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Vienna’s cafe / store mutant baby boom

November 10, 2014

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Vienna's cafe / store
mutant baby boom

November 10, 2014

Vienna Würstelstand's says

In Vienna, the city of the traditional Kaffeehaus (coffeehouse), cafés have been mating with stores and vice versa, giving birth to little café/store mutant babies all over the place. The café/store hybrid is a popular concept in Vienna at the moment.

While in the past artists and philosophers used to sip on their mélanges, today one’ll find people trying on a t-shirt or buying a book while sipping on their creamy third-wave coffee.

Here’s a list of our favourite shop/café mutants around Vienna.

Passt gut – Cafe/store mutants

Where: Lerchenfelder Straße 95–97, 1070

Opening times
TUE–FRI: 11:30am–6:30pm
SAT: 10am–5pm
SUN: closed

Wi-Fi: Yes

Cosy factor:  (very friendly couple, but not the kind of café you can hide away and read a book for hours)
Store to café ratio: Café 40%, Store 60%

We don’t think a place has been so aptly named since that online magazine called itself Vienna Würstelstand (wink). As their name states, everything here Passt Gut (translates to: fits well together). Starting with the charming couple, Gernot and Lisa, to the mint green retro fridge, the rows of quality, fair trade and only small, independent designer street wear t-shirts, the stout brown and leather arm chairs at the window to the giant windows letting in a roomful of daylight – this place gives you the same feeling of putting on a fresh pair of ironed underwear – the possibilities are endless. Read Vienna Würstelstand’s entire review of Passt Gut, here.

Plus: Occasionally, Passt Gut hosts a guerilla bakery that serves up baked mouth orgasms. Keep an eye on their Facebook page.


Wunderladen – Cafe/store mutants

Where: Argentinierstraße 1, 

Opening times
MON–FRI: 10am–7pm
SAT & SUN: closed

Wi-Fi: Yes

Store to café ratio
Café: 60%
Store: 40%

Cozy factor:

Ever tried on sunglasses while waiting for your coffee? Well, you can at Wunderladen. Upon entering this sweet little café/fashion store, one’s immediately drawn to the retro couch/bed hybrid in the middle of the room. It possesses a cosiness that not only invites you to sit on it, but drown in its cushions. Sabrina, the owner of Wunderladen, emits the stuff of fulfilled dreams. And you wouldn’t know it, but you’re standing in exactly that – her little dream cafe. Coffee and cake is sold alongside young Austrian designers’ clothes and accessories with an indie fashion fair trade focus. Read Vienna Würstelstand’s entire review of the Wunderladen café, here.

Plus: Sabrina bakes the cakes fresh every morning!



Phil – Cafe/store mutants

Where: Gumpendorferstraße 10–12, 1060

Opening times
MON: 5pm–1am
TUE–SUN: 9am–1am

Wi-Fi: Yes

Cosy factor:  (plenty of enclaves to hide away and couches to snuggle into with the book you just bought)
Store to café ratio: Café 70%, Store 30%

If you want to go to “phil”, the cafe/bookstore on Vienna’s Gumpendorferstraße to enjoy a nice cup of decent coffee in a comfortable atmosphere, be prepared to leave with a whole lot more – a book about how to be business savvy, a Ginga record, a few presents for the next five friend’s birthdays. Or simply the experience of an evening sunk into one of the mismatched comfortable chairs scattered around the place sipping on good Czech beer (Kozel) or an ice cold vodka. The music playlist is soothing and unobtrusive and the place has the appeal of a living room. “phil” is proof that books and cafes are like sex and Sunday mornings – they just go together.

Plus: “phil” has a little offshoot at Gartenbaukino – the “Philiale” – offering a buffet for the hungry moviegoers as well as DVDs, books and movie soundtracks and occasionally hosting events fitting the cinema’s program within its neat 60s atmosphere.

Philiale im Gartenbaukino
Where: Parkring 12, 1010


Das Möbel – Cafe/store mutants

Where: Burggasse 10, 1070 

Opening times
MON–FRI: 2pm–12am
SAT–SUN: 10am–12am

SAT & SUN: 10am–4pm (reservation recommended)

Wi-Fi: Yes

Cosy factor:
Store to café ratio: Café 90%, Store 10%

Now, we’ve heard of cafes offering takeaway coffee, but takeaway chairs and tables?! Das Möbel’s (translation: the piece of furniture) atmosphere is a bit less living-room-like than “phil”’s, but also makes you feel just at home and inspires you to stay for hours. This place is also a good one to bring your laptop to work. It’s a delight to sit at one of the designer tables, sipping your third Kleiner Brauner, sharing the room’s vibe with the other guests that, after a while, feel more like roommates. Lamps, tables, chairs – everything at Das Möbel is up for sale – except the waiting staff of course. Think lean, minimalist designs with straight lines and, without fail, an odd shape that will have you saying to whoever you’re with, ‘how clever …’

Plus: Das Möbel also has a furniture shop in Gumpendorferstraße selling even more unique pieces – handmade out of premium materials that have great character and tell their own stories to the owner.

Das Möbel (the shop)
Where: Gumpendorferstraße 11, 1060
Das Möbel cafe also daily serves up one of the tastiest and reasonably priced buffet brunches around town.


Hafenjunge – Cafe/store mutants

Where: Esterhazygasse 11, 1060 

Opening times
MON–FRI: 6pm–10pm
SAT–SUN: closed

Wi-Fi: Yes

Cosy factor:  (more a take-away or hang around the bar kind of place)
Store to café ratio: Café 70%, Store 30%

The name translates to Harbor Boy and the place can largely be imagined as the living room of a young man in love with the German port town of Hamburg. For that’s exactly what it is. In the corner of this wohnzimmer is a wood oven fireplace that burns during the colder months. The shop part of this place’s personality sells Lomo cameras and fashion accessories inspired by fishermen and seaman (think white and blue striped shirts and fisherman’s beanies) while the café – or as Markus the owner describes it, kneipe (dodgy bar) – serves up a mean coffee, 3.50€ hot dogs, hipster lemonades and the Hamburg beer, Astra. There’s not a lot of tables in the place to sit at, but the friendly crew behind the bar are more than accommodating and will surely pass you a beer crate to sit on. Keep in mind – the place is only open for four hours a day (with the exception of special events).

Plus: they often host unique, unconventional parties here (eg. Karneval). Keep an eye on their Facebook page.


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