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5 insanely extravagant ice cream creations in Vienna

May 14, 2018

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5 insanely extravagant
ice cream creations
in Vienna

May 14, 2018

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Along our ice cream travels in this city (which seems never ending with the ridiculous number of ‘Eissalons’ in this city) we’ve come across some places doing some next level sh** when it comes to ice cream. We’re not talking the crazy flavours that are being made out there, but rather the places taking ice cream from the cone and making it into a meal.

Here are 5 places that have taken ice cream beyond the confines of a Tüte/Stanitzl (cone) and Becher (cup) and are making some extravagant ice cream creations:

Tichy – Eismarillenknödel

Where: Reumannplatz 13, 1100 

Opening times
Daily: 10am–11pm (March–October)

Insane Ice cream creation: Eismarillenknödel

Tichy is legendary and synonymous when people talk about their favourite ice cream parlour in Vienna. And they have one magnificent creation that has brought to these lofty heights as ice cream Gods – Eis-Marillen-Knödel. These guys not only invented the famous Eismarillenknödel (an ice cream version of the Austrian apricot dumpling dish), but it also seems they invented the time machine. Their legendary ice cream creations (like Spaghetti Eis), or the simple ice cream in a cone or cup, is served by motherly waitresses in white and pink striped dresses. It all transports you to a world in which a scoop of ice cream makes everything better.

Website: www.tichy-eis.at

Veganista – The Inbetwiener

Where: Neustiftgasse 23, 1070 

Opening times
Daily: 11am–11pm (mid-February-December, closed in January)

Insane Ice cream creation: Inbetwiener

You have to get creative when making ice cream without any milk, and creative Veganista be. Veganista ensures that vegans are not left walking around without the summer ice cream smile, while the creativity when it comes to ice cream makes it also a favourite amongst the masses. At this vegan gelateria, you’ll find not just any ice cream sandwich, but the oh-so-delicious Inbetwiener. This cleverly named treat is truly an original kind of ice cream sandwich. Just take a look at some of their Inbetwiener creations – the ‘Marillenknödel’ is an almond biscuits and apricot dumpling ice cream with homemade apricot sauce at its core; the ‘Nuts about you’ consists of two peanut butter biscuits with chocolate chips and cranberries, filled with a scoop of creamy peanut butter ice cream at its heart, along with caramel sauce, AND… wait for it… it’s all rolled in salted peanuts.

Similar to the flavours of ice cream whipped at Veganista, the Inbetwiener adapts with the season, but one thing’s for sure, whatever the flavour, it will give you one hell of a sugar high. Treat yo’ self!

Veganista also has… four other locations: Margaretenstraße 51, 1050, Alserbachstraße 5, 1080Taborstraße 15, 1020Amerlingstraße 19, 1060

Website: www.veganista.at

Eissalon am Schwedenplatz – Eisspaghetti

Where: Franz-Josefs-Kai 17, 1010 

Opening times
Daily: 10am–11:15pm (March–October)

Ice cream creation: Eisspaghetti

The Molin Pradel family has owned this bonafide Italian gelateria since 1886, making it perhaps the oldest in Vienna. Silvio’s great-grandfather Arcangelo, a talented ice-cream maker who came from the Venetian Zoldo Valley to Austria in 1885, bringing with him the secrets of the traditional handmade ice-cream. The pistachio and lemons come from Sicily, and the vanilla is made with real beans. That’s a bit of a prelude to what we’re focusing on here in this article – the magnificent Eisspaghetti they serve up. Eisspaghetti is an extravagant ice cream creation that isn’t exclusive to the Eissalon am Schwedenplatz, and has probably played a happy part in most Austrian’s childhood. And, as we’re still children and therefore still order Eisspaghetti on a regular basis, we’ve concluded that this gelateria is serving up the best (we can hear your shocked gasps from here). A mountain of vanilla ice cream in the shape of worms, strawberry syrup drizzled over the top, and cream and strawberry ice cream surprising you when you get to the middle – this is the reason wars were waged in the name of sugar.

Website: www.gelato.at

Gelateria La Romana – Brioche Ice Cream Sandwich

Where: Stiftgasse 15–17, 1070

Opening times
MON–FRI: 12am–11pm
SAT–SUN: 11am–11pm

Insane ice cream creation: the Brioche ice cream sandwich

This gelateria, La Romana, has became a legend with a line out the front of its doors every summer since it opened. The sweet looking place situated on the shady Stiftgasse in Vienna’s 7th, serves up some of the most super-smooth gelato you’ll ever bury your face into. And the creamy goodness kept in traditional lidded pots behind the front counter are all made in the old time-honoured way, with no nasty stuff included. They’ve got a couple of things that make them stand out from the crowd, beginning with the dark and white chocolate that you can fill your cone up with, or drizzle over the top of your ice cream. And they don’t just stop with serving up the standard cone or cup deal, yet rather go one better and serve up a range of other ice cream creations. The ice cream brioche sandwich is their signature – a couple of Kugeln (scoops) of ice cream of your choice in a sweet brioche bun. You won’t know whether to eat it with the knife and fork provided, or pick it up and smash it down like a hamburger. This may be a global chain, nevertheless, there’s no denying the creamy smile-inducing ice cream they serve up here.

Website: gelateriaromana.com

Eissalon De Pellegrin – Heiße Liebe

Where: Westbahnstraße 7, 1070

Opening times
Daily: 10am–10pm (March–October)

Insane ice cream creation: Heiße Liebe

The Heiße Liebe ice cream cup of love is a common classic featured amongst most gelateria’s menus if they’re the type of place serving up the sit down meal kind of ice cream deals. And while many places feature it, we’ve chosen to feature the version from the veteran Italian gelateria, De Pellegrin, who are doing a fine job of it – fresh berries, warm raspberry syrup, all mixed up with their homemade ice cream – bliss. Meanwhile, the looks of De Pellegrin inspire anything but Heiße Liebe. It doesn’t look like it’s changed much since it opened in 1926, and it appears that a lot of its clientele have been regulars since then. And we love this place for all these reasons. Unhipsterised in the most hipster district in town, the old couple who run the place know how to make awesome gelato (their lemon sorbet is one-of-a-kind).

Website: www.facebook.com/Eissalon

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