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14 of Vienna’s most beautiful hidden restaurant and café gardens to escape to in summer

July 18, 2018

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14 of Vienna's most
beautiful hidden restaurant
and cafe gardens to
escape to in summer

July 18, 2018

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Sometimes, you’ll be walking along the street in Vienna and hear the sounds of glasses and cutlery clanging, and the murmur of a crowd of people chatting, laughing and enjoying life, but you won’t be able to see where it’s coming from. Behind some seemingly normal looking buildings in Vienna are hidden restaurant and cafe gardens – this is the source of the sounds of good times. Unique to this city, these inner courtyard oases in the city provide a green, shady escape of calm in summer. And most also boast a holiday vibe.

Here are 14 idyllic hidden restaurant and café gardens to escape to this summer in Vienna:

Dots im Brunnerhof – Hidden gardens

Where: Kahlenberger Straße 1, 1190

Opening times
MON–THU: 6pm–12am
FRI: 6pm–1am
SAT: 12pm–1am
SUN: 12pm–12am

The 19th district version of the experimental sushi restaurant, Dots, is a true treat to the eye…not to mention the tastebuds. While the garden is huge, it doesn’t try to fit in as many tablkes as possible, yet rather only  houses a few tables. This means, this is one of the most peaceful and relaxed gardens in this list. With colourful lanterns strung accross the garden, and the well thought through and orginal design found at all Dots restauzrants, Dots im Brunnenhof is a special spot. The waiters are well dressed, and so is the delicious and inventive (and quite pricey) sushi. The garden is surrounded by white picket fences, including along the balcony that looks over the inner courtaryd garden below. This place is a far cry from the other take away sushi places found around town. This is sushi dining experience.

Website: dotsimbrunnerhof.format.com

Pizzeria da Filippo – Hidden gardens

Where: Richard-Wagner-Platz 17, 1160 

Opening times
MON–SAT: 11am–12am
SUN: 5pm–12am

Pizzeria da Filippo is one of the best tapas places in the city with a holiday-feeling garden out back. If you’re scratching your head wondering why a place calling itself a pizzeria, you’re enthusiastic head scratching is not misplaced. We were also confused when our Spanish friend announced as we approached the arched entrance, ‘this is the place’, while claiming that we had arrived at one of the best spots for Spanish tapas in the city.

Within a typical setting you’d see in Spain – a white walled, massive courtyard, filled with big groups of people, floored with gravel, red and white table clothes – is like another world which one could easily walk by everyday along Thaliastrasse, without knowing it exists.
The servings here are big, so don’t be turned off by the prices attached to the tapas. The Pulpo a la Feira (octopus marinated in oil and parika) we order is tender while the fish soup is the best we’ve ever tasted in this city. The Salpicon de Mejillones(muscles in a lemon marinade) and the croquettes deserve a hearty ‘Ole!’. Every dish they put down on our table makes me grateful for having been introduced to this Spanish secret. This is the most authentic tapas we’ve had in Vienna, full of flavor … and garlic.

Website: www.pizzeriadafilippo.at

Amerling Beisl – Hidden gardens

Where: Stiftgasse 8, 1070 

Opening times
Daily: 9am–2am

Kitchen: Modern Austrian with a hint of oriental influence.
Summer Garden described in a few words: intimate and hidden

An old favourite amongst the locals, the Amerling Beisl’s courtyard garden possesses a special intimate character. Tucked away off of a cobblestone street in the 7th district, once you walk through the arched entrance, your heart rate drops to a calm murmur, similar to that coming from the tables of people at this popular summer ‘beisl’ (German for ‘pub’, although this is nothing like a pub). With grape vines draped across the courtyard’s glass ceiling, most of the tables are shaded by Balinese style umbrellas, sneaking in an Asian flavour. Meanwhile, most dishes are a modern take on the typical dishes served up at an Austrian Gasthaus – Schnitzel, salads, grilled marinated meats with sides. Their breakfast is also a hit.

Website: www.amerlingbeisl.at

Hotel am Brillantengrund – Hidden gardens

Where: Bandgasse 4, 1070

Opening times
MON–FRI: 7:30am–10pm
SAT–SUN: 9am–10pm

Hiding in the retro setting of the Hotel am Brillantengrund lies some of the best Pinoy (Filipino) vegan food being cooked up this side of the equator.

In between the canary yellow walls and super sweet looking flowers of the Hotel am Brillantengrund’s courtyard, the food and beautiful setting has locals going for a holiday for a lunch break or dinner at this hipster hotel.

Good things are happening in the kitchen hidden behind the retro bar of the restaurant where vegan, gluten-free, Pinoy food is being cooked up. Yes, in the kitchen of a hotel that looks very traditionally Austrian – one already gets a kick out of the stark contrast and quirkiness of it all. It all makes sense when you’re told that a Philippino family is running the place (with the star mum of a cook doing the cooking). The breakfast is also popular here, while the drinks menu is worth coming here alone for to enjoy in the idyllic garden.

Website: www.brillantengrund.com

Gergely’s – Hidden gardens

Where: Schloßgasse 21, 1050

Opening times
TUE–SAT: 6pm–1am
SUN–MON: closed

Gergely’s could be considered an insider’s tip amongst those mad for meat in town. Hidden away down a cobblestone side street in the 5th district, some of the juiciest cuts are being sizzled up.
There are two things that we really loved about this place – besides the knife-cuts-into-it-like-butter steaks – the charming and shady garden hidden in the cobblestone courtyard out the back, and the affordable prices. Actually, this has to be one of the most fairly priced steakhouses we’ve been to in this city. They’ve got steak from cow’s of all nationalities – Argentine, Austrian, Australian – and also in all the favourite cuts. Meanwhile, the wine menu is full of the bold reds that you want to throw back with your steak.

Website: gergelys.at

Kent – Hidden gardens

Where: Brunnengasse 67, 1160

Opening times
MON–SUN: 6am–2am

This Turkish restaurant’s fame has managed to reach far beyond the community from which it grew and is now the automatic immediate answer when somebody asks, ‘what’s a good Turkish place in town?’ Their restaurant on the busy Brunnenmarkt, is their original (they now have 4) and the garden hidden out the back of it, is a hidden gem. Tables and chairs are set up all over the place on this white gravel al fresco setting, while the bare red brick wall adds an extra rustic charm to the garden. All the good things the Turkish kitchen is famous for is made with talent here – the Köfte, Kebap, the Pide, Baklava, all of it.

Website: kentrestaurant.at

Das Jetzt – Hidden gardens

Where: Parhamerplatz 16, 1170

Opening times
MON–SAT: 6pm–4am
SUN: 6pm–2am

Known as Café Jetzt or simply ‘Das Jetzt’, this location in the 17th district is one of those places that qualifies as a second living room, where you instantly feel at home. Stepping into the garden’s intriguing labyrinth of a layout, a blast of 90’s nostalgia hits us as we first spot the psychedelic silkscreen posters by Frank Kozik, allegedly the owner’s favourite artist.

The focus is definitely on the drinks and their generous prices – seriously, a Gin Tonic mixed from Nether Austrian X-Gin and Queen’s Tonic from Ottakring is only 3,90€ – what is this paradise? On the subject of drinks, the Basil Crush (4,90) is a delicious must-try.

The free, friendly atmosphere and the mutual respect between staff and guests make up a big part of Jetzt’s personality and what makes it so unique. Throw in the fact that entry is always free, including when a weekly DJ rotation that may satisfy even the most obscure of music tastes is happening. There are also singer/songwriter evenings organised by the Vienna Songwriting Circle when creative minds get together, and small concerts every once in a while – none less than Nino aus Wien has played there. It’s easy to see why people keep returning to Jetzt. And the inner courtyard garden is one of it’s major drawcords. It may be out of the way being in Hernals, but if your looking for a drinking hole to hideaway with a group of friends, this be the place.

Website: www.dasjetzt.at

Weinstube Josefstadt – Hidden gardens

Where: Piaristengasse 27, 1080

Opening times
Daily: 4pm–12am

The rare inner city Heurige, Weinstube Josefstadt, is exactly what it says on the box. And you’ll discover this upon entering this secret little hideaway in Vienna’s 8th district. That is, if you manage to find the place. It’s one of those places you could pass every day on your way to work and never notice it. Look for the lantern outside that you normally see hanging outside of this city’s Heurigen (wine taverns).
Cutting through a small walkway, the sound of the city fades behind you as you enter an unexpectedly lush garden. It’s quiet, with just a few tables occupied as we take our seats just after opening time. Ernst, the manager, ensures us that’ll change soon. He hands us a beer each, without spitting in it (this is no ordinary Heurige)
The Weinstube has an impressive selection of wines from all over Austria, but they’re proud to serve the quality Czech Kozel beer, as well.

What makes Weinstube Josefstadt unique is their extremely easy-going, laid-back approach to things. When we ask whether they’d like to expand or change things, Ernst is surprised. “Why change something that is so good?” And it’s been good since 1954 when they first opened their doors. The ‘stube’ opens every day at four sharp, and not a minute earlier. Ernst tells us they need the time to cook all their food in the morning and afternoon. All of their warm and cold dishes are freshly prepared in their kitchen every day.
By the time we leave, the garden is almost filled with people enjoying the shaded garden on a scorcher of a Viennese day. The clientele is diverse; students rubbing elbows with pensioners and a few in-the-know tourists snapping pictures. 

Good to know… a reservation is not optional. Call ahead, or reserve via their Facebook page to be in direct contact with Ernst. Tell him we sent you! 🙂

We recommend… you indulge in the warm and cold Austrian-style Heurige tapas here.

Website: www.facebook.com/WeinstubeJosefstadt

Yak & Yeti – Hidden gardens

Where: Hofmühlgasse 21, 1060 

Opening times
MON–FRI: 11:30am–2:30pm & 6pm–10:30pm
SAT: 11:30am–4pm & 6pm–10:30pm
SUN: closed

This special little Hof (courtyard) will take you to the heart of the Himalayas. The Nepali restaurant is a special place in this city where food, culture and art comes together. The Nepali character of this place goes far beyond the food. From the staff, to the furniture and decor – nearly all of it has been brought from Nepal. They have a proud emphasis on authenticity, here. We’d go as far to say this restaurant has a heart. As art collector and Yak & Yeti manager, Gurung, says: “without our roots and authenticity we would just be another restaurant in Vienna.”

Tibetan flags are draped across their peaceful green garden. The menu is full of specialities from all over Nepal, while we’ve been told we shouldn’t overlook the steamed dumplings filled with all sorts (and we can confirm – you shouldn’t either). Also rich in vegetarian options here, the vegetable and lentil dishes will bring you inner peace, while the Yak & Yeti house specialities should be dived into, tongue and tastebuds first.

Website: www.yakundyeti.at

Garten Cafe – Hidden gardens

Where: Stumpergasse 3, 1060

Opening times
MON–FRI: 9am–8pm (when the weather is nice, open until 10pm)
SAT: closed
SUN: 10am–6pm

Garten Cafe is a place like no other in Vienna, perhaps even the world, and it’s not even trying. It may also be one of the calmest places in the world. With tables and chairs set up in the grass of a shady inner courtyard, this city oasis of a cafe has an old Vienna charm that can only come naturally.
It has a homey outdoor garden with an unmistakable Austrian flair. The 6th district cafe looks rather like a little ‘Beisl’ (pub) from the outside, making the garden a true surprise when walking in.

Serving Austrian simple classics – breakfasts all day, toasts, egg dishes and pastries, the food is simple and not groundbreaking, but more like comfort food. Coming for an Iced coffee or a beer makes more sense here. This is the kind of place that makes you hope that some things never change.

Website: gartencafe.com

Restaurant Mill – Hidden gardens

Where: Millergasse 32, 1060

Opening times
MON–FRI: 4pm–11pm
TUE–THU: 11:30am–2:30pm
SAT: closed
SUN: 11am–4pm

Bulky wooden tables and bench seats scatter the Restaurant Mill’s garden. Nature is taking over this urban space, with ivy climbing all over the walls and places it shouldn’t. There’s an Asian flair in the look of this garden which is half inside, half outside. The inside part is set in old stables, turned garages, turned, well, open restaurant dining area. It looks like somebody’s shabby chic living room where plenty of laughs should be had over clinking glasses and cutlery. Mill believes in keeping things casual, while serving up cuisine that could take on any fancy restaurant in flavour and quality. Mill’s garden is booked out most nights, so be sure to give them a call and reserve before you turn up here. And don’t be surprised if they tell you that they’re booked out all week, however, this special place is worth the patience.

Website: mill32.at

Cafe Francais Stadtpark – Hidden gardens

Where: Johannesgasse 33, 1010

Opening times
TUE-THU: 11:am–12am
FRI-SAT: 11am-1pm
SUN: 10am-6pm

Kitchen: French cuisine with an international touch
Hidden garden described in a few words: dreamy and green

You might know Cafe Francais main (big!) address that has been around for a long while now at Schottentor, but you might not have heard of the idealic cafe they opened up in the greenery of Stadtpark in 2017. Nestled into a collection of trees, right off of the Wienfluss promenade, Cafe Francais Stadtpark is a (kind of) hidden away oasis for the hot days of summer. Huge sweeping trees arch over the al fresco garden, providing a lot of shade for you to sip your cool drinks or coffee under. Through the week they serve up a range of salads, soups, and healthy bowls.

Typically it’s not hard to find a seat, even on a sunny day, as it hasn’t earned that fame yet as a perfect summer spot for drinks with friends, but we have no doubt it will with time.

Wifi: yes
No card acceptance

Website: www.cafefrancais-stadtpark.com


Mi Barrio – Hidden gardens

Where: Münzwardeingasse 2, 1060

Opening times
MON-THU: 5pm–12:30pm
FRI-SAT: 3:30pm-2am
SUN: closed

Kitchen: Latin American
Summer Garden described in a few words: surprising and beautiful

A very special place for those that are in love with the cultures and colourful cuisine of Latin America in Vienna’s 6th district. The inside has the cross between a modern and rustic look about it, while hidden away out the back, they have a magnificent garden in the courtyard of an apartment block. And it’s normally alive with people dancing Samba, Tango, Salsa or some other impressive looking Latin American dance. The food here is very tasty, and some of the best Latin American cuisine (with most dishes hailing from Mexico and Peru) in the city, as it challenges the lam stereotype-looking dishes that many Mexican restaurants serve up in Vienna. We’re in love with their yam fries!

Good to know… Mi Barrio also has a concert hall where they host all kinds of events so keep an eye on their Facebook page!

Website: www.mibarrio.at

Karma Ramen – Hidden gardens

Where: Rechte Wienzeile 2A, 1050 

Opening times
MON–SAT: 11:30am–2:30pm & 6pm–10pm
SUN: closed

Kitchen: Japanese, noodle soup
Hidden garden described in a few words: urban and grungy

Karma Ramen is a spot for…well, Ramen lovers. And also those looking for a pleasant, funky garden with an urban vibe to hang out in when near the Naschmarkt. Karma Ramens garden is small, but it has something really unique about it. It’s grungy, it’s hidden, and its got a very cool vibe floating over it.

Karma Ramen is the creation of the tall, bald, bearded Russian guy named Igor, who just so happened to have a obsession for the Japanese kitchen. After realising his love for ramen back in Russia, he went over to Japan on a taste testing mission, and to learn how to cook the beloved broth and noodle dish. When others go abroad, they bring back tacky t-shirts, but Igor brought a monster of a noodle machine back with him which is used to make the ramen noodles fresh at Karma Ramen. But the ramen dishes blew us away – the crunchy texture of the veggies, the savoury and zingy taste of the soup, and the smoothness of the noodles all made for a tastebud tease. Slurping is highly encouraged, Igor tells us. “In Japan, ramen is served almost boiling hot. Slurping is the only practical way of letting the noodles cool down a bit before they enter your mouth.”

Price guide (all prices for lunch hours)
Starter of the week + ramen dish = 9.90€

Wifi: yes
No card acceptance

Website: www.karmaramen.at


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