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The best brunch or breakfast places for sunny mornings in Vienna

August 9, 2017

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The best brunch
or breakfast places
for sunny mornings
in Vienna

August 9, 2017

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There’s nothing like waking up on a summer’s morning and spontaneously deciding to go out for breakfast or brunch. Here are 9 cafes and restaurants serving up tasty breakfasts in beautiful outdoor gardens.

Café Ansari – summer breakfast spot

Where: Praterstraße 15, 1020 

Opening times
MON–SAT: 8am–11:30pm
SUN: 9am–3pm
Breakfast served: daily, 8am–2pm

This place has fans aplenty, far and wide around the city. It’s especially good looking, with it’s modern take of a Viennese coffeehouse, and the food is, quite simply, exquisite. Run by a couple hailing from Georgia and Lebanon, the menu lives somewhere in between Vienna and the Orient, with a little bit of Russia thrown in there.
There are 3 breakfasts that don’t only stand out on the Cafe Ansari menu, but also in terms of what Vienna’s breakfast landscape offers as a whole.
The Georgian breakfast involves a very tasty, and very cheesy, Khachapuri which is a Georgian dish of cheese-filled bread crowned with an egg in the middle. Then there’s the ‘Variation von Blinis’ (a range of Blinis) served with sour cream, butter, caviar, salmon and other garnishes. And the Orientalisches Frühstück (the Oriental breakfast) will have you humming to the hummus. They also spend time and care in preparing the coffee here, with a quality akin to any specialty coffee cafe. It’s a good idea to reserve here, as it’s busy most days of the week for breakfast. While the food is a major reason why this place is popular, the idyllic alfresco garden may be another. Set between cobblestones and shady trees, it makes for a fairytale setting for a breakfast to play out.

Our favourite breakfast at Cafe Ansari: the Georgian breakfast

Price guide
Russisches Frühstück (Russian Breakfast) = 10.90€
Georgisches Frühstück (Georgian Breakfast) = 9.80€


Ulrich – summer breakfast spot

Where: Sankt-Ulrichs-Platz 1, 1070 

Opening times
MON–FRI: 8am–1am
SAT–SUN: 9am–1am

Breakfast served
MON–FRI: 8am–12am
SAT–SUN & public holidays: 9am–3pm

Ulrich is that rare kind of café that ticks all boxes – they make a damn fine coffee, the atmosphere is cosy, and they serve up a breakfast that will make you think twice about asking for breakfast in bed for your next birthday. You could almost mistake yourself for being in Sydney if you resist looking down at the cobblestones at your feet of the courtyard where it’s set..oh and than there’s the neighbouring baroque church. Funny about that, as it was the cafés of Australia and New Zealand that inspired the owner, Gerald, with Ulrich’s design. In the way of warm breakfasts, they serve up a hearty pan of bacon and eggs, fluffy pancakes with fruit, and a raft of tasty omelettes.

Ulrich is always popping. It’s loud, packed, full of energy, and most importantly full of delicious food! This spot is a definite go-to for any well-travelled hipster whose favourite thing to do is enjoy trendy brunches in new cities. If you want to dine on a weekend at Ulrich, you’ve got to book in advance. For our full review of Ulrich, see, here.

Our favourite breakfast at Ulrich: Bacon and Egg ‘The Full Monty’ (we also highly recommend the Breakfast sandwich!) Check out the breakfast menu, here.

Price guide
Bacon and Egg ‘The Full Monty’ = 7.50€
Melange = 2.90€


Karmelitermarkt – summer breakfast spot

Where: Karmelitermarkt, 1020 

Opening times
MON–FRI: 6am–7:30pm
SAT: 6am–5pm
SUN: closed

The Karmelitermarkt is a favourite option for sunny day breakfast goers when they’re not sure exactly where to go. There’s a market full of choice here of cafe breakfast spots, and they’re all just as pleasant. It’s especially as popular kid on Saturday’s when the farmer’s market is happening. All of the cafes have gardens that spill out into the market square, so you should let the kind of breakfasts served at each cafe decide on where you end up.
Cafemima serves up great omelettes, Viennese breakfasts and stellar fruit salad (there’s 3 words we never thought we’d utter), not to mention their Oriental influencer house creation, the mima Frühstück. While, Zimmer37‘s breakfast range is all about organic, colourful creations. And that cafe that you see with the white chairs full of people, that’s Tewa, and their salmon bagel is, quite simply, a great way to start the day.


Das Augustin – summer breakfast spot

Where: Märzstraße 67, 1150 

Opening times
MON–THU: 4pm–12:30am
FRI: 4pm–1:30am
SAT: 9:30am–1:30am
SUN: 9:30am–12:30am

Nestled amidst the exotic supermarkets and graffiti of the 15th district is Das Augustin, a breakfast haven of yumminess. The breakfast menu is simple, but creative. It’s comprised of the classic ingredients in a Vienna breakfast: muesli, ham and cheese, but all of the breakfasts have their own original homemade twists. Like the Scandinavia-inspired breakfast, made up of Norwegian salmon, goat cheese, and ruccola with a lemon dressing, for example.
The more exotic breakfasts are Italian and Turkish inspired, or you can hoe into some good old-fashioned pancakes, with a pile of fruit and whipped cream on top. Everything is fresh, and all the breakfasts come as mini works of art. There’s even little flower on some. The dimly-lit interior resembles an old Austrian Gasthaus that a hippety hipster has set to work on redecorating. It works.
Their outside garden, enclosed by an inner courtyard, it once again feels like an escape from the world outside. The sun also hits it perfectly in the morning.

Our favourite breakfast at Das Augustin: The ‘Lovely Sunday’ breakfast: muesli with yoghurt and a weird strawberries and rocket salad combination, which turns out to be bizarrely delicious. Also, the Caorle breakfast (8.20€) with prosciutto crudo, grana, home made jam and vegetable antipasti

Price guide
Farmers Starter Breakfast = 7.50€
Lovely Sunday Breakfast = 8.20€
Cappuccino = 3.20€


Meierei Diglas im Türkenschanzpark – summer breakfast spot

Where: Hasenauerstraße 56, 1180

Opening times
TUE–SUN: 9am–10pm
Breakfast served until 11:30am

Located in the beautiful Türkenschanzpark on the outskirts of Vienna, it’s easy to get lost before you stumble upon the outdoor restaurant, Meierei Diglas. The restaurant is usually packed when the sun is out, with the older crowd of the district gathering together here to enjoy a Melange and extensive breakfast in the morning (and a beer and modern Austrian cuisine as of noon). Noisy and casual, the venue is the perfect place to get together with a friend and bitch about someone who lives in the inner districts (no chance of being overheard, here!). The food itself plays a solid game, consisting of a variety of breakfasts in the morning and a daily changing menu at lunch time.

Meanwhile, the garden surrounded by greenery is what really turns us on about this place. Perfect for a sunny day morning breakfast.

We recommend: turning up before 11:30 am, getting a coffee and light breakfast and passing out in the park for a mid-morning nap.

Price guide
Meierei breakfast = 9.90€
Classic breakfast ≠ 7.50€


Cafe Himmelblau – summer breakfast spot

Where: Kutschkergasse 36, 1180

Opening times
MON–FRI: 8am–9pm
SAT–SUN: 8am–6pm

Everything is homemade at the sweet, sweet ‘Cafe Himmelblau.’ Made with produce purchased right outside the cafe at the Kutschker market, the proof is in the breakfast, as they say. The outdoor garden in the midst of the market emits a great vibe to sit amidst and enjoy a Melange and breakfast. The crowd here comes in all shapes and sizes, and at all hours of the day; the busiest time being breakfast and lunch time during the summer. The 7-year-old family cafe prides itself on its homemade breads and cakes, and the rather small menu serving, what the co-owner Florian says, are fewer but fresher options than most cafes.

Price range
Vegan breakfast plate ‘Das Liebliche’ = 12,60€
Muesli with joghurt = 4,80€
Caffe latte = 3,90€

Our favorite breakfast at Cafe Himmelblau: the vegan breakfast, ‘das liebliche’ involving vegan porridge containing raspberries, beetroot hummus, grilled veggies and homemade bread.


Yppenplatz – summer breakfast spots

Where: Yppenplatz, 1160

For breakfasts on sunny mornings, it’s hard to beat the lively Yppenplatz, and as we couldn’t choose from all the great breakfast cafe options surrounding the square, we’ve decided to recommend square as whole, and let you choose. Cafe Frida is a colourful new addition serving up a outstanding morning feed, while cafe Dellago has been delighting plenty with a impressive brunch spread on the weekends. Or you can sit on the rooftop of the edgy Wirr am Brunnenmarkt (their morning waffles are da’ bomb). The best thing to do is to turn up, browse and take your pick which is a great alternative to thinking ahead and having to reserve at a cafe for breakfast – what kind of person does that!? Reserving for breakfast is like buying your burial spot while you’re still alive!

Tip: Go for a walk along the bustling Brunnenmarkt after you’re full of breakfast and coffee, and do your weekly shop! It’s cheaper than the supermarkets and more fun!

Cafe Espresso – summer breakfast spot

Where: Burggasse 57, 1070

Opening times
MON–WED: 7:30am–1pm
THUR–FRI: 7:30am–2am
SAT: 10am–2am
SUN: 10am–1am

Cafe Espresso possesses more character, history and stories than 90-year-old drag queen stripper. Cafe Espresso isn’t decked out in all their retro glam because retro and vintage are hip – no, Cafe Espresso is just an old-timer that has never grown old. And while it’s a pleasure to sit amongst the scarlet red leather booths and baby blue walls of its insides, the street-side Schanigarten out front makes for the perfect place to sip coffee and breakfast. The breakfast menu is full of choice, and no matter what you choose, you’ll come out on top. The popular Oriental breakfast variety – a plate full of hummus, cucumber, sheep’s cheese, honey, flat bread, Ezme and an egg – earns our recommendation (did we mention how big the serves are?). Meanwhile, the overall menu just keeps getting better (and keeps expanding with innovative dishes), here.
This living legend is the kind of place you can earn your hangover in the night before, and try to fight it off with a fillinf and fantastic breakfast the day after.


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