The best 13 NEW Vienna food and drinks spots you need to try in March

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The best 13 NEW Vienna food and drinks spots you need to try in March

Spring is here, so you can shake off that hibernation mode and obey the call of the city that’s telling you to get back out there and explore all the new places that have been opening up over the past few months.

We’ve put together a list of newly-opened spots in the city for you to try.

Here are 13 places that have opened in Vienna in the last few months:

Header picture © Ákos Burg

Photo © Ákos Burg

Dogenhof – New in Vienna

MON–SAT: 9:30am–11pm
SUN: 9:30am–5pm

What used to be a very old Viennese coffeehouse dating back to 1899 has been transformed and reopened as a restaurant (or public dining room as the founders like to call it) that has all of its menu being cooked over an open woodfire. This restaurant, with its beautifully pure and simple concept, is housed in a historic building, which was actually a palace back in the day. And the popular next door neighbours – the cafe / all things analogue store, SUPERSENSE – are the people behind Dogenhof. Well, SUPERSENSE creator, Florian Kaps, is half of the creative duo who has given birth to this unique restaurant. The other half is Simon Steiner, the co-founder  of the handsome restaurant, Heuer am Karlsplatz. Only special things can come out of this dream team.



Photo courtesy of Adlerhof’s Instagram channel

Adlerhof – New in Vienna

You might have seen pictures of it cruising through your Instagram feed lately. The Adlerhof is one pretty place. What used to be just a normal Wirtshaus is now a hip and multi-faceted Greisslerei slash café slash bar, making it fit for any occasion. While most are coming here for the look of the place, they’re serving up a beautiful breakfast that may or may not involve oat milk pancakes and truffle-infused egg dishes. Meanwhile, they’re menu is all kinds of other tasty food creations being served up in the evening. Keep in mind, it is trending at the moment due to its Instagram fame, so do be sure to reserve. Oh, did we mention from 6:30am the morning it lives it’s other life as a corner store selling the essentials like bread, milk etc.?



Photo ©

Shabu Shabu – New in Vienna

Put together by the same people behind the popular Korean restaurant, Yori, is the newest Korean joint in town – Shabu Shabu (We could imagine their name in a rap song).

While they have all the staple Korean favourites in their menu, including deep-fried Korean chicken, Bibimbap bowls and bau buns, it’s the hot pot dish they’re claiming to be their signature. They have a beef, seafood, veggie and combination version of their hot pot, which they call ‘Shabu-Shabu,’ after the cooking method that it follows. Now we know where they got their rap-worthy name from!



Photo © P’AM

P’AM – New in Vienna

MON–THU: 7:15am–10pm
FRI: 7:15am – 12am
SAT: 8:15am – 12am
SUN: 9:30am – 6pm

Don’t you love the smell of a freshly brewed coffee in the morning in Vienna’s beautiful 7th district? If your answer’s something like ‘Oh hell yes!’, this new roastery/bar/gallery is definitely something you should check out! Everything they serve up is handmade by them, and they know their way around a coffee machine. At night, the good looking, intimate venue turns into a bar, and sometimes even into a gallery, when ‘am’ turns into ‘pm’. When this does happen, the coffee is replaced by organic cocktails, craft beer, and wine.



Photo ©

Sechser – New in Vienna

TUE – THU: 6pm – 2am
FRI – SAT: 6pm – 6am
SUN – MON: closed

If you’re looking for a place to sip on a glass of whiskey all sophisticated like in Vienna’s first district, this new place has got you covered! The Sechser combines a really unique, and super moody, looking interior, while predominately House music streams out of its speakers, and great drinks are on offer. We totally get how one could spend a whole night in this bar, just looking at their interior design rather than your date… seriously, this place looks incredible!



Photo ©

Inc. – New in Vienna

TUE: 11pm – 6am
WED: closed
THU–SAT 11pm – 6am
SUN–MON: closed

They call themselves ‘the new living room for urban culture in Vienna’, but we call them, ‘another after dark joint to go to if you really want to dance your pants off!’ The Inc. offers a living room-like interior, along with Hip Hop, Rap, R’n’B sounds. Oh, and, of course, a rather big dance floor.



Photo ©

O – der Klub – New in Vienna

What used to be the Albertinapassage, has been transformed into one of the hottest clubs in town. The ‘O – der Klub’, located next to the opera (how fancy), can somewhat be considered the successor of the popular pop-up club, Horst. With the Super 90s Disco (Saturdays) and the TuesdayClub (guess when) you have two already established event series happening at the O each week now. They’e also regularly dragging in international DJs to do their thing on the decks. Check out their Facebook page for more infos on the events happening at the O.


Photo © Niko Mautner Markhof

Dinos Apothecary Bar – New in Vienna

WED–SAT: 6pm–3am
SUN–TUE: closed

Now this is our kind of pharmacy (and we’re certainly not the first to make this sad joke about this place’s name). At Dinos Apothecary bar, they ain’t serving up bitter medicine, but rather tasty drinks instead. Get this – the owner of this new bar is actually a trained pharmacist, and he’s big on having his knowledge in this industry influence the way he concocts his cocktails. Maybe you can ask your doctor next time to write you a prescription for this place instead.



Photo ©

Lvdwig – New in Vienna

Lvdwig is a fancy new cocktail bar near the Naschmarkt. One unique feature about this place is the long table in the middle of it. It serves both as extension of the bar and as a stage for the barkeeper. That’s right, drinks aren’t just prepared here the regular way – it’s a show and an experience, with the barkeeper doing all kinds of crazy tricks with bottles and cocktail shakers.



Photo ©

Laolao – New in Vienna

Laolao is a new and stylish Chinese restaurant that’s popped its head up, and they’re specialising in one all-important feature of the Asian kitchen – noodles. The noodles they make here are not only freshly prepared, but they’re also done in the traditional way. Just like the founder’s Oma used to make them for her. And let’s be honest, Omas usually know how to make the best food. If you’re big on noodles and Chinese food, in general, have a look at Laolao.




Noble Savage – New in Vienna

TUE–SAT: 5:30pm –11pm
SUN–MON: closed

The owner Igor Kuznetsov, likes it international…and unusual! And you can’t just turn up to Noble Savage for a light bite – it’s all, or nothing at the Noble Savage!

If you reserve a table here (which you should before turning up), you can expect 8 dishes landing in front of you, ll as delicious and creative as the last. Well, you can also order the small menu that includes only 4 dishes. The menu changes daily, depending on the available seasonal ingredients. So, there is always an element of surprise, here. Igor is one talented and passionate guy when it comes to food. He is also the guy that launched the popular Ramen bar, Karma Ramen, way back in the day when the Japanese soup was difficult to find in the city. Based on this, we’d say Noble Savage is worth checking out for all those Noble Savages out there.

Riva Officina – New in Vienna

MON, SAT: 6pm–10pm
TUE–FRI: 11:30am–2pm & 6pm–10pm
SUN: closed

So, if you’re a big fan of pizza, you’ve probably heard of the Riva name before and eaten their pizzas. Well, the talented pizza makers have decided to branch out a little and open up a joint dedicated to the other delights of the Italian kitchen. Yes, we’re talking pastas etc. And – MAMA MIA! – have they done a magnificent job. The vibe and interior is a fresh change to your typical Italian trattoria in Vienna, and the pasta is the bomb! It should be, considering it’s all handmade.


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Forky’s – New in Vienna

What seems to be already quite a big thing in Slovakia and the Czech Republic has now found its way to Austria. The completely plant–based bistro, Forky’s, has opened its first Viennese location in the 9th district.

Their goal iss it to offer customers a wide variety of food, with a focus on healthy fast food (or street food, you name it!). But, Forky’s is not only 100% plant based – they have several gluten–free and raw food options on offer. Vegans, vegetarians and raw food eaters – get your ‘forkys’ ready and check this new plant place particularly made for your pretty selves (now that’s a lot of Ps).


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