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The best vegan breakfasts in Vienna #1

February 23, 2015

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The best vegan
breakfasts in
Vienna #1

February 23, 2015

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Breakfast in Vienna often is made up of meat and dairy products, so where to get that vegan breakfast fix? Here are 4 breakfast places around Vienna for vegans.

Corns n’Pops Vegan Breakfast

Where: Gumpendorfer Straße 37, 1060 

Opening times
MON–FRI: 8am–5pm
SAT: 9am–4pm
SUN: closed

Serves breakfast: all day

Corns n’ Pops are about home-made pick-n-mix breakfast muesli – but not exclusively. Lisa also deals in muffins and donuts, and offers a daily lunch menu. “Making all people happy is a pretty tough job, but I do my best”, she tells me. The way it works is that you choose one of the pre-set muesli mixes or create your own dream muesli with the numerous ingredients offered in the buffet (gummy bears and various grains included).

The menu includes lots of gluten and dairy free good stuff, lots for vegans and vegetarians, and she knows by heart what’s in the more than ten muesli mixtures available. “Well, I produce ‘em all myself, so I should know”, she giggles. I get myself the “Beeren Crunchy” with crunchy oats, dried strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries, and cashews.

As I pour the soy milk into the bowl, swirls of pink develop, and I squeal a little on the inside when I put the first spoon into my mouth. Masculinity has no place here.

Price guide
Beeren Crunchy = 3.50 €


Dancing Shiva Vegan Breakfast

Where: Neubaugasse 58, 1070 

Opening times
MON–SAT: 10am–8pm
SUN: closed

Serves breakfast: 9am–3pm

With their big renovation in 2014, Dancing Shiva shifted from being just another clothes shop to one of the go-to places for raw food. And their breakfast menu is proof of this magnificent transformation.

The friendly staff recommends the “Lost in Paradise” breakfast – marinated shiitake mushrooms, holding hands with young spinach leaves, “egged” guacamole (they use sulphuric salt to mimic the egg-y taste), and two rolls of raw bread – one made with sour dough, the other stuffed with sauerkraut. This, mesdames et messieurs, was one of the best vegan breakfasts I’ve eaten so far. The shiitake mushrooms were savoury, the salad was crisp and fresh. Damn. This little enlightenment was accompanied by a glass of “Macao”, a cocoa and maca combination said to broaden the spirit and wake you up. That’s a breakfast for vegan champions, right there.

Price guide
Lost in Paradise = 9.90€
Macao = 4.60€


Kulturzentrum 7stern Vegan Breakfast

Where: Siebensterngasse 31, 1070 

Opening times
MON–SAT: 9am–2am
SUN: 9am–12am

Serves breakfast: from 10am–4pm

“If you’re in boboville, you’ve got to have a vegan option on the menu”, says Steffi behind the counter, laughing. She’s joking – obviously. The Kulturcafé 7stern started out with only one breakfast – and it was vegan. But it wasn’t long before their breakfast menu expanded, and the guests came flying in.

“The cool thing is, that most of them aren’t die-hard vegans. So we sell lots of the vegan breakfasts with ham and eggs on the side,” Steffi says.

I let that offer pass, and continue gobbling up the flatbread, filled with carrot humus, fresh rucola, apple, nuts, and seeds. The soy yoghurt with the home-made compote gets an A+, as well. The only thing I could’ve gone without is the zucchini humus, but I’m sure it suits other taste buds way better. The smoothie called “Bright”, a composition of ginger, apple, mango, and oranges, seriously brightened my day.

Pro tip: come here around lunchtime – that’s when the sun hits the big windows, bringing in that summertime feeling.

Price guide
“Sternenklar” breakfast incl. smoothie = 8.80€


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