A guide for internationals looking for a taste of home in Vienna: 18 exotic & expat food stores - Vienna Würstelstand

A guide for internationals looking for a taste of home in Vienna: 18 exotic & expat food stores

January 13, 2015

Guide to
A guide for internationals
looking for a taste of
home in Vienna:
18 exotic & expat
food stores

January 13, 2015

Vienna Würstelstand's says

We’ve traveled the city to bring you the ultimate list of where to get your exotic, ethnic, expat imported foods in Vienna. Whether you’re a homesick expat, a wordly adventurous cook, or you’re looking for those hard-to-find ingredients – look below for where to find what your tastebuds are looking for.

Here are 18 stores in Vienna that stock exotic, ethno or expat foods:

Prosi Exotic Supermarket – Expat food stores

Where: Wimbergergasse 5, 1070 

Opening times
MON–SAT: 9am–8pm
SUN: closed

Food from: Africa, America, Latin America, Asia

This is Vienna’s mother of all supermarkets. Set in the ethnic diverse area of the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th district along the Gürtel, one see the whole world going through the checkout here – this is what makes it such a special place. Sometimes we just come here just to hear so many different languages in the one place. We’d say this place stocks the most extensive range of foods from faraway lands – from beer, beans, salsas to curries, African plantains and herbs and spices from around the world. While you can find cheaper places elsewhere, the selection here can’t be beat.

They also have… fresh Asian vegetables, an Indian bistro attached, hard to find ingredients.
We also like… their late opening hours and striking up a conversation with people from all around the world while buying our coconut milk.

Price guide
Cheapest packet of rice noodles = €0.99 / 1kg
Soy sauce = €7.99 / 1l
Green curry paste = €2.39 / 400g
Basmati rice = €4.99 / 2kg
Peanut butter = €5.99 / 1kg
Box of Chana Masala curry spices = €1.09
Jar of ready made curry sauce = €2.20

Website: www.prosisupermarket.com

La Salvia – Expat food stores

Where: Schellhammergasse, 1160 

Opening times
TUE–THU: 4pm–10pm
FRI: 10am–10pm
SAT: 9am–3pm
SUN–MON: closed

Food from: the Italian, Slovenian and Croatian peninsula of Istria

Here your tastebuds can take a holiday to the Adriatic sea’s largest peninsula, Istria, shared by Italy, Croatia and Slovanien. The focus in this little blue and green delicatessen in Yppenplatz is Slovenian and Italian good food and good wine, with grappa reportedly being their bestseller. A cabinet of glorious sausage and cheese will be the first thing that you notice as you walk in alongwith the cheeky grin from the guy behind the counter that can also only be produced by the Mediterranean.

Price guide
Cheapest (but quality) Grappa = €26.00
Biscotti = €3.40
Packet of fresh pasta = €3.80

Website: www.lasalvia.at

Gewürzstand #105 am Brunnenmarkt – Expat food stores

Where: Brunnenmarkt, Brunnengasse, 1160 

Opening times
MON–FRI: 6am–6:30pm
SAT: 6am–2pm

Food from: Herbs and spices from Asia, Africa and the Middle East

This is one of the best places to buy your exotic herbs and spices, with the largest range that we know of and some of the cheapest prices we could find. And a smile from the friendly owner, and self-proclaimed ‘Gentleman of Gewürz,’ Mehmet Senf from Turkey, will also add some spice to your day.

They also have… Turkish coffee and cheap ginger (0.99c/kg)
We recommend… turning up an hour before the market closes on a Saturday when most fruit and vegetable drops to €0.20/kg.

Max Asia – Expat food stores

Where: Kleine Stadtgutgasse 12/1, 1020 

Opening times
MON–SAT: 9am–7:30pm

Food from: Asia and Africa, in particular India

The owner of Max Asia, Mike from Mumbai, has been around selling the taste of Asia and Africa in Vienna since 1991 and you’ll find some of the most reasonable prices for imported goods in his little shop near Praterstern. He turned up in Austria during the boom on the country after Eastern Europe opened its doors. Don’t let looks deceive you – the little shop may look small and insignificant, however the selection here on the staples of Asian cooking is vast. Enough beans and lentils to fill a swimming pool, various grades and types of rice and noodles and all the cooking utensils you’d need for your Asian or African cooking adventure. Note: there is more Asian foods here than African.

This shop’s rarities include… Nigerian Guinness (yes, it is different to the Irish version), Milo, Indian wine, 1l cans of the Dutch beer Faxe.

Price guide: Upon request of the owner, we will not publish the product prices, but can guarantee you – they’re very reasonable… if you know what we mean (wink, wink).

Delikatessen Smak – Expat food stores

Where: Lerchenfelder Straße 54–56, 1080 

Opening times
MON–SAT: 10am–8pm

Food from: Poland

From the outside this place looks a little empty, but inside you’ll find all the Polish favourites. And if you don’t know what they are, the friendly owners will take you on a tour of the country’s specialities – Twarog Wiejski cheese, pickled gherkin (Ogorki Kiszone) and even typical homemade Polish cake (Polskie Ciasta, szarlotka, sevnik). And yes, of course – there’s vodka.

Price guide
Twarog Wiejski = €2.50
Perla polish beer = €1.60
Zubrowski vodka = €11.90

Asia Shop – Expat food stores

Where: Burggasse 121, 1070 

Opening times
SAT: 9am–7pm
SUN–FRI: closed

Food from: Asia (in particular China)

If your looking to source ingredients from the Chinese kitchen, from dried fungus to seaweed, this is the place to look. They also stock plenty of the staple beans and lentils and have one of the largest ranges of soy sauce we came across. You’ll also find hard to find fresh Asian vegetables, including Thai basil.

Price Guide
Green tea with roasted brown rice = €2.90
Dried seaweed = €1.80
Glass noodles = €1.90
Wasabi paste = €2.40
Lychee wine = €4.50
Pearl River Bridge seaweed = €1.80

LaGrèce – Expat food stores

Where: Lerchenfelder Straße 26, 1080 

Opening times
MON–FRI: 10am–6:30pm
SAT–SUN: closed

Website: www.lagrece.at

Food from: Greece

Those distinct Greek smells of garlic and oregano will pinch you in the cheeks like a Greek Yiayia as soon as you walk in. With Greek flat bread piled high behind the counter and a cabinet full of homemade marinated olives, zucchini Kreta, and of course feta, it’s like a Greek grandma’s pantry in here. The walls are lined with shelves filled with olive oil (with a specific shelf for Bio products) and filled grape vine leaves. There’s also plenty of Ouzo on offer.

We recommend… buying a bottle of the most popular Ouzo – Ouzo of plomari (16.90)
They also… serve up a delicious souvlaki sandwich!

Price Guide
Maini black olives = €6.80 / 455g
Filled wine leaves = €3.20
Couscous Sandi = €3.90 / 1kg

Teremok – Expat food stores

Where: Burggasse 20, 1070 

Opening times
MON–FRI: 10am–7pm
SAT: 11am–6pm
SUN: closed

Website: www.teremokwien.com

Food from: Russia

A friendly family run pokey little shop off of Burggase, Teremok is the place to seek out your staples in the Russian kitchen. Upon asking Nathalie, the owner, what that may be, she responds – caviar, fish and vodka. “But don’t think that all Russians are just alcoholics.” She dosen’t have to worry about that – they’re just as passionate about their food as they are their drink. They also have a freezer full of the Russian equivalent of Tortellini – Pelmeni.

They also have… some Russian kids book, a Russian bookstore next door and Russian ice cream!

Price guide
Salmon red caviar = €18 / 200g
Black caviar = €4 / 125g
Best Russian vodka on the shelf = €35

Casa Mexico – Expat food stores

Where: Siebensterngasse 16A, 1070 

Opening times
MON–WED: 10:30am–1:30pm & 2pm–7pm
THU–FRI: 10:30am–7:30pm
SAT: 10am–6pm
SUN: closed

Website: www.casamexico.at

Food from: Central and South America

With its stark white front and the piniahtas hanging from the ceiling, you’ll feel an uncontrollable urge to Fiesta when entering Casa Mexico. Not to mention the wall of rums on your left and the tequila on your right. This place is your headquaters for all things Latin American. Seeing that it is the only supplier of goods from the latin American continent to Vienna, if that particular salsa you’re looking for is in the city, your best chance is  here. They also have an online store.

Price guide
Dulce de leche = €9.99 / 1kg
Amand Mate = €6.23 / 1kg
Tortilla chips natural = €1.79 / 150g
Ron Barcelo aged rum = €34.73

Hu & Wu Asia Markt – Expat food stores

Where: Rechte Wienzeile 47, 1050 

Opening times
MON–SAT: 8:30am–7pm

Food from: Asia, in particular South East Asia, China, and India

There’s a whole heap of Asia supermarkets along the rechte Wienzeile, but from our research we found Asiat o have the cheapest prices and the widest selection. However, the nearby Lili Markt (29 Rechte Wienzeile) is also just as big and with similar reasonable prices. The part owner, Hu, told us that they have 4 other stores over in Budapest, Hungary which would indicate they know their stuff. They stock a sizeable selection of fresh Asian vegetables and have stacks of cooking utensils that you’d typically find in the Asian kitchen.

They also have… all the ingredients and utensils you need to make your own sushi and pretty little tins of Chinese tea straight from the Hong Kong market.

Price guide
Prawn crackers = €1
Pearl River soy sauce = €1.60
A tub of curry paste (cock brand) = €2.40 / 400g
Super hot chili sauce = €4.50
Glass noodles = €1.50 / 400g
TRS Spice range = €1.20

Bobby’s Foodstore – Expat food stores

Where: Schleifmühlgasse 8, 1040 

Opening times
MON–FRI: 10am–6:30pm
SAT: 10am–6pm
SUN: closed

Website: www.bobbys.at

Food from: UK, America, Australia

We have no bloody idea who Bobby is but we know that he’s the guy to go to if you’re a homesick Brit or American. Here American’s can get there fill of soda pop from home, Hersheys bars and plenty of other kinds of choclates imported from the US. Meanwhile, there’s pork pies and crumpets in the fridge and Cadbury chocolate and baked beans on the shelf for the Brits.

They also have… Vegemite for the Australians, and the brave (or god damn mad) amongst us

Price guide
Wilkins and sons marmalade = €3.90–4.20
Hershey’s chocolate bar = €1.40 / 40g
Branston pickles = €3.70
Crumpets = €2.50
Walkers shortbread = €2.90 / 150g

Güvenir – Expat food stores

Where: Löwengasse 55, 1030 

Opening times
MON–FRI: 7:30am–7:30pm
SAT: 7am–7pm
SUN: closed

Website: www.facebook.com/guvenir.at

Food from: Turkey (Halal)

This very friendly neighbourhood supermarket in the third district is not only a great source for your Turkish goods and other staples from the Arab kitchen, but also a welcome alternative to the impersonal and sterile big supermarket chains. While stocking also the typical foods you’d find in Billa or Spar, they also stock most goods catering for Vienna’s large Turkish population. And we all know how delicious the Turkish is! There’s also a butcher attached offering halal standard meats and poultry. It’s also a convenient option if you live within the inner districts, considering most Turkish supermarkets are located in the outer districts.

We recommend… you try the homemade hummus and baklava – yummy!

Price guide
Yayla white cheese = €5.99  / 1kg
Can of Turkish black olives = €4–5.50
Dried Dates = €4.79 / 655g
Dried figs = €2.79 / 250g

Other Turkish supermarkets we recommend
Aycan Supermarket: Turkish bakery and supermarket. Address: Ennsgasse 18, 1020
Etsa: Halal Butcher and supermarket Address: Laxenburgerstrasse 365, 1230
DOGA: Turkish bakery (highly recommended), small grocery store. Address: Allerheiligenplatz 6/7, 1200
Hürpas Supermarkt: Turkish supermarket (one of the cheapest we know of in amidst the Brunnenmarkt where you’ll also find a lot of options for Turkish foods) Address: Brunnengasse 54-56, 1160

Kosherland – Expat food stores

Where: Kleine Sperlgasse 6, 1020 

Opening times
MON–FRI: 8am–6pm
SAT–SUN: closed

Website: www.kosherland.at

Food from: Kosher goods from Israel  and several other countries.

This family-run business has been around since 1999 and has a vast range for those looking for kosher certified goods. Well-known kosher brands are on offer, while they also stock the right tools for the Jewish kitchen. Kosher wines from USA, Paris etc. are also on offer.  They also import fresh deli-goods from GB and Belgium weekly and can order in fresh baked goods and cakes from selected bakeries in London (Parkways, Renbake) and Antverp (Kleinblatt).

We also like… the international atmosphere here. The staff speak several languages including Russian, German, English, and of course, Hebrew.

Other Kosher supermarkets we recommend
Hadar: Just around the corner is this well stocked kosher grocery store next to the second district’s Karmelitermarkt. Address: Krummbaumgasse 12, 1020

Julius Meinl am Graben – Expat food stores

Where: Graben 19, 1010 

Opening times
MON–FRI: 8am–7:30am
SAT: 9am–6pm
SUN: closed

Website: www.meinlamgraben.at

Food from: Asia, Africa, Europe, UK, America, and pretty much anywhere else in the world you can think of

If you’ve lived in Vienna for any length of time, you would have heard the name Julius Meinl once or twice. It once was one of the largest supermarket chains in the country, but now the lone survivor sits at the head of the table of the first district’s shopping avenue, the Graben. This place is a rich person’s bazaar. With three levels full of shelves stocking food from all over the world, while pricey, this place is an experience to browse around in. We love walking around here, especially around Christmas or Easter, which has become somewhat a ritual for us. It’s an institution of fine food with the world’s kitchen inside.

They also have… a mighty big wine and spirits selection

Price guide
David Rio Chai power chai = €14.49
Pastificio Caponi pasta = €15.79
Colman’s Mustard Powder = €3.99

Un Jour En France – Expat food stores

Where: Westbahnstraße 9, 1070 

Opening times
WED–FRI: 10am–7pm
SAT: 10am–6pm

Website: www.unjourenfrance.at

Food From: France

If everybody lived like the Spanish and ate like the French, there would be no war. We’re sure of it. You can start with one half of that lifestyle at this little French delicatessen in the seventh district. The owner, David, is the go-to man for many seeking a French food or wine fix. Amongst the goods on its shelves are the brave food inventions that only the French dare to create – black olive and ginger jam, Crème de Salidou (caramel and salted butter paste). There’s also the staple favourites like traditional herbs from the province, mustards, confits, teas, sweets and a vast range of flavoured syrups. Hard-to-get French aperitifs, beers and spirits are also available. And of course, there’s wine.

Other French delicatessens we recommend:

Selection Neubauer, Address: Porzellangasse 50, 1090

Lakkana – Expat food stores

Where: Lerchenfelder Straße 49, 1070

Opening times
MON–SAT: 10:30am-9pm
SUN: closed

Food from: Thailand, and South East Asia

For all those who like cooking and eating Thai food, let’s see those famous Thai smiles! A new Thai eatery/ food store has opened on Lerchenfelder Straße recently. The store has a huge range of the staple ingredients of the Thai kitchen, while the eatery at the front of the store is serving up all the favourites of the country’s cuisine (including some very tasty curries), at very affordable prices. The atmosphere isn’t much, but the friendly faces of the staff working there will make this one of your new favourite spots for a Thai fix.

Website: www.facebook.com/LakkanaThaiStore

Snack Shop – Expat food stores

Where: Otto Bauer Gasse 23, 1060Liechtensteinstrasse 25, 1090

Opening times:
MON–FRI: 10am–7pm
SAT: 10am–6pm

If you only sourced the contents of your diet from here, you’d live on such a sugar rush, that you’d never need to sleep ever again! Buuuut, it’s probably not a good idea. Ahhh, a store dedicated to snacks. What a glorious thing! And there’s not one, but two in the city. Snacks galore fill the shelves, with all the favourites in the mix. There is a few kind of British and US cereal on offer, but with their sugar content, we think we can throw them into the junk food category as well. If you’re looking for brands such as Cadburys, Reese, Wonka nerds, pop tarts, cheetos etc. (the list could go on forever) than this is you sugar hit dealer.

Website: www.facebook.com/SnackShop1

Little Bobby’s takeaway – Expat food stores

Where: Mariahilferstraße 121a, 1070

Opening times:
MON–SAT: 9am–7pm
SUN: Closed

Food from: UK, USA

This little store is jam-packed with British goodies, from sweets to chips, Teas, cereals and crumpets. They are even selling hot pies and pasties to takeaway, along with a decent club sandwich. There’s a selection of drinks from the British isles, including Whiskeys and PIMMS. Meanwhile, they’ve got most of the beloved chocolates, sweets and soda pop that are craved when US expats are missing home.

Website: www.facebook.com/Little-Bobbys-Takeaway-395265764158658/

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