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9 places you should stay in Austria where sleeping is one incredibly unique experience

August 5, 2020

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9 places you should stay
in Austria where sleeping
is one incredibly unique experience

August 5, 2020

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If you’re still unsure about where to go this summer, why not narrow your options down to where you’ll be spending the night? How about in an up-cycled sewage pipe, or in a wooden tent? That’s right – we mean why not seek out places to stay that are an experience in themselves!

Grab your favourite pyjamas and get packing because we’ve picked some of the most interesting sleeping experiences for you to try out across Austria!

Here are 9 remarkable sleeping experiences in Austria to spend the night in this summer:

In Biwaks – unique sleeping experiences

Where: Millstätter See, Carinthia

What: tent-looking tiny houses made out of wood that are called ‘Biwaks’

Reasons why it’s a unique sleeping experience: to be close to nature but still sleep in a tiny house, to never stop staring at the beautiful mountains and the lake, to really relax for once, to watch the stars, to leave all your sorrows behind, to make memories with your partner

Website: www.biwaks.millstaettersee.com

Images © Archiv Millstättersee Tourismus GmbH, Fotograf: Gert Perauer

In wooden barrels – unique sleeping experiences

Where: Naarn, Upper Austria, or Natters, Tyrol

What: wooden barrels that fit exactly one double bed

Reasons why it’s a unique sleeping experience: to sleep in the tiniest place you most likely ever will, to enjoy the smell of wood while lying in bed, to be able to say that you’ve slept in a barrel, to meet other barrel-sleepers, to stay the night close to the Danube, to appreciate how much you can do with so little space, to make unique memories in a unique sleeping spot, to fall asleep with the sweet scent of pinewood in your nose, to feel like you’re living in a wooden barrel village


© Camping Au an der Donau
© Ferienparadies Natterer See

In concrete barrels in a park – unique sleeping experiences

Where: Ottensheim, Upper Austria

What: a bed in a simple concrete barrel located in a park for which you pay as you wish

Reasons why it’s a unique sleeping experience: to experience what it’s like to be surrounded by concrete walls with just a tiny round window, to get the feeling that you live in your own tiny little world and are shut out from civilisation, to find out what it’s like to live inside a bunker, to prepare yourself for the time when the world’s going down and you’re the only one who’s in a safe space

Website: www.dasparkhotel.net/parkhotel

© dasparkhotel

In a canopy bed in the garden – unique sleeping experiences

Where: Dorfgastein, Salzburg Land

What: a private starry-eyed night taking place in a canopy in a garden, where natural moonlight is your light switch

Reasons why it’s a unique sleeping experience: to be woken up by the sun and a serenade of a philharmonic orchestra followed by a breakfast in bed, sporty early-risers are only a few steps away from their hiking paths, the rejuvenating effects of sleeping without a roof

Website: www.dieunterbergerin.com

Images © Die Unterbergerin


In a tree house – unique sleeping experiences

Where: Althofen, Carinthia

What: a fancy looking treehouse in an old linden tree overlooking mountains

Reasons why it’s a unique sleeping experience: to enjoy a slumber in the top of a 300-year-old linden tree, to have a unique romantic getaway with your boo, incredible views of the mountains, to slurp champagne while appreciating the company, to feel like a bird nesting in a fancy tree

Website: www.hotelprechtlhof.com

Images © Hotel-Restaurant Prechtlhof


In a treehouse – unique sleeping experiences

Where: Ulrichsberg, Upper Austria

What: an upscale treehouse with a lounge for two, in the middle of the Böhmerwald woods

Reasons why it’s a unique sleeping experience: the novelty of being an adult sleeping in a treehouse, disconnecting from the outside world and feeling closer to the stars, sleeping in amidst nature, being woken up by warm sunlight on your face, to conquer your fear of heights in a very unusual way

Website: www.ramenai.at/huetten/baumbett

Images © ramenai.at 


On a western-style ranch – unique sleeping experiences

Where: Königswiesen, Upper Austria

What: a typical Western-movie American-esque ranch environment, complete with horses and cowboy hats, on the grounds of the Mühlviertel,

Reasons why it’s a unique sleeping experience: community camping with others interested in wildlife adventures, outdoor sports to practice your horse-back riding and bow & arrow shooting, an ideal holiday location for those who want to live the wild-wild-western life…and wear a cowboy hat everyday

Website: www.stonehillranch.at

Images via facebook.com/stonehillranch.haid


In a bird-like house called Ufogel – unique sleeping experiences

Where: Nußdorf, East Tyrol

What: a bird-like, wooden house with a huge panoramic window, called Ufogel

Reasons why it’s a unique sleeping experience: it’s kind of like a sculpture you can sleep in, waking up to panoramic views of the mountains through a huge window, to live in a tiny unique house for a night, for the cosy sleeping arrangements, to use a wood fire oven you can make tea on, to drift off to sleep in an interior entirely made of wood

Website: www.ufogel.at

Images © Lukas Jungmann


In Land-Lofts amidst a herb garden – unique sleeping experiences

Where: Sprögnitz, Lower Austria

What: a sustainable trailor-like apartment made out of solid wood and sheep’s wool, situated in a herb garden
Reasons why it’s a unique sleeping experience: the sustainability factor, to live in a tiny house for a night, to munch on some herbs that you’re able to pick first thing in the morning, to de-stress from your busy city life, the fact that you’ll be one step closer to truly connecting with Mother Nature (and all its bugs)

Images Sonnentor/©Manfred Horvath


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