4 tiny Thai eateries in Vienna serving up huge flavour in their food you have to try

4 tiny Thai eateries in Vienna serving up huge flavour in their food you have to try

March 13, 2019

Guide to
4 tiny Thai eateries
in Vienna serving up
huge flavour in their
food you have to try

March 13, 2019

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These Thai eateries may be small, but are serving up HUUUUGE flavour bombs in the traditional cuisine they’re cooking up. If you’re a lover of the Thai continent’s kitchen, you’ll be happy to know that you’ll find authentic takes on it at these small, lesser-known Vienna locations:

Sri Thai Imbiss – Tiny Thai eateries

Where: Baumgasse 18, 1030 

Opening times
MON, FRI–SAT: 6pm–9pm
TUE–THU: 12pm–3pm
SUN & public holidays: closed

Going downstairs into this small basement restaurant/take away is like falling down the Thai equivalent of Alice in Wonderland’s rabbit hole into a Bangkok street market. Between the slap in the face from the spicy fragrant smells from the open kitchen and the portraits of the Thai royal family covering the walls, it becomes quickly apparent that this place is the real deal.
This is the kind of place that’s everybody’s hidden spot and is definitely a pilgrimage for curry-lovers. All the cooking is done by Chang-Mai-born wizard of flavours, Vangprai. You’ve got to come here with patience as they cook every dish from scratch and they’re famous for their super spicy curries. Be sure to heed the warning of the baskets of chilies at the front counter – when the menu says extremely hot, what they really mean is – you’re-going-to-cry like-a-baby kind of hot. Most get their food to go here, but there are a few seats on offer in the intimate space where you’ll feel like you’ve taken a seat in somebody’s kitchen.

Price Guide
Green chicken curry: 15.90€

Website: www.sri-thai-imbiss.at

Mamamon Thai Eatery – Tasty Tiny Thai eateries

Where: Albertgasse 15, 1080 

Opening times
MON–FRI: 11:30am–9:30pm
SAT: 12pm–9:30pm
SUN: closed

You’ll know you’ve encountered some serious Thai food at Mamamon when you start having flashbacks of sitting by a street stand in Bangkok on a little plastic chair, slurping noisily at a curry.
Pian, young and Thai-born owner of the 8th district’s neighbourhood family-run Thai eatery is the personality running Mamamon, and her personality is larger than her stature. And we bet you one of their Pad Thai dishes (they’re famous for it) that her smile will get you. Mamamon is serving up some of the best home-style Thai cooking in the city.
The diverse menu lists all the favourites, including the pop star green curries of the country.

The Khao Soi curry has us fogging up the windows of the small place (it fits about 15 people – except in summer when a gorgeous garden opens up) it tastes of the pale, yellow coconut curry from the North – around the Chang Mai region and is full of flavour. The flavours are thrilling here and the spice of the original dish remains unneutered. Oh, and you’ve got to try the Papaya salad – it’s a whole lot of flavour.

Price Guide
Khao Soi curry (chicken) = 8.90 €
Pad Thai (veg) = 8.60 €
Homemade beef jerky = 4.50 €
Singha beer = 3.50 €

They also have… a good range of beer out of Asia, alongwith the Hamburg hipster favourite, Astra
We also recommend… having the homemade Thai iced tea – the taste is far beyond what you expect.

Website: www.mamamonthaikitchen.com

All Reis Bangkok Street Food – Tasty Tiny Thai eateries

Where: Schweglerstraße 12, 1150

Opening times
MON–SAT: 11am–10pm
SUN: closed

Category: street food, lunch, dinner

When All Reis opened – way out in the middle of the 15th district where few normally venture for culinary adventures – they’d have lines out the door every day of the week at dinner time. There’s good reason for this. The flavours in every dish on their menu will blow your proverbial socks off. It delivers on the street food promise serving up all the favourites that you’d find being cooked up on the streets of Bangkok. And the flavours are just as explosive as what you’d get in Thailand. For such a small place, All Reis certainly has a lot of items on its menu. Its first pages are dedicated to the different kinds of rice and noodles you can have with your dish. Highlights we’d recommend? The Tom Yum soup packs the sour, fiery punch you’re looking for when ordering it. While, if you’re looking for a quality Pad Thai, you’ve come to the right place. And the crispy duck with Thai basil is the bomb. Read our entire review of All Reis, here.

Website: www.allreis.com

Meng’s Thai Imbiss – Tiny Thai eateries

Where: Gatterederstrasse 19/4, 1230

Opening times
SUN–MON: closed
TUE–FRI: 12pm–7pm
SAT: 11am–3pm

It’s hardly well connected out in the suburbia that is the 23rd district (unless you live out here) but those that know Meng’s Thai Imbiss know that it’s worth seeking it out. As a small family operation, the opening hours are limited, which gives this place – with little atmosphere but serving up big flavours – even more of a special feel. Located next to the shopping center Atzgersdorf, the random location is part of its draw for those that love finding those insider joints. The word ‘Imbiss’ (meaning ‘take away’) in the name should be taken seriously – most get their meals to go, however, there is a few chairs and tables (and a few more out the front when the warm months come around). The highlights at Meng’s include the papaya salad, the spicy and spicy soup, Tom Yam Gung, and the mountain serve of the noodle dish, Pad Thai Gai. The curry pastes are made in house (which is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted) and the green one with beef will make for a momentous occasion in your mouth. Oh, and keep an eye out for when mango sticky rice is being served – it’s the bomb.

Price Guide
Main dishes = 8–11€
Starters = 5–8.50€

Website: www.facebook.com/pg/MengThaiImbiss/

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