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4 awesome spots offering the best bagels in Vienna

Bagels are Viennese. Yes, you’ve heard right. Rumour has it that our lovely city was the birthplace of the bagel in 1683. Nowadays, this little roll-with-a-hole is linked to North America, especially New York City. However, some local bakers and cafés want to bring back the bagel, and make it Viennese again.

Check out this fine selection of four cafés and bakers that we visited and that you should visit for a bagel, too:

Ullmann’s Zuckerbäckerei – Best Bagels

MON–FRI: 8am–7pm
SAT–SUN: 9am–6pm


New Yorker (Breakfast Bagel) = 7.80€
Filled Bagels = 5.50–6€

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Ullmann’s Zuckerbäckerei has been in business as a traditional confectionery and cake shop for 50 years now. In 2013, the family decided to adapt their concept and move to a more modern way, and thus opened a new and hip café on Walcherstraße in the second district. Held in purple, grey and white, the interior has a slight Scandinavian touch and you’ll feel welcome as soon as you enter the café.

On the menu, you’ll find a breakfast selection, daily changing lunch options, soups, salads, and our beloved bagels! If you show up in the morning, you can go for the breakfast edition of the bagel, that is a typical New York style bagel with cream cheese, avocado, eggs, salmon and cress. Or come later and take one of their filled toasted bagels with a cream cheese base and ham & cheese, salmon & mustard or grilled veggies. As a small family-owned business, Ullmann’s Zuckerbäckerei want to give other local businesses a chance as well, so they’re getting their bread from the organic bakery, Öfferl, their coffee is from Kult-Kaffee and their other ingredients are, if possible, locally sourced and organic as well.

At Ullmann’s Zuckerbäckerei, a mix of business people and families are among their daily customers, as many office blocks and residential buildings are in the neighbourhood. It gets rather crowded during lunch hours, but the café is pretty big and has a small Schanigarten, so you should be able to get a seat anyway.

We also recommend… going for one of their delicious-looking cakes! (Treat yo’self, Würstels!)


blueorange – Best Bagels

Margaretenstraße 9, 1040 & Alserbachstraße 1, 1090

MON–FRI: 7:30am–8pm
SAT: 8am–8pm
SUN: 9am–8pm

MON–FRI: 7am–9pm
SAT: 8am–9pm
SUN: 9am–9pm


Plain bagel = 2.10€ (gluten-free 2.60€)
Rote Rüben Hummus = 5.80€
Cheese-Chili Bagel = 5.40€
Bagel omelette = 8.90€

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blueorange is a true bagel haven for all bagel lovers out there. At their two locations, one in the 4th and the other in the 9th, they have a current total of 11 filled bagels, 7 bagel breakfast options and 7 different bagel buns on their menu. Instead of offering a typical New York style bagel, they adapted their bagels to the local taste. Plus, they’re offering the bagels at a very reasonable price while maintaining a very high quality with their ingredients.

The bagel buns are baked in Germany, they get their own fair trade and organic coffee roast from the local company, Kaffeerösterei Alt Wien, their veggies from Naschmarkt and eggs and dairy products from farmers they know. So regionality, fair trade and organic produce is important at blueorange. Besides bagels, they’ve also got a daily soup, filled tortillas, and various desserts (that they get from Corns n’ Pops) on their extensive menu. More than 90% of the items are vegetarian and 50% even vegan.

We also recommend… trying one of their monthly bagel specials. They’re delish!

Also good to know… that they are also offering a bagel catering service!


Joseph Brot Bagelmanufaktur – Best Bagels

MON–SAT: 8am–6pm
SUN: 8am–3pm


Bagel plain = 2.40€
Bagel with homemade cream cheese = 4.90€ (plus herbs 5.50€)
Bagel Club Veggie (hummus, rucola) = 6.30€
Bagel Wiener Beinschinken (ham by Thum) = 8.60€
Bagel Roastbeef (warm) = 10.80€
Bagel NYC Lox = 10.40€

Joseph are claiming it’s serving up the best bagels in the city. Frequented a lot by tourists but also the typical first district crowd, the location on Albertinaplatz draws in a lot of curious people – by bringing back the bagel, or rather, bringing it back to Vienna.

Coming in three different variations, there is plain sour-dough wheat, Waldstaudenroggen (rye), and Malzkorn (malt grain) bagels to choose form, each coming with, or without, black and white sesame on top. Once you’ve chosen your bagel, you can proceed to choosing your filling – salmon, ham, cream cheese, hummus or roast beef, plus whatever green stuff you want in it. If you prefer the warm and crunchy bites, you can have your bagel freshly toasted, as well. Take it to go, or stand at one of the small high tables, while observing the bakers at work around the clock. For anybody that’s experienced the New York bagel culture, this will be a long-awaited, welcome addition to Vienna’s bakery scene. Thank you, Joseph…thank you so damn much (wipe away a small tear).


1683 Handmade Bagels & Farm Coffee – Best Bagels

Daily: 8:30am–2:30pm


Bagels = 4.20–6€
Make-your-own Bagel = 6.20€

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As the name suggests, 1683 Handmade Bagels & Farm Coffee want to unite two very traditional Viennese things: coffee and bagels. At this little bagel coffee shop, they’ll serve you a round piece of history, as they get their kosher bagel from a bakery who’s baking them according to an old traditional recipe from 1683. There’s a selection of types and fillings  (chicken breast, avocado etc), and you’ll find a kosher and a vegan bagel option on the menu, too. Plus, as the name would suggest, the coffee is an artisan affair, as well.

1683 Handmade Bagels & Farm Coffee not only celebrate the bagel, but they also incorporate organic ingredients, high quality and sustainability into their concept. In the narrow, yet roomy café on Währinger Straße, you should also spend some time looking at the walls. They had a caricaturist come in and draw the story of the bagel on the walls. Educational and damn tasty! This place is incredible!

We also recommend… a cinnamon-raisin-bagel filled with chocolate cream, plus one of their homemade lemonades!

What we especially love… is the Wiener Schmäh that you’ll find there.


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