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6 of Vienna’s best tapas bars where to get some Spanish summer vibes

June 26, 2019

Guide to
6 of Vienna’s best
tapas bars where
to get some Spanish
summer vibes

June 26, 2019

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From classic traditional Spanish tapas, to fun new takes of the bite-sized food made for sharing in amongst heated discussions, wine and lots of laughter – we’ve compiled a list of our 6 favourite tapas bars & restaurants in Vienna.

Puerta Del Sol – Best Tapas

Where: Lange Gasse 52, 1080 

Opening times
MON–SAT: 6pm–12am
SUN: closed

One could dream oneself quite easily into a tavern in the south of Spain at the tapas bar in Vienna’s 8th district, Puerta Del Sol. And the tapas they serve up in small ceramic dishes are just as authentic (and delicious) in taste as the look of the place. This may explain why it’s often full here.

All tapas here are prepared freshly in the kitchen. We order the popular Chorizo al Vino Tinto, along with a whole lot of other tapas frías and tapas calientes. Before we know it, we can’t see the table anymore beneath the army of dishes: Patatas Bravas (boasting a mildly spicy, highly tasty red sauce), creamy garlic chicken, the grilled marinated pork skewers, and a few empanadas which take me back to our clumsy Tango lessons in Argentina with the instructor we fantasised about pulling our hair and yelling our name.

The tapas selection is vast (vegetarian options included), and uniquely includes a range of dishes from all over Spain. Find out more in our full review about Puerta Del Sol.

They also have… a very impressive wine list which boasts wines from all over Spain.

Tapas price guide: range from 2–6 €

Wifi available
Card acceptance

Website: www.tapas-bar.at

Der Fuchs und die Trauben – Best Tapas

Where: Kandlgasse 16, 1070 

Opening times
MON–WED: 5pm–12am
THU–SAT: 5pm–1am
SUN: closed

We’re straying from the strictly Spanish tapas here. Here, a diverse range of tapas can be shared around large wooden tables in the middle of the restaurant, which seem to inspire togetherness and familial dining. The place not only has a stellar chef in the kitchen – Ken Reitermayer who has worked at a raft of fancy restaurants – but also boasts a handsome look about the place, styled with a mix of Moroccan-style tiles, wooden chairs and industrial lamps.

In terms of tapas, we order the following: gyoza, croquettas, pinchitos (pork kebab), manchego with a fig and brandy chutney, polpette (meatballs in a spicy marinara sauce) and zigarette boerek(pastry rolled with sheep cheese and caramelized onions). The gyoza and croquettas are our favourite, but everything is delicious. If you wanna find out more about this awesome place, read our full review on Der Fuchs und die Trauben.

You can not leave until you’ve tried… one of the pastries on the desert menu. Pastries are just one of Ken’s specialties.

They also serve up… different kinds of sandwiches and burgers.

Tapas price guide: range from 3–6 €

Wifi available
Card acceptance

Website: www.derfuchsunddietrauben.com

Biscaya – Best Tapas

Where: Bandgasse 31, 1070 

Opening times
TUE–SAT: 5pm–12:30am
SUN–MON: closed

Looking for the perfect food to complement a day spent in the sun at the Alte Donau, we stumble into the cosy shadowy Schanigarten of the Neubau district’s tapas bar, Biscaya. After ordering drinks, we check out the interior: it’s sexy and elegant but not to an extent where it’s becoming unsettling. We could easily imagine the place stacked with groups of friends, celebrating life over dozens of tiny dishes and gallons of red wine and sherry.

We ordered a small collection of cold and hot tapas and some bread with garlic dip. The latter came first and before we could finish the second slice, the tapas arrived. Well, as is typical with tapas, there were those that were alright (anything sea-foody) and there were absolute highlights (fried cheese stuffed dried plums wrapped in Serrano ham!). It all tasted light and fresh and we went out carefree and satisfied and can’t wait to return another time.

They also have… a selection of Spanish wines and sherrys
We recommend… sitting outside in the Schanigarten.

Tapas price guide: range from 2–5 €

Card acceptance

Website: www.biscaya.at

Pizzeria da Filippo – Best Tapas

Where: Richard-Wagner-Platz 17, 1160 

Opening times
MON–SAT: 11am–12am
SUN: 5pm–12am

He pulls on our ear in a playful way. We giggle. We’ve just met Filippo, owner for the last 25 years of Pizzeria da Filippo. Now, if you’re scratching your head wondering why we’ve included an Italian pizzeria in a list of tapas places, you’re enthusiastic head scratching is not misplaced. We were also confused when our Spanish friend announced as we approached the arched entrance, ‘this is the place’, while claiming that we had arrived at one of the best spots for Spanish tapas in the city. But once the table was covered in our selection of tapas (you’ll find them under the Vorspeisen/starters section in the menu) we were giggling again.

Within a typical setting you’d see in Spain – a white walled, massive courtyard, filled with big groups of people, floored with gravel, red and white table clothes – is like another world which one could easily walk by everyday along Thaliastrasse, without knowing it exists.

The servings here are big, so don’t be turned off by the prices attached to the tapas. The Pulpo a la Feira (octopus marinated in oil and parika) we order is tender while the fish soup is the best we’ve ever tasted in this city. The Salpicon de Mejillones(muscles in a lemon marinade) and the croquettes deserve a hearty ‘Ole!’. Every dish they put down on our table makes me grateful for having been introduced to this Spanish secret. This is the most authentic tapas we’ve had in Vienna, full of flavor … and garlic.

Oh, and it has the Italian theme because Fillipo opened the place 25 years ago when Italian restaurants were popular and familiar to the shy Viennese diners, so you could say it was a marketing decision. However, over the last 10 years, Filippo has integrated the kitchen of his homeland, Spain, which has earned the place its reputation amongst those who know of it.

They also serve up… some of the best, and most reasonably priced, seafood in the city.

We recommend… having a serve of the rosemary and garlic bread.

Tapas price guide: range from 6–10€ (but don’t forget: servings are huge. Four different kinds of tapas was enough for a crowd of four)

Card acceptance

Website: www.pizzeriadafilippo.at

Lola – Best Tapas

Where: Gonzagagasse 14, 1010 

Opening times
MON–FRI: 5:30pm–11pm
SAT & SUN: closed

We are in love and we want to shout it from the rooftops. Her name is Lola, she is a Spanish beauty and she serves up some of the best tapas we’ve ever tasted. We’re talking about one of our newest discoveries, a small tapas bar that stole our hearts as soon as we walked in – the turquoise interior makes us feel like wandering the streets of Seville and the lovely waitress, Remi, has us smiling from ear to ear as soon as she starts talking to us in that typical Spanish lisp.

But what really gets our hearts pounding is the food. It’s so damn delicious, we don’t even know where to start: The toast with marinated salmon, herb cheese and avocado (devoured by someone who usually doesn’t like salmon), the little tower of eggplant, goat cheese and a chocolate-balsamic vinegar reduction, the king prawns in tempura and a passionfruit-mayonnaise sauce (that we want to fill our bathtub with). We’ll be daydreaming about those heavenly creations with saliva dripping from our mouths for the next few weeks.

We recommend… you visit the bar by night, taking a bunch of friends with you to share as many tapas as possible and listen to live music. The portions are quite big, so one or two per person are easily enough.

We like… how here, speaking Spanish (or English), almost becomes a necessity in the middle of Vienna as the six people working there are true Spaniards. Remi also told us how she hardly gets to practice her German since 90% of the customers either speak Spanish or are eager to try it. Way to go, people of Vienna!

Tapas price guide: ranges between 5–9 €

Wifi available
Card acceptance

Website: www.lolatapas.at

Toma tu Tiempo – Best Tapas

Where: Zieglergasse 44, 1070

Opening times:
MON: 5:30pm–11pm
TUE–WED: 12pm–11pm
THU–FRI: 12pm–12am
SAT: 10am–12am
SUN: 11am–10pm

They do a magnificent job of whisking you off down to the coast of Spain for a couple of hours at Toma tu Tiempo. They also do tapas well – small portions, but enormous on flavour. The atmosphere this place resonates is what makes it so special – with bold tiles on the floor, weather-worn wooden doors and windows, and laidback mojo – while they have some simply tasty simple tapas on their menu. Take the marinated chorizo with the green peppers or the Gambas al ajillo (aka. garlic prawns) – like we said: simple pleasures. You can make up a nice spread of meats, cheeses, pickled fish, and olives from their cold tapas, or you can indulge in the warm stuff. If you’re feeling adventurous, or too lazy to make decisions yourself, you can ask for the random chef’s mix, which will be comprised of his recommendations of the day. Oh, and the Patatas Bravas con tres salsas comes with 3 flavoursome sauces (worth mentioning).

Good to know… throughout the day, they also serve up a daily dish

Also good to know… In summer, the outdoor tables and chairs buried into a little nook on Zieglergasse provides ideal sip-and-nibble perches to down good Spanish wine and enjoy the people watching and vibe of the place.

Price range: ranges between 3.90–5€

Wifi available
Card acceptance

Website: www.tomatutiempo.at

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