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The 5 best Vienna bars with board games

January 19, 2016

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The 5 best
Vienna bars
with board games

January 19, 2016

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Buying up big property while drinking a beer with the other hand in an intense game of monopoly, or thinking of a 4-letter word in scrabble that will score you high bonus points while shooting back shots – if this sounds like something you and your friends would like to be doing, check out our list of the best bars with board games in Vienna.

Café Benno – Board Games

Where: Alser Straße 67, 1080

Opening times
MON–FRI: 4:30pm–2am
SAT: 10am–2pm
SUN: 10am–1am

On any cold winter’s night of the week, this place is packed with passionate card sharks, board game bandits (that’s a word we just made up for people that like board games) and the sound of dice hitting the table. The dark wood, dimly lit atmosphere, with hundreds of board games piled around the place (see the complete list of board games Café Benno stocks, here) this is one of the most well-known haunts for those that like a long and drawn out game of Monopoly or chess with their drink. The food being served up here is also worth pausing a passionate round of poker for. This place gets busy, and the games lead people to occupying tables for hours on end, so we suggest you reserve.

Plus: There are also Bingo and Pub quiz nights held every week at Café Benno. Check the website for details.


Tunnel – Board Games

Where: Florianigasse 39, 1080

Opening times
MON–SAT: 9am–2am
SUN: 9am–12am

If you’re a student in Vienna and you don’t know about this place, then you’re studying too much. This student favourite has a decent selection of board games with big, spacious tables to play them on. Don’t expect any obscure, limited edition warlord board games here, but all the favourites are there. The dark wood bench booths and bar of a Gasthaus add a cosy warmth to the 2-storey place with an echo and huge tunnel-shaped windows. There’s also food to accompany your board game battles, including a selection ranging from sweet and savoury Palatschinken (pancake with filling), empanadas (2.80€), filled pita bread sandwiches (4.80–5.90€), and main dishes ranging in price (7–12€) and cuisine (Middle Eastern, French, Viennese kitchen classics).

They also have… live music on certain days of the week in winter.


Café Sperlhof – Board Games

Where: Große Sperlgasse 41, 1020 

Opening times
MON–THU: 4pm–1:30am
FRI–SAT: 2pm–1:30am
SUN: 3pm–1:30am

This cafe is a bit of jewel in the second district and an old-timer in terms of Vienna’s game cafes/bars. Just behind the Augarten, hidden within it’s plain cream/orange facade, lives a Viennese institution, and a real character. Walking in is like a time warp back to Vienna in the 1950’s. Game boards tower high around the cafe, while in an extra room across the street there are a bunch of billiard tables, a table tennis table and foolsball tables. There’s a snack kiosk at the bar, wood paneling up the walls and the furniture would now be considered retro, but has been here since it was considered new. The owner is lovely, and while he might look like your typical Viennese coffeehouse owner, he is soft spoken and spry. There’s something innocent in the atmosphere that belongs to simpler times.

We recommend… you book a billiard table (located across the street) in advance.

Brot & Spiele – Board Games

Where: Laudongasse 22, 1080 

Opening times
MON–SAT: 6pm–2am
SUN: 6pm–12am

Tucked away in Laudongasse we find the curiously named Brot & Spiele. From the moment we step inside it feels like it’s going to be a fun night. Apart from the Brot, there’s plenty of beer und wine, in case you’re worried. The walls are decorated by random plaques and some wall paintings of familiar cartoon characters. It’s one of those places where you instantly feel comfortable.

They claim to have around a hundred games, ranging from the classics to quirky card games. If you’re having trouble finding a game or need some help, there’s a menu with all the games listed. They’re categorised by the number of players, genre, the type of game, and whether you need a lot of space.

The staff are extremely attentive and we were never wanting for food & drink. But beware, they’re also pretty strict when they see you ‘cheating’ at a game of Jenga. One hand only, this isn’t kindergarten, guys! Oops!


Spielbar – Board Games

Where: Lederergasse 26, 1080 

Opening times
Daily: 5pm–2am

Like any good board game bar, this place feels like your living room. This is the younger offshoot from the Brot & Speil crowd, and boasts the same credentials in terms of board game selection. There’s around 130 games on offer, a Foosball table and several special games nights, including a Nintendo night, a new game tester night, along with Bingo and a pub quiz (For details, check out the Facebook page). The atmosphere is playful with games and cards stuck all over the wall, the kitchen is Tex-Mex and suitable to fill a alcohol soaked stomach, while the drinks are your standard selection.There’s also a darts board for those brave enough to throw sharp objects while drinking.


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