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14 new places in Vienna to make your autumn awesome

October 24, 2017

Guide to
14 new places
in Vienna to make
your autumn awesome

October 24, 2017

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And here you were thinking with the colder weather blowing in that you’d be retreating inside to the couch with your Netflix and your slippers.

Well, there’s a whole heap of new hot places opening up in Vienna’s world of Food and drink that will Keep you busy.

Here’s 14 new places that will make your autumn in Vienna awesome:


Mundart – New in Vienna

Where: Johannesgasse 12, 1010

Opening times
TUE–THU: 4pm–2am
FRI–SAT: 4pm–4am
SUN: closed

Category: restaurant, bar, cocktails, local food, tapas

The crowd behind the famous Bettel-Alm & Bettelstudent are expanding their empire. Their new inviting bar and kitchen, Mundart, is the perfect spot for an afterwork drink and bite, or for warm-up drinks. The bar focuses on interesting interpretations of the “Highballs” (cocktails served in tall glasses such as Moscow Mule & Gin Tonics) like the “Grennday Highball,” consisting of Gin, sorrel, Chinese spinach, Verjuice and Riesling.

Their small open kitchen offers Austrian Tapas & Urban Soul Food, with a focus on using locally-sourced ingredients of a high quality. The menu is brief, but both meat-lovers & vegans (and all the people in between) will find something to their liking. The background music is carefully selected, and DJs will fill the bar with Nudisco, melodic house, and Deep house music on the weekends.

We love… their special monthly afterwork event, “Auf Lepschi.” Find the hard deers, here.

Price guide
Mangalitsa Grammelschmalz (crackling fat) = 3.50€
Hotdogs = 7.30€
Burger = 12.60€
Thai Mule = 7.50€

Recommended if you like: Austrian tapas, afterwork drinking, sipping the hippest drinks in town, afterwork drinking

Website: www.mundart.wien

Photos via facebook.com/mundart.wien

The Birdyard – New in Vienna

Where: Lange Gasse 74, 1080

Opening times
TUE–SUN: 11:30am–2am
MON: closed

Category: restaurant, bar

This new 3-floor restaurant-bar hybrid on Lange Gasse in the 8th is the new project by the same family that gave birth to the magnificent, Mama Liu & Sons. The Birdyard Eatery & Bar features two floors (ground and first floor) that are all about eating and enjoying great food art. The interior is minimalistic, yet inviting and doesn’t distract you while trying at least 4–5 of the dishes on the menu – the portions are small, so you can be sure to try as many dishes as possible, without the guilt.

Meanwhile, the basement houses the bar. Dark flower and animal paintings decorate the walls and wrap you up nicely into an after dark bar kind of feeling. The drinks on the menu are beyond your standard, and includes fresh creations – eg “Senses”, a vodka drink involving chili-apricot jam, pear, lime and piment.

Price guide
Pasta with mushrooms = 6.90€
Beef heart = 6.90€
Wild duck = 9.50€
Dessert = 5.20€
Cocktails = 10–15€


Photos © Atelier Olschinsky

Krypt – New in Vienna

Where: Wasagasse 17, 1090

Opening times
WED–THU: 6pm–2am
FRI–SAT: 8pm–4am

Category: bar, fancy

Word on the street has it this is the ‘best new bar in town’ so we turned up curious. You have to ring a bell to get into Krypt, at which point you’ll be let in by some handsome bouncer. Through a glass door and down some elegant stairs, you’ll find a bar that’ll make you feel like you’re anywhere but Vienna. The bar is made out of marble, as are the walls, which are a mixture of marble, wood and bold paintings. While the cocktails are pricey, you pay for what you get: the selection is vast and the drinks are yummy.

Recommended if you like: things that are hyping, wearing something fabulous when going out, the ‘in’ crowd

Website: www.krypt.bar

Photo © mixology.eu

Florentin – New in Vienna

Where: Berggasse 8, 1090

Opening times
MON–SUN: 8am–11pm
Kitchen open until 10pm

Category: Israeli, salads, quick eats, breakfast

A new Israeli restaurant dubbed Florentin have started serving up food full with flavour and spices, made by passionate people in Vienna’s 9th district. Serving up Israeli classics, like Shakshuka (a tomato-egg dish) and the charred cauliflower, Florentin is serving up breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s got a big dining area, and is pretty damn good looking, as well.

Price guide
Israeli breakfast (including dips, sunny side up, a garden salad, guacamole, hummus and tuna) = 9.90€
Shakshuka = 9.50€
Brownie muffin = 3.60€

Recommended if you like: dreaming of sitting on the beach, loud people, travelling, meeting people for breakfast, Israeli culture

Website: florentin1090.com

RIEN – New in Vienna

Where: Michaelerplatz 2, 1010

Opening times
MON: closed
TUE–SAT: 9am–1am
SUN: 9am–6pm

Category: Austrian, modern, breakfast, casual

It’s not often that something young and edgy turns up in Vienna’s city center, but this born-again coffeehouse that sits on the corner of the cobblestoned and horse drawn carriage filled square of Michaelerplatz, has done what some would consider sacrilegious, but we find to be pretty damn cool. While the body of the city centre coffeehouse, Rien, is as old as they come in terms of Vienna coffeehouses, but it’s heart is young… and beating with a funky beat. Rien serves up Viennese classics with a spicy twist, such as a ham and cheese toast with a pickled pepper and Nuri Sardines, paired with fermented dill, roasted garlic and bread. Oh, and before we forget: they serve a mean Eggs Benedict.

Price Guide
Melange = 3.40€
Big Rien breakfast = 11.90€
Big Goulasch = 12.50€

Recommended if you like: places with history, hanging in hip places, young people doing cool shit, culture

Website: www.rien.at

Joseph Brot Bagelmanufaktur – New in Vienna

Where: Albertinaplatz / Führichgasse 6, 1010

Opening times
MON–FRI: 8am–7pm
SAT: 8:30am–5pm
SUN: closed

Category: cafe, bakery, snack shop

Joseph has done it again! They’ve opened another bakery in Vienna and they’re claiming it’s serving up the best bagels in the city. Frequented a lot by tourists but also the typical first district crowd, the location on Albertinaplatz draws in a lot of curious people – by bringing back the bagel, or rather, bringing it back to Vienna.

Coming in three different variations, there is plain sour-dough wheat, Waldstaudenroggen (rye), and Malzkorn (malt grain) bagel to choose form,  each coming with, or without, black and white sesame on top. Once you’ve chosen your bagel, you can proceed to choosing your filling – salmon, ham, cream cheese, hummus or roast beef, plus whatever green stuff you want in it. If you prefer the warm and crunchy bites, you can have your bagel freshly toasted, as well. Take it to go, or stand at one of the small high tables, while observing the bakers at work around the clock. For anybody that’s experience the New York bagel culture, this will be a long-awaited, welcome addition to Vienna’s bakery scene. Thank you Joseph…thank you so damn much (wipe away a small tear)

Price guide
Bagel plain = 2.40€
Bagel with homemade cream cheese = 4.90€ (plus herbs 5.50€)
Bagel Club Veggie (hummus, rucola) = 6.30€
Bagel Wiener Beinschinken (ham by Thum) = 8.60€
Bagel Roastbeef (warm) = 10.80€
Bagel NYC Lox = 10.40€

Website: joseph.co.at

Turnhalle at Brick-5 – New in Vienna

Where: Herklotzgasse 21, 1150

Opening times
MON–FRI: 12pm–3pm
SAT–SUN: 10am–3pm

Category: buffet, all you can eat, seasonal, events

The beloved red-bricked performance, odd market spot and cultural hub, Brick-5, just got a whole lot better. The team from the 7th district cafe, Cafe 7stern, have moved in. The 7stern guys have opened a restaurant named Turnhalle at Brick-5, that’s becoming known quickly for its wholesome all-you-can-eat brunch buffet on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday from 10am–3pm) for 18€. On other days, they’re dealing in freshly made seasonal salads, cakes and, of course, a pretty damn decent coffee, on week days. Sometimes if you’re lucky, you’ll catch a music performance, or art show happening here.

Price guide
All you can eat breakfast = 18€
Cake and coffee = 4.80€

Recommended if you like: hanging out in artsy spaces, meeting people, socialising, all you can eat

Website: brick-5.at

Klyo – New in Vienna

Where: Uraniastraße 1, 1010

Opening times
MON–SUN: 9am–1am

Category: cafe, restaurant, bar, local

Klyo is the new restaurant occupying the space perched above the Donaukanal, housed in the Urania. The former dark interior has been thrown out for a more modern look, including a bunch of plants hanging from the ceiling. Carbohydratephobics (yes, this is a thing) will love it here: there is a strong focus on protein on the new menu (they even clearly state the protein content of the dishes on their menu!). Most of the space in the menu is occupied by breakfast options (which is served until 10:30pm), but you can also find something for lunch or dinner on there, and various cocktails for a relaxed evening. Or just have beer with a breakfast. The location has always been a contented-sigh-inducer, and now the cafe occupying it lives up to it.

Price guide
Fitness Egg White Omelette = 7.20€
Raw Chocolate Pancakes = 7.20€
Styrian free-range chicken = 13.20€

Recommended if you like: anything but carbs, protein over carbs, having breakfast anytime of day, knowing exactly what you are eating, breakfast with a view, wearing socks during love-making

Website: www.klyo.at

Photos © Mathias Kniepeiss

Camera Club – New in Vienna

Where: Neubaugasse 2, 1070

Opening times
MON–SUN: 11pm–6am

Category: night club, dance club, afterwork clubbing

The legendary Camera Club has finally awoken from its deep summer slumber looking all brand spanking new and damn sexy! Since 1970, the club has been setting trends, but the crowd seemed to be getting tired of the location and was thus closed in 2015. This September, however, it was finally re-opened. Hooray! With their new format focus on Afterwork clubbing, there is a programme for everyone, for every day of the week. And the sounds being pumped out here are a mixed bag of trending species: Drum’n’Bass, Reggae and Dancehall, Hip Hop, and Funk’n’Soul. On two gloriously disco ball sparkling floors, there is plenty of room for pulling some moves.

Recommended if you like: afterwork drinking, having the possibility to party on any day of the week

Website: www.cameraclub.at

Brasserie de la Marie – New in Vienna

Where: Amerlingstraße 15, 1060

Opening times
MON–FRI: 11am–11pm
SAT: 11am–11:45pm
SUN: closed

Category: restaurant, international, French specialities

The Brasserie de la Marie is no Brasserie to the truest sense of the word word, but its simply hijacking it for its charm. And why not, we say! This is one pretty, cosy, charming, authentic and affordable little place for cake and coffee, or a lunch! The three S’– soups, sandwiches and salads – occupy the menu. The interior has this whole rustic, shabby chic, effortless French charm thing going for it – no chair matches the other, no lamp can be spotted twice in here. This has the potential to become one of our favourite lunch spots.

Price guide
French onion soup = 3.80€
Fish & Chips = 6.70€
Burger à la Marie = 9.10€
Ratatouille = 6.90€

Recommended if you like: food from many different places, wearing mismatching socks, smoking while eating, curiosities, your grandma

Photos via www.facebook.com/brasseriedelamarie

Website: www.brasseriedelamarie.com

Horst – New in Vienna

Where: Rotgasse 9, 1010

Category: Dance club, night club, pop-up clubs

Street-Art interior, a deep black stage equipped with a wood and light installation – this is the new and sexy club they call, Horst. The former location of the Olympia Studios, has been a club location for a while now, but only when the summer closed in 2017 did Horst move in. The pop-up club has 4 bars on the main floor and a cocktail bar in the gallery on the other floor. This is a club with love and a concept (according to them), and with plenty of room for dancing. A lot of dancing! Many of the talented people from the Pratersauna and various DJ collectives have been involved in the putting together of this bad-ass so expect good things. Oh, and be quick as it won’t be around for long – they’re turning it into a parking garage next year! (check out the countdown on their website).

Recommended if you like: pop-up concepts, expiration dates, dancing from dusk until dawn, loud ass music

Website: www.horst.wtf

Bottega del Caffé Dersut – New in Vienna

Where: Hoher Markt 5, 1010

Opening times
MON–FRI: 10am–6pm
SAT: 11am–5pm
SUN: closed

Category: Café, Italian

Enter the Bottega del Caffé Dersut and you’ll immediately get the feeling your in Italy. Having opened in April, the Bottega is very small and sparsely furnished. There are a few tiny tables inside, but people come here to drink coffee the Italian way (aka. standing at the bar shooting back a espresso or cappuccino). Beside the regular kind of coffees, they also serve up their own specialties (eg. with mint, cream and chocolate flakes), healthy smoothies, and small tasty bites (eg. Tramezzini, Panini, Focaccia) that leave atleast one hand free to ensure you can also speak like a really Italian while hanging out here – with your hands!

Price guide
Espresso = 1.90€
Cappuccino = 2.20€
Sandwich = 3.80€

Recommended if you like: ordering everything to go, Bella Italia, speaking with your hands, those loveable Italian cliches

Website: www.dersut.it

Photos via www.facebook.com/dersutcaffespa

On Sud – New in Vienna

Where: Dingelstedtgasse 3, 1150

Opening times
MON–SUN: 9am–12am

Category: restaurant, coffee bar, Chinese, Greek

The 15th district Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus is flourishing with new hip places these days, and On Sud is one of their latest. The former Silent Cook, Simon Xie Hong, is the holy chef behind this place (the restaurant is located in the courtyard of the Church Maria vom Siege). You may also know him from other bars, such as China bar, ON Market etc. It’s his fifth restaurant, so he should know what he’s doing, right? Mediterranean-Asian-Fusion (to be precise: Chinese-Greek) is being served in a On Sud which is located in a district where almost nothing is happening in terms of culinary diversity. You can dig into a breakfast daily from 9am–3pm, or order á la carte (a rather small carte during the week, a wider choice on the weekend).

Price guide
Sushi rice, fried eggs, Canadian bacon & spring onions = 8€
Shakshuka = 8€
Braised beef heart = 9€
Beef Tartar with horseradish and soy sauce = 13€

Recommended if you like: fusion, PB&J sandwiches

Website: www.on-sud.at

Photos via www.facebook.com/on.sud.restaurant

Matiki – New in Vienna

Where: Gardegasse 2, 1070

Opening times
MON–THU: 6pm–2am
FRI–SAT: 6pm–3am
SUN: closed

Category: bar, cocktails

This is big news this one! Vienna’s first tiki bar opened just a few weeks ago in Gardegasse, right next to Möbel Café, bringing with it a Polynesian-style bar to this city’s gastronomy landscape. The two brothers behind it, Matty and Arik Vinnitski, whose mad cocktail skills you might have come across already at the bar, If Dogs Run Free, or Miranda Bar, finally opened their own home of crafty cocktails. The atmosphere is as comfy as your grandpa’s smoking slippers, and the cocktails are fresh and colourful creations.


Photos © medianomia

Ebi 1 – New in Vienna

Where: Teinfaltstraße 9, 1010

Opening times
Daily: 11am–10pm

Category: Restaurant, Japanese, Asian, Sushi

All you can eat

The Japanese Sushi & Grill restaurant Ebi opened a new place in the first district not long ago. Bringing their tried and tested “all you can eat à la carte” concept to a new crowd, offering tasty and freshly prepared sushi, maki, nigiri and tepanyaki grill dishes to be ordered via tablet.

The portions are a bit smaller than usual, but that’s where the all-you-can-eat concept comes in handy – you can order another dish, if you liked it. And to make sure that no food is wasted, you will be charged a bit more if you leave more than two plates half-eaten (we actually really like this rule, don’t you?!). It’s not going to be the most mind-blowing Asian cuisine you’ve had, but if you’re hungry and craving the like, this is a good option to have up your sleeve.

Price guide
Lunch = 13.95€ (MON–FRI)
Dinner = 19.95€

Website: ebi-vienna.at

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