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Cheap Eats in Vienna #1

January 19, 2015

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Cheap Eats
in Vienna #1

January 19, 2015

Vienna Würstelstand's says

Struggling, poor student, or artist on a budget? Just looked in the fridge to find nothing there, and it’s the same situation when you open your wallet or purse? This is the first list of our ‘Cheap Eats’ series – places around Vienna to eat tasty food, for cheap…

Colosseum – Cheap Eats #1

Where: Nußdorfer Straße 4, 1090 

Opening times
MON–FRI: 8am–7pm
SAT: 8am–3pm
SUN: closed
Smoking, Cash only, No WIFI, Take-away and delivery

This old-timer is one of our most valuable discoveries yet. Like a preserved artifact (along with most of it’s grey-haired clientele) this classic Viennese bistro/canteen style eatery serves up one of the cheapest, and most delicious schnitzels in town. Not only that, yet the small Brötchen mit Aufstrichen (small bread slices with spread) and their various toppings all hover below the 2€ mark. And look damn yummy. The atmosphere in this place is genuinely (hipster-free) retro. You can park your ass down on one of those famous Viennese wooden thrones, a Thonet, and feel as if you’re back in the roaring (slight exaggeration) 20s. And would you believe that it was once a theater? It’s not a far from the main University campus (Just a short trip up with the 37, 38, or 42 tram).

Cheapest eat? Brötchen with topping: from 1.50–3€

Other cheap eats we recommend
Berner Würstel mit Pommes = 6.80€
Schweinsschnitzel gebacken mit Salat = 7.10€
Cordon Bleu (von Schwein) mit Salat = 7.40€
Frittatensuppe = 2.40€
Daily lunch menu = 6.20€

Atmosphere: (for its unique elderly Viennese flavour)
Service: (speak a Viennese dialect and the service will be even friendlier)
Full factor:
Food: (Kartoffelsalat was da’ bomb)


Café Merkur – Cheap Eats #1

Where: Florianigasse 18, 1080 

Opening times
Daily: 9am–1am
Non-smoking/smoking, Cash only, Wifi No, take-away or delivery

You’ll find students hanging around here at all times of the day. This place boasts one of the cheapest breakfasts in town (4–5€), and serves up portions fit for a king (or a hippo with a eating disorder) for reasonable prices. From their Syrian take on a sandwich (fresh Arabic flatbread with different fillings priced between 3€ and 4€) to their vast range of Palatschinken (crepes sweet and savoury, priced from 2–5€ depending on the serve), Café Merkur is perfect for a hearty meal for cheap.
Its kitchen reaches from Latin America (chili co carne), to Europa (Schnitzel, a grill plate and – oddly – a burger called bob for 6.80€), to Asia and the Orient. But we highly recommend sticking with the choices that come out of the Orient, especially the Arabian plate (tasty hummus, falafel, olives, Baba ghanoush, tzatziki, with fresh Arabic flat bread – all for 7.50€), or the Syrian speciality, Maklube (meat, rice, and fried vegetables for 7.50€).
Most dishes here hover between the 5–8€ mark. It has the feel of a student’s living room transplanted into a old Austrian Gasthaus, with its couches in the smoking area and plants all over the place. The plastic laminated menus will also make you feel comfortable enough to wipe your mouth on your sleeve.

For Breakfast, we recommend … The Greek (4.20€) or the Arabian (4.30€) breakfast. It’s served between 9am–12pm on weekdays and 9am–5pm on the weekend. This makes it a good hangover spot on the weekend when you’ve spent all your money the night before on vodka.

Plus: a decent coffee will only cost you 2.50€ (Melange)
They also … have a cheap daily menu for 5.50€. Check here for what’s being served up on different days of the week!

Cheapest Eat? Palatschinken (1 piece) for 2.80€

Other cheap eats we recommend
Lachs (salmon) Syrian Flatbread: 3.90€
Griechischer Bauernsalat (Greek farmer’s salad): 5.50€

Full factor:


Tofu und Chili – Cheap Eats #1

Where: Linke Wienzeile 18, 1060 

Opening times
MON–SAT: 11:30am–10pm
SUN: Closed
No-smoking, Cash only, No wifi, Take-away (no delivery)

Right next to the more expensive and exclusive venues of Vienna’s Naschmarkt, you will find this tiny and inconspicuous Asian Restaurant. Not looking very posh or fancy, it might throw you off at first, but it will surely surprise you once you’ve stepped inside. The portions are huge, the prices are low. The food is tasty and of high quality. Soup and rice are included, you can taste that everything is freshly made. Tofu und Chili is a good quality Asian restaurant that doesn’t try to put up a trendy front to make up for a lack in taste. The atmosphere is very homey – you almost feel like being somewhere in China. Nobody will look at you funny if you stick to tap water and they’ll put up an extra chair to fill up that last tiny bit of space for you.

Special: they have great Ramen – the noodles are always fresh and homemade
Plus: you won’t find any glutamate in your food!

Cheapest Eat: Miso Soup = 2.50€

Lunch Menu
Vegetarian Wok Box (plus salad or rice) = 4,50€
Maylay Chicken Wok Box (plus salad or rice) = 4,80€
Duck Wok Box (plus salad or rice) = 5,00€

Dinner for three
3 soups, rice, mango duck, noodles with lamb meat, beef tandoori, 3 big beers and 1/4 white wine = 30,50€

Full factor:

Der Wiener Deewan – Cheap Eats #1

Where: Liechtensteinstraße 10, 1090 

Opening times
MON–SAT: 11am–11pm
SUN: closed

No-smoking, Cash only, Wifi Take-away (no delivery)

You gotta love the Wiener Deewan – we know we do. The concept behind it is so simple, it makes us smile. They offer a buffet with five heavenly curries (three of them vegan, two of them with meat), rice, naan-bread, salad, various sauces and a desert, and at the end have the customers decide for themselves how much they’re willing to pay.
„All you can eat – pay as you wish“ is one of the slogans in this three-floored restaurant located in the 9th district near the main University. It’s nearly always buzzing with a young international crowd. For a more relaxed time, you might hit it in the evening. And the secret behind it’s success? „When you cook with heart and love, people will feel like home“ Afzaal Deewan tells us with a smile.
Should the desert of the day be Suji Halwa (a sweet rice pudding with almonds), you are one lucky son of a … water buffalo. We are still dreaming about it … and are delighted to have found the recipe for it on their homepage. And if you enjoy the food as much as we do, be fair and show it in how much you pay.

Atmosphere: (check out the wall in the 1st floor and be sure to leave your print on it – you’ll know what we mean)
Service: (it is a buffet, but you will get a water carafe within seconds of sitting down)
Full factor: My dear, that is entirely up to you
Food: (everything is fresh as can be and the curries change various times a day)


Maschu Maschu – Cheap Eats #1

Where: Neubaugasse 20, 1070 

Opening times
MON–SUN: 10:30am–12am
No-smoking/smoking, Cash only, Wif,i Take-away (no delivery)

Maschu Maschu (which is Hebrew for something very delicious) is all about their signature dish – Falafel. Claiming to serve the „best Falafel in town“ we are excited to try their version of the round little balls made from chickpeas. And we’re not disappointed – they are tasty, crisp and fresher than the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Maschu also serves a variety of grilled meat, and a daily lunch menu for 8.50€. The restaurant is popular, and from 12am onwards, it’s usually pretty full. But don’t worry – should you be unlucky and not get a seat straight away, there is always the possibility to have your Pita to take away. The quality of the ingredients is top notch, and you can add your choice of red chili, cilantro and mango-curry sauce provided on every table.

Cheapest Eat? The Pita Falafel or Pita Schuarma (with chicken) for 4.70€

Other Cheap Eats we recommend
Hummus and Techina with home-made Pita 6.20€
Soup of the day 3.80€

We also recommend you try… Limonana, Maschu’s special drink made from fresh mint and limes, designed to make your taste buds dance.

Atmosphere: (the interior is quite standard)
Service: (the friendliness of the waiters and waitresses may vary, but they are incredibly quick)
Full factor:
Food: (could it be that their Falafel really are the best in town?!)


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