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Vienna’s 11 new food and drink spots you need to try in September

Make the most of the last summer days by checking out a bunch of new food and drink spots in Vienna before your hibernation mood kicks in!

Here are 11 awesome new places that are waiting for you to stop by:

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Fritz von Stuwer – New in Vienna

It was meant to open up way back before something called Corona took over the world, however, this new Soul–Jazz & Gin bar is now alive and kicking. You’ll feel like you’ve traveled back in time when you walk into the Fritz von Stuwer. Ok, maybe you won’t, but it does bring a lot of the good stuff back from the past.

If you like enjoying a glass (or two…or three….) of gin, rum or beer in a atmosphere that makes you feel at home and boasts a retro charm, you should find yourself doing all of this at Fritz von Stuwer. It’s located in the Stuviertel in the 2nd district and is actually by the same crowd behind the well loved ‘Neues Wiener Beisl’, Stuwer. 




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Everybody’s darling – New in Vienna

It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for in terms of a place to hang out and drink with a bunch of friends, there is a high chance you’ll find it at the new bar, ‘Everybody’s darling.’ And this is not us being super sales-y (as nobody pays us to write these articles anyway – just sayin’) – This place combines three concepts in one!

You can sip on a coffee in the breakfast bar in the morning, enjoy a small snack with a glass of wine in its aperitivo bar before dinner, or get a good buzz going with a fancy cocktail in hand throughout the evening!

Obviously, you’ll probably have a completely different experience at ‘Everybody’s Darling’ depending on the time of day you show up at this new multifaceted bar in the first district!

Fun fact: The team behind this place are the owners of the Volksgarten and the superstar amongst Austrian cooks, Alexander Kumptner. Go ahead and check out this fancy-schmancy menu.




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Pizza Senza Danza – New in Vienna

MON: closed
TUE–SUN: 11am–1am

You can finally rock out to your favourite music at the club again, but with a slight difference! Instead of awkwardly grinding your body against some stranger, (because there is literally no space to dance without accidentally touching someone’s butt) you can grind your face up against some delicious pizza (wait, what?!). What we mean it, Senza Danza is a pizza place that has set itself up in ya’ ol’ club, Säulenhalle. And they’re cooking their pizza in a wood fire oven, so you get that extra wood-y taste on your pizza, just how you like it (wink, wink).

Behind this extraordinary concept is, once again, the famous cook, Alexander Kumptner.



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Rinderwahn am Yppenplatz – New in Vienna

SUN–MON: closed
TUE–SAT: 11:30am–9:30pm

The beloved burgers bar, Rinderwahn, has opened up another station at the Yppenplatz. They’re known for serving up some of the best burgers in town, and this Yppenplatz station is built on the same ‘street food’ concept that their Naschmarkt location is – the menu is created for people who are on the go, meaning the menu is slightly condensed and the burgers are smaller than usual, making them easier to eat.




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Café Habakuk – New in Vienna

What was once known as the old and sleazy, Brückenwirt, has been reborn as the cool and trendy, Café Habakuk. If you’re looking for a new Beisl to waste your time at, look no further. Unlike some other places in this beautiful city, you won’t leave the Café Habakuk completely broke (and maybe even sell a kidney) if you accidentally consume a few drinks too many. In fact, if you happen to plan on ‘accidentally having a few drinks too many’ your wallet is begging you to do it here, as the prices are damn good.

This place actually already opened its doors at the beginning of 2020 (when everything was still fun and games), but we decided to include it, anyways, as it hasn’t made it onto our ‘New in Vienna’ lists by now. We just can’t keep the chill, familiar and easy-going existence of this Beisl to ourselves.




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Chop Chop – New in Vienna

How do you feel about going for some high quality Asian food that doesn’t require you to start saving up a month in advance? Sounds awesome, right? The new Asian eatery, Chop Chop, opened its doors in May and is awaiting one and all with an array of dishes out of the Indonesian, Vietnamese and Korean kitchen.

Chop Chop is also an option even if you don’t feel like stuffing your face with Curry, or Nasi Goreng, as you can also stop by to simple sip on their range of cocktails while tapping your pinky toes (only your pinky toes) to some chilled music in a funky atmosphere.




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Brunchhouse am Irissee – New in Vienna

When a restaurant calls itself, ‘Brunchhouse,’ you’d think the name says it all, but don’t be fooled! The brucnh diehards should get super excited about this place as the Brunchhouse am Irissee is dedicated to this beloved mealtime. At this new location set in the green at the Irissee (yep, that’s out in the 22nd district for those scratching their head) you can stuff your face with all kinds of tasty dishes, all day long!

In fact, it seems time stands still at this green oasis, as brunch is all day and into the night (from Tuesday until Sunday, that is). So, even those of us who enjoy waking up slowly, late, or with a little bit of morning sexy-time (just a little bit you animals!), can brunch on the multitude of brunch options. What kind of brunch dishes you ask? Well, you’ve got the 4 types of brunch burgers, a whole range of brunch plates inspired by different cuisines from all over the world (would you like the Seoul plate or the Oslo, madame?), and then there’s the gourmet toasted sandwiches and a few dishes out of the Asian kitchen thrown in there (eg. Bibimbap).

And, as we know you’ve been asking yourself the whole time – yes, there are cocktails being served up to accompany your brunch food journey.




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Die Boys & Marie – New in Vienna

MON–WED: closed
THU–SUN: 5pm–12am 

pop–up ends on September 27th

We don’t wanna’ play favourites, but this might be the most impressive pop-up eatery we’ve seen hit the city in recent years! Thanks to a very annoying virus, a group of students lost their opportunities to do an internship. So, they just said ‘f*ck this shit’ (or so we imagine) and opened up their very own restaurant in order to gain some work experience (which will be open for you to enjoy up until the end of September)!

If you like your animals cute and alive, you won’t have to leave this place sad and hungry, because the menu is mostly made out of vegetarian and vegan dishes! The combination of the easy-going atmosphere and the way the super fancy dishes are being served up creates a unique dining experience in the future magdas–Hotel being built in the third district.



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Chinacy – New in Vienna

MON–SAT: 11:30am–10pm
SUN: closed
Public Holidays: closed

Vienna can count one more high quality Asian eatery being added to its multicultural food and drink scene!

The intimate Chinese eatery Chinacy opened up recently in the first district, and it’s all about packing the magnificent flavours of the Chinese kitchen into a tapas style menu. It’s sporting a stylish atmosphere, with a massive painting of a woman, watching over the kitchen. Rumour has it that the reason the cooks do such a top job here is because they’re constantly under the watchful eye of the mural of the woman (ok, it’s possible that we made up this rumour).

This place is perfect for all those who feel stressed out and overwhelmed by choice whenever it’s time to order as the Chinese tapas concept means you can taste your way through the menu. With options ranging from Gua Bao to a tasty old-fashioned Beijing soup, and a Chinese-style Fish and Chips, Chinacy proves to be a different kind of experience of the Chinese kitchen.



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Vevi – New in Vienna

MON: closed
TUE–FRI: 11:30am–3pm & 5:30pm–10pm
SAT–SUN: 12pm–10pm

To all the vegan folks out there – another quality option for some chow has opened up in Vienna’s Neubau district and it ain’t some salad bar boasting pretender (whatever the hell that is). Vevi is a 100% vegan Vietnamese restaurant, with an array of flavoursome (noodle) soups on the menu (yes. including Pho), alongside rice dishes, and Banh Mi sandwiches. So, you can simply expect the dynamic flavours of the Vietnamese kitchen, minus the cow, pigs and chickens…and what comes out of them…wait, what?! Anyway, you get what we mean.


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Shouko – New in Vienna

MON–FRI: 11am–10pm
SAT: 12pm–10pm
SUN: closed

For all those who love slurping up oodles for noodles can put their hands up the air and go ‘woop, woop!’ Or not. You can simply get excited about trying out the city’s latest Ramen spot. Shouko opened it’s door in August 2020 accross the road from the Altes AKH Uni campus. While their claim to fame is their ramen, there’s also sushi and other wok dishes on the menu.

They’re also throwing a solid lunch menu your way, in case you’re studying or working close by.



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