8 new places that have opened up since the Corona shutdown that you simply must try

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8 new places that have opened up since the Corona shutdown that you simply must try

So you’ve been craving new flavours, new foodie and bar experiences since the city reopened?

We hear you. Here are 6 new food and drink spots that you should definitely check out now that you can:

Photo © facebook.com/dasferment

Das Ferment – New in Vienna

TUE – FRI: 11am – 6pm
SAT:  8am – 6pm
SUN–MON: closed


The owners of this new market stall and eatery, ‘Das Ferment’ think fermentation food is awesome! And that’s probably the reason they’ve dedicated their whole business to it! Das Ferment takes a pass on frills with their interior design, and goes crazy on microorganisms instead. They have a weekly menu with everything from kimchi to tofu to pickled vegetables on offer in their 70m² market stall and they also offer take away!

Otherwise, you can just do your shopping there for your regular fermented needs, like that jar of pickles you devour while watching your favourite episode every single night.



Photo © facebook.com/ArtnerRestaurants

Artner Restaurant – Jungle auf der Wieden – New in Vienna

Ok, so this isn’t a newcomer, but to those who know and love it, it will certainly look like a brand new place. The party pooper of the year (or even decade?) Corona got in the way of many things, but the beloved Artner Restaurant is standing its ground and is cleverly improvising!

Instead of worrying about their planned renovations of their location in the 4th district not having gone ahead, they’ve decided to turn their restaurant into a jungle! That’s right! The whole place is filled with tropical plants so you’ll be dining in amongst the green on their scrumptious dishes.  And it’s not only the interior that’s turning into a exotic experienced – the menu has also had an injection of creativity, with regularly changing tapas creations thrown onto it alongside their signature classics.



Photo © facebook.com/truthanddare.bar

Truth & Dare – New in Vienna

TUE – SAT: 6pm – 2am
SUN – MON: closed


The dark and mysterious cocktail bar, ‘Truth & Dare’ actually opened up shortly before the Corona lockdown, but we’re featuring anyway, because its dark and mysterious and who doesn’t like bars with those two adjectives attached to them, right? From the creators of The Birdyard, this is one unique cocktail bar that dares you to go for something beyond your go-to Pina Colada.

Well, okay, if you insist, they’ll also serve you the classics, but if you’re already at a bar named Truth & Dare, you might as well DARE to be a bit more adventurous. To make every visit special – they offer up a different kind of mini-drink each week, which is top secret and will only be revealed to those who stop by.



Photo © instagram.com/einschlawiener

Schlawiener Wirtshaus – New in Vienna

TUE – SAT: 11:30am – 1am
SUN–MON: closed


A self-proclaimed ‘neo-traditional Austrian eatery, Schlawiener, has opened its doors in the 4th district and it’s serving up  regional, fresh and homemade Austrian treats. Oh, but the Schlawiener Wirtshaus is not just an eatery – it’s a hybrid between a cocktail bar and an Wirtshaus – ‘aaahhhhhhh, what?!!!’ we hear you say. ‘How is that even possible?’ you cry! Well, you’re going to just have to check it out yourself aren’t you.



Photo © facebook.com/sperling.wien

Sperling – New in Vienna

Lovers and walkers of the Augraten would already know about this exciting new addition to Vienna’s wining and dining cuisine.

Andreas Sael and Aurelio Nitsche managed to get their hands on a damn sweet location in amongst the Augarten park for their new restaurant Sperling. It goes without saying that their restaurant garden is stellar, while the interior is delightfully cosy.

If you’re one of those veggies that are always left sighing at the two vegetarian options on a menu, the Sperling understands and gets i.  While meat dishes are on the menu, veggies rule at this place. Who would have thought that th Austrian cuisine could be be veggie-friendly?



Photo © facebook.com/stoecklimpark

Stöckl im Park – New in Vienna

What do you get if you slap together a bit of fancy and a dollop of relaxed? Well, you get the Stöckl im Park, of course. Located in the beautiful Schwarzenberggarten, this place is a green oasis of a hide away, and potentially your new favourite summer location.

The menu has almost everything you’d expect from an Austrian restaurant’s menu – Schnitzel, and so on – but the best part is (besides their scenic garden) they serve up their own brew of beer!


Photo © Mimi im Stadtelefant

Mimi im Stadtelefant – New in Vienna

MON–TUE: 11:45am – 3pm
WED–THU: 11:45am – 11pm
FRI–SUN: closed


It’s not easy to find this place as it located in amongst a new residential and office area in Vienna’s Sonnwendviertel in the 10th district. You will find it however in those block kind of satellite city looking areas of the city. The crowd behind it are the duo that gave birth to the hip champagne bar, Frau Bernhard.

Mimi im Stadtelefant is a fresh looking neighbourhood eatery that has tasty quinoa-filled salads and homemade pasta dishes on their menu, just to name a few. You’ll also find new flavour experiences in the menu, sometimes involving fish, always involving regional ingredients.



Photo © Albertina Modern

Ludwig & Adele Cafe & Garten – New in Vienna

Vienna’s youngest new art museum has got one of Vienna’s newest cafe’s that have set up shop in it, and in front of it with a lovely garden. Well, Ludwig & Adele cafes aren’t new to town (you’ll find them popping up all over the place in museums and elsewhere), but this location is new. And they’re doing the quality job of running a quality cafe that they’re known for. The cakes are by Landtmann and their coffee is well made (and made with artisan beans from Koffeinschmiede, but the real selling card here is the setting of its al fresco garden, and their pleasantly set up interior.



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