it settled at its current location, which was once one of Vienna’s first movie theatres to open. The Ateliertheater’s home is now in unique theater space in Vienna’s Bobostan aka. 7th district, in which around 100 people can fit.

The small and lovely team behind this theatre are on a mission to create an open space for everyone, a place where you can meet and hang out with like-minded culture vultures, and create valuable experiences and connections with others. The Ateliertheater hosts a number of small self-produced performances, but also has guest plays gracing its stage. Everything is possible at this location. They also have a focus on LGBTQ+ and feminist topics, but not exclusively. They want to give young performers a place to experiment and show what they’ve got. Check out their programme, here.

Good to know… you’ll find performances in various languages happening here.