8 NEW restaurants & cafes in Vienna you need to try in September

8 NEW restaurants & cafes in Vienna you need to try in September

September 2, 2019

Guide to
8 NEW restaurants &
cafes in Vienna you
need to try in September

September 2, 2019

Vienna Würstelstand's says

So yeah, summer’s over–So what! While you were away on an island somewhere, a bunch of new exciting food and drink spots opened up! The wining and dining scene in this city just keeps getting better!

Here are 8 awesome new spots that have just opened up in Vienna:

© header image courtesy of Ribelli

Ribelli – new in Vienna

Where: Lerchenfelderstraße 1-3, 1070

Opening times
DAILY: 12pm–11pm

Opening up in the hip hotel known as 25Hours is a new restaurant with its roots in Sicily, Italy. Ribelli they’re calling it and according to their Facebook page, it’s a revolution to the typical Italian kitchen. What they mean by this, we’re guessing, is that at Ribelli they’re offering a whole different take on what you normally find in Italian restaurants around town.

The interior will have you staring, and the dishes (especially their Neapolitan pizza) will have you moaning. Official opening is this coming Friday, 6 September.

Website: www.facebook.com/RIBELLI.Wien/

© Photo courtesy of Ribelli Wien

Fischerie – new in Vienna

Where: Praterstraße 49, 1020

Opening times
MON: closed
TUE–FRI: 10am–7pm
SAT: 9am–3pm
SUN: closed

Fish ahoy! Fischerie is a joint serving up fresh freshwater fish from Austrian lakes (gosh, what a tongue twister, ey?). Their focus here is a simple as that – fish, fish and more regionally sourced and sustainably caught fish.

Every week, they’ve got a special theme going on, eg. ‘fish on bread’ or they serve up fish dishes including fish from a particular region of Austria. Each day also sees one specific dish served up between lunch hours.

Website: www.fischerie.at

© Photo courtesy of the Fischerie

CouCou – new in Vienna

Where: Hollandstraße 10, 1020

Opening times
MON–FRI: 8am–6pm
SAT: 9am–4.30pm
SUN: closed

CouCou is everything your French heart desires, from freshly-baked, flaky croissants, to delicious quiches, a quality beef tartare and an extensive variety of tartes and tartelettes.

They’re calling it a Bistro slash Brasserie and its interior is of the calming kind, with a good dose of effortless French style.

If you’re a Francophile, CouCou is worth visiting.

Plus: breakfast is happening on Saturdays, all day long

Website: facebook.com/CouCou

© photo courtesy of CouCou

Spazio Coffee&Waffle – new in Vienna

Where: Neubaugasse 48-50, 1070

Opening times
MON: closed
TUE–SAT: 9.30am–9pm
SUN: 10am–8pm

This new place looks nothing like your typical mediterranean restaurant. From pink chairs, to golden lamps, a palm wallpaper that spreads through an entire wall and their mirror wall that lets the room appear larger and brighter than your future (just kidding). Food–wise on the other hand, this place leaves you already dreaming and planning your next holiday in Greece, Italy, or Isreal.

Plus: Catering Service possible for all your office parties planned

Website: cafe-restaurant-spazio.eatbu.com/

© photo courtesy of Spazio Coffee&Waffle

Pumpui – new in Vienna

Where: Obere Weißgerberstraße 16, 1030

Opening times
MON–FRI: 11.30am–9.30pm
SAT: 12pm–9.30pm
SUN: closed

This small and hip looking Thai place is new in town and won’t stay unnoticed for long. We have no doubt it will be packed with Thai food lovers soon enough. Their papaya salad is supposedly super sour and spicy, and full of flavour, like the rest of their menu. Apparently if spice is your thing, you won’t regret paying Pumpui a visit.

Their menu is reportedly short, but full of tasty dishes straight off the streets of Thailand, like the fish dish pictured above, Pad Karpow.

Website: www.pumpui.at

Nguyen 1020 – new in Vienna

Where: Große Pfarrgasse 5, 1020

Opening times
MON: closed
TUE–SAT: 11.30am – 3pm
SUN: 12pm – 8pm

Not far away from Karmelitermarkt, you can find the third and newest member of the Vietnamese cuisine eateries from the Nguyen family. If you’re wondering who this family is, they’re the ones behind what’s hailed by many as the best Vietnamese restaurant in the city, Viet Thao.

Serving up traditional Vietnamese dishes and drinks, like the Papaya salad, the Wantan–soup, and of course, the classic Vietnamese soup, Pho (they Nguyen family is famous for their Pho!).

If you decide to turn up on a Sunday, you are literally in for a Vietnamese treat: there are no menu orders! You’re just simply served dishes that the chef decides on from a menu that is authentically Vietnamese, just like in Vietnam.

Website: www.facebook.com/Nguyens

© Photo courtesy of Nguyen’s

Kikko bä – new in Vienna

Where: Schleifmühlgasse 8, 1040

Opening times
MON: closed
TUE–SAT: 5pm–12am
SUN: closed

This small and cosy Japanese fusion tapas bar in the fourth district is a pop up set up by people behind Mochi. It’s serving only eight different Japanese inspired tapas, and stellar list of wines (and one brilliant cider).

The dishes on their menu change regularly but the constants that remain – they’re always inventive, always a creative twist on the Japanese kitchen, and always a new flavour experience.

You should defo’ check out this unique place before they close it down at the end of the year. 

Plus: no reservations possible

Good to know… they have a nice al fresco garden out front

Website: www.kikko.at

Wiener Würstelstand – new in Vienna 2019

Where: Pfeilgasse/Ecke Strozzigasse, 1080

Opening times:
TUE–WED: 11:30am–12am
THU–FRI: 11:30am–4am
SAT: 5pm–4am
SUN & MON: closed

Believe it or not, a new Würstelstand has opened up in Vienna. We’re calling this brave as they’re doing so in an age when Vienna’s beloved sausage stands are closing down due to the raft of other fast food options popping up. But this Würstelstand is special. Well, we think it is. The owner is a super friendly fellow like every local sausage guy should be, and they’re doing a kind of gourmet version of the Würstelstand. All of their sausages are filled with meat sourced regionally and all made by small producers. All the info you need about where your sausage originated is in the menu. Plus, they have some quality beers on the menu, too.

Website: instagram.com/wienerwuerstelstand/

© photo courtesy of Wiener Würstelstand

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