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The new in 2017 must-try bars of Vienna for a drink and a flirt

September 6, 2017

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The new in 2017
must-try bars of
Vienna for a drink
and a flirt

September 6, 2017

Vienna Würstelstand's and say

This year has seen a bunch of new bars opening up in the most unexpected places around the city.

Here are 7 new bars in Vienna that have people talking…and drinking…and flirting…just a little:

Ein Affe – new bars 2017

Where: Schwendergasse 19, 1150

Opening times
TUE–FRI: 5pm–12am
SAT–MON: closed

We love the 15th for its (kind of) undiscovered territory kind of vibe and reputation (except by the cool kids who live there). There is a whole world hiding out there, and in that world lives a small bar/cafeteria with the odd, but funky, name, ‘Ein Affe.’ This sexy bar sporting a retro look has a casual coolness to it that only fits in the 15th – it opens when it wants, and not for long. Unique creations are being traded in over the baby blue bar here, including the likes of gin coffee and apricot beer. It’s the kind of space (that is set within a gorgeous old location) where anything could happen.


Photos courtesy of © Ein Affe

Die Parfümerie – New bars in 2017

Where: Neustiftgasse 84, 1070

Opening times
TUE–THU: 7pm–2am
FRI–SAT: 7pm–4am
SUN–MON: closed

Die Parfümerie is one of Vienna’s newest hip bars. You might confuse the outter facade with a brothel’s upon your first visit. Die Parfümerie is one handsome place that has been created by the guys that are behind Wolfgang specialty coffee and Die Parfümerie catering. Behind the closed dark blinds is a special place that will suck you in and make you forget where you are.
The drinks list is creative and curated and very affordable.


Photos © Die Parfümerie

Kleinod Sonnendeck – New bars in 2017

Where: Petersplatz 7, 1010

Opening times
MON–SAT: 3:30pm–open end
SUN: 5pm–open end

We’ve been complaining for a while about wanting more rooftop bars in Vienna, and we’re happy to announce that of all places, it is one of our favourite bars that decided to make the leap – Kleinod. A sunny and spacious bar in the old city centre opened up this summer to quench the thirst of all those hankering for a drink after work. And a spectacular view comes with your drink. The trendy, fancy – and quite pricey – place is the talk of town, and definitely worth a visit when the sun’s out.


Heunisch & Erben – New bars in 2017

Where: Landstraßer Hauptstraße 17 / Seidlgasse 36, 1030

Opening times
TUE–SAT: 11:30am–1am
SUN–MON: closed

Since the beginning of 2017, the corner shop at Landstraßer Hauptstraße and Seidlgasse in Vienna’s 3rd district has new owners, and they’ve brought a whole new concept with them. This hot location now hosts a wine bar (which also acts as a wine shop) and a restaurant. Robert Brandhofer and Markus Gould created a contemporary and casual place that invites you in for a regional, seasonal (with exceptions) dishes and a selection of 60 different international and Austrian wines, costing between 3.40€ and 16.40€ per glass (1/8l).


Photos © Heunisch & Erben

Agent Oscar – New bars in 2017

Where: Zollergasse 5, 1070

Opening times
TUE–THU: 8pm–1am
FRI–SAT: 8pm–2am
SUN–MON: closed

The new American bar in town is proud of its selection of cocktails that is longer than a really long book. There are 250 drinks to choose from, with a selection of pretty much any liquor on the market you can think of. These liquid creations are being mixed and served by pro mixologists wearing suspenders and beards – you know, the usual hip type. The big windows and the bar red brick walls, matched with the rows of bottles lining the wall make this place look like the real New York hole-in-the-wall, cocktail bar deal.


© photos via

Horvath Weinstüberl – New bars

Where: Spittelberggasse 3, 1070

Opening times
Daily: 4pm–1am

Horvath Weinstüberl is a comfy little new place, nestled into Spittelberg’s narrow cobblestone streets and aims to live up to the true sense of a Weinstuberl (wine bar slash Heurige). It’s offering up the Gemutlich  atmosphere known from Vienna’s outer district Heurigen (wine taverns) right in the midst of the hip 7th district. They’re not only pouring a great selection of quality wines from wine Falkenstein region just north of Vienna, but they’re also serving up the Schmankerl  – cold cut meats, cheeses and spreads – that best accompany an Achterl  (Vienna slang for a 1/8 of a glass) of wine.

Plus: there’s a neat Schanigarten in summer and a weekly Pub Quiz on Sundays.


Photos © Horvath Weinstüberl

Botanical Garden – New bars in 2017

Where: Währinger Straße 6–8, 1090

Opening times
TUE–SAT: 5pm–3am
SUN–MON: closed

The ninth district has long been crying out for somebody to save them from their streets that are severaly underpopulated by bars and cafes where to have a good time. The dimly-lit insides of Botanical Garden, which opened earlier this year, is now their refuge from such suffering. This new handsome cocktail bar boasts mixologists behind the bar who know what they’re doing when it comes to shaking (and we ain’t talking about their booty). Unlike all of the cocktail bars opening up these days, tjhey’re not traying to look like they’re are out of the suave 1920s or the Great Gatsby, but instead their look is more casual and cool. But the place looks as classy as F*** Just picture some hotty out of the 1920ies, smoking a cigarette all sexy-like, and baring a tattoos on their upper arms – and you’ve got Botanical Garden.


Photo courtesy of © Botanical Garden

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