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5 places to get the best Martinigansl in Vienna

November 13, 2017

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5 places to get the best
Martinigansl in Vienna

November 13, 2017

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The tradition of Martinigansl originally stems from several legends involving Saint Martin von Tours – one of them tells the story that one day, a gaggle of honking geese interrupted St Martin’s sermon so he chased them out, before capturing, slaughtering and cooking them. Be sure to remember that next time you’re in church and you really need to pee.

However this tradition came to be, here are 5 places in Vienna where to have the real Martinigansl experience:

Gmoakeller – Martinigansl

Where: Am Heumarkt 25, 1030

Opening times
MON–SAT: 11am–12am
SUN: closed

When can you get the goose?
October 27 – November 21

The Gmoakeller is one of the oldest taverns (Wirtshaus) in Vienna. And they’ve been serving up Martinigansl for almost as long, so as you would expect, they know what they’re doing when it comes to ze’ goose. It is a cosy restaurant set in a cellar neighbouring the Wiener Konzerthaus and the Akademietheater. Here you’ll witness the rare sight of elegantly dressed men in tuxedos drinking beer on tap and ripping into Sacherwürstels dunked in mustard and horseradish. It’s a special place where all the great things of Viennese culture come together.

The Gmoakeller serves the Martinigansl for one of the longest periods of time amongst the Gasthäuser, from October 27 to November 21. As for the traditional sides of Rotkraut and dumplings – you’ll be honking like a goose when combining all the elements on your fork.

They have Austrian beer, as well as a good variety of international brands and craft beer. The waiters are charming, attentive and smiling, always up for a chat and happy to offer recommendations.

Price guide
Martini Gansl = 18.80€

Website: www.gmoakeller.at

Ottakringer Landhaus – Martinigansl

Where: Albrechtskreithgasse 38, 1160 

Opening times
MON–SAT: 11am–12am
SUN: 11am–10pm

When can I get the goose?
October 26-sometime in December (it’s always different so just give them a call)

The Ottakringer Landhaus is a traditional Viennese restaurant with a colourful history. The building itself was built in 1865 and used to be a “horse changing station.”

The standard serve of Martinigansl sides is cooked red cabbage and potato dumplings, but at the Ottakringer Landhaus, they like to change things up by incorporating the goose in different dishes, such as Gröstl (a flavorsome dish made with meat, potatoes and more onions than you can imagine). We order the traditional Martinigansl (just like 90% of all other guests, it seems). As we take a first bite of the potato dumplings, I immediately find ourselves mentally composing a love song about them: they are buttery, but not rubbery, soft but not mushy – simply divine. The goose is just as it should be: crispy skin, tender meat and accompanied by a serving of goose lard, enough to feed a whole family. However, the cooked red cabbage takes the cake: seasoned with cinnamon, cloves and figs, it makes us deliberate what I would give up (My cat? My future first-born child? My kickass tap-dance skills?) in exchange for the recipe.

The owner, Oliver Bures (the owner) pays particular attention to not only the origin of his high-quality ingredients, but also the well-being of the animals he uses in his kitchen. For example, the only source of his free-range geese is located in Upper Austria, where they get to frolic on wide-ranging meadows from the age of 6 weeks.

Long story short: if you eat meat and you’re a fan of hearty cuisine, book a table (and a goose), and make the journey out to Ottakring.

Price guide
Martini Gansl = 22.90€

Website: www.ottakringer-landhaus.at

Gasthaus Wild – Martinigansl

Where: Radetzkyplatz 1, 1030 

Opening times
Daily: 9am–1am
Kitchen: 11:30am–11pm

When can you get the goose?
November 3–19

Dressed up like an elderly gentlemen who wields a cane, wears a monocle and a felt alpine cap with a feather sticking out, Gasthaus Wild is right up there as one of the cosiest Austrian Gasthäuser. Spruced wood paneling, a beautiful bar with beer taps and wines as far as the eye can see. And it’s Martinigansl is the real deal. They specialise in hard-to-find game meat dishes here, so it goes without saying that their Martinigansl game is golden. The accompanying Rotkraut is balanced perfectly between sweet and sour, and the dumplings are as plump as plump can be.

Gasthaus Wild is wild for wine, by the way, and has been known to many in the 3rd district as a favourite local for ages, especially since it’s rebirth in 2002 when it went from a bum of a Beisl (bistro-pub) to its handsome looks of today.

Price guide
Martini Gansl = 19.50€

Website: www.gasthaus-wild.at

Zum Reznicek – Martinigansl

Where: Reznicekgasse 10, 1090

Opening times Nov-Dec:
MON–FRI: 11am–11:30pm
SAT: 6pm–11:30pm
SUN: 11:30am–3pm

When can you get the goose?
October 9 – November 20

Zum Reznicek is a popular spot in the 9th district with a lot of history that the owner is very proud of (which is why the interior of this restaurant has not been touched since the 1950s). Sticking with this old school tradition, the restaurant celebrates Martinigansl goose season with a dedicated menu, made up of 5 different dishes this year.

The Gansl portion is generous and comes with a warm sauce, red cabbage, bacon coleslaw, 2 types of Knödel and a cooked apple slice with cranberries on top. The goose meat may not be to everyone’s taste, as it is salty and well done, and the Knödel were in need of sauce, but combined with all the side dishes, you will be rubbing a full happy belly. If you do indeed still have some space left for dessert, the Kaiserschmarrn is worth going for.

Plus: booking in advance is recommended via +43 1 317 91 40

Price guide
Martini Gansl = 23.50€

Website: zumreznicek.at

Wirtshaus Steirerstöckl – Martinigansl

Where: Pötzleinsdorfer Straße 127, 1180

Opening times
WED–SUN: 11:30am–12am
MON–TUE: closed

When can you get the goose?
October 31 – December 3

To get to this magnificent serve of goose, kraut and dumplings, you have to work for it (unless you’ve got a car…or a friend with one). Located at the edge of the Wienerwald (the Viennese forest), at the end of a 15-minute walk from the last bus station, sits a wooden cabin known as Wirtshaus Steirerstöckl. And we ain’t kidding when we say, this place is the stuff of fairytales. Well, except for geese. The geese probably wouldn’t enjoy this fairytale. However, for the fans of the Martinigansl tradition, you’ll get the full Austrian experience, here. And part of that experience is the biggest and best serve of goose we’ve ever had. The sauce drizzled over the generous portion of dumplings and goose is the solo singer to this band (wait… does this metaphor work?). And the goose, well, this succulent beauty is the big band backing this solo singer up! (we’re still not sure if this metaphor works but we’re going with it).
Like all of these hyper-Austrian places, a calm charm and homeyness belongs to its interior. It particularly looks idyllic at night when the warm lights from the inside can be seen through fogged up windows from the outside, and the cabin sits against a backdrop of the dark woods.

Seriously, you may have to invest a lot of effort to get here, but it is certainly one of those Austrian experiences that make you fall in love with this country and its stubborn clinging to traditions.

Website: steirerstoeckl.at

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