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14 new eat and drink hotspots that have opened in Vienna since winter

July 10, 2017

Guide to
14 new eat and drink
hotspots that have opened
in Vienna since winter

July 10, 2017

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We’ll begin by saying – beach bodies are for losers! Now you can go forth guilt-free into your summer and indulge in these brand spanking new restaurants, cafes and eateries. Vienna’s eating and drinking scene continues to grow fast, and these are the new faces that have opened their doors in the last few months since winter.

Here are 14 of Vienna’s new places we recommend you try:

Durchhaus – New in Vienna

Where: Neustiftgasse 16, 1070

Opening Times
TUE—SAT: 5pm—12am
SUN–MON: closed

Category: modern Austrian, Gasthaus

Opening up in the hipster haven of the 7th district, Durchhaus has the intention to bring Austrian and Viennese cuisine into the 21st century. While this is a big claim, they are doing modern takes on classics such as the Wiener Schnitzel and Gulasch.

Plus: if you are not really in the mood for a big feast, come for drinks and enjoy Durchhaus’ cheese plate with a serve of their home made bread.

Website: durchhaus.at

Photos © Klaus Prokopp

Basz Bar – New in Vienna

Where: Hollandstraße 7, 1020

Opening times
MON—SUN: 5pm—2am

Category: bar, casual dinning

Basz’s is the next new addition to the trending 2nd district’s bar and restaurant scene. It has a hipster soul and comfy, laid-back vibe found in all new young Viennese places. Basz is serving up Heuriger-type bites (so don’t expect a substantial feed) which are sourced regionally, including the Käsekrainer that they source from lower Austria. Also enjoy the craft beers and a quality wine list behind the bar.

Website: facebook.com/basz.bar

Photos © Johannes Sawerthal

Figar Bao Bun – New in Vienna

Where: Margaretenstraße 11, 1040

Opening times
MON—SUN: 11:30am—10:30pm

Category: sandwiches, Asian street food

How can a steamed bun be so damn good?! The boa bun is the fluffy and mighty cute star of Taiwain’s street food scene of late, with plenty of places in Vienna are specialising in it. The handsome crowd over at Figar (who seem to be spreading their hipster-y cafe tentacles across the city recently) have decided to join in on the trend, opening a little bistro serving them up in the 4th district. This newcomer offers an extremely simple menu, including just 3 different types of baos to choose from.

Plus: their baby spinach salad is the ultimate refreshing lunch for those hot sunny days

Website: bao.figar.net

Photos © Figar Facebook

Koinonia Plus – New in Vienna

Where: Albertgasse 39, 1080

Opening times
MON–SUN: 11:30am—11:30pm

Category: Asian food, lounge bar, breakfasts, fusion cuisine

The Japanese eatery, Koinonia of the 18th district has been a favourite amongst Asian aficionados who dared to venture so far for a quality Japanese feast. Now they’re moving into a more central location in the quaint 8th district. Slightly different from the 18th district venue, Koinonia Plus will have an Asian fused mix to the menu , with Korean, Japanese and Thai flavours all making an appearance.

Plus: During summer, they also have a pleasant Schanigarten.

Website: koinonia.co.at

Photos © Koinonia Facebook

Schelato 1040 – New in Vienna

Where: Schleifmühlgasse 11, 1040

Opening times
MON–SUN: 12pm–10pm

Category: ice cream, creamy gelato

The summer superheroes, Schelato, have opened another of their artisan ice creameries in the 4th district. If you’re not in on these addictive ice cream dealers that opened up in the 8th district a couple of year’s back, they’re serving up some of the most outlandish ice cream creations in the city, throwing the likes of beetroot and poppy seed into their ice cream. This tiny little place is serving up just as big flavours!

Website: facebook.com/schelato

Photos © Schelato Facebook

The Nice Guys – New in Vienna

Where: Karl-Farkas-Gasse 18, 1030

Opening times
MON–FRI: 9:30am–11pm
SAT–SUN: 12pm–11pm

Category: eating out, cocktails, tapas

The word about these so-called ‘nice guys’ is starting to spread. ‘The nice guys’ describes itself as a bit of everything – a bar, a restaurant and a club. That’s right, who said you can’t be good at everything. Having moved into a red brick building in the St. Marx viertel, they may just be the thing to bring life to the area (besides that big-ass event venue). With the colourful international dishes on their menu, a quality drinks list and some funky club nights ahead, let’s hope the nice guys pull it off.

Website: theniceguys.at

Photos © The Nice Guys Facebook

Weinschenke Siebenstern – New in Vienna

Where: Siebensterngasse 31/3, 1070

Opening times
MON—SUN: 11am—2am

Category: Burgers, drinks

After enjoying a huge success with their burgers in their first two locations, the succulent burger place, Weinschenke, has taken its buns to a new venue in the young and hip 7th district and it’s found itself one of the most prime positions in the district – Siebensternplatz. Yes, this means their garden is also a drawcard. Not that the towering burgers aren’t enough – those beefy beasts will blow your mind! Not to mention the sauces.

Also, the new Weinschenke will be more than burgers as they’re planning to morph into a bar after 10pm every night, that will be buzzing until 2am.

Plus: refresh your palate after the delicious burgers with their house vodka

Website: weinschenke-wien.com/standorte

Photos © Weinschenke Facebook

Fenster Cafe – New in Vienna

Where: Fleischmarkt 9, 1010

Opening times
MON–SUN: 9am—5pm

Category: coffeeshops, specialty coffee, coffee-to-go

This adorable new coffee place consists of a window, a barista’s head poking out of it, and well…that’s pretty much it. Located on the historic city centre street, Fleischmarkt this coffee-to-go setup is making some quality specialty coffee. As the name suggest, there is really just a window to this cafe so don’t come expecting a place to hang and sip at your latte. However, this has a lot to do with why your espresso will only cost you 95 cents, which is perfect for a quick chug and run kind of day. The small venue surely has a lot of personality and a large selection of creative coffee inventions, such as the ‘espresso-tonic’ and their coffee inside a cone.

Website: sasha.coffee/fenster-cafe

Photos © Fenster Café Facebook

Café & Schloss Cobenzl – New in Vienna

Where: Am Cobenzl 94, 1190

Opening times
TUE—THU & SAT: 10am—8pm
FRI: 10am—10pm
SUN–MON: clsoed

Category: café garden, snacks, brunch

Café & Schloss Cobenzl is the new place to escape the city and relax, while looking over it from above yelling, ‘looking at all of you little people down there! I’ll first conquer your hearts and than take it all!’ Sorry about that (clearing of the throat). Café & Schloss Cobenzl is a new café perched on the Cobenzl hill with a spectacular view in front of it. Their coffee and small bites menu makes Cobenzl a great place for an afternoon meet. Oh, and they do have an amazing brunch on the weekend… just sayin’.

Plus: they organise public picnics on Sundays. Yes, they’ll set up everything for you.

Website: luftschloss.wien

Photos © David Payr

Toasterei Bunter Hund – New in Vienna

Where: Praterstraße 11, 1020

Opening Times
MON–SAT: 11am–9pm
SUN: closed

Category: toaster, casual dining

Oh, how beautiful you look, all cut in half, revealing your tasty insides. You’re the reason the sandwich selfie became a trend. Yes, this is us flirting with our toasted sandwich at the interestingly named, Toasterei Bunter Hund. Just around the corner of the Sofitel Hotel on Praterstraße, a little eatery boasting some of the best toasts in the city has opened up recently. Its concept is as simple as the place looks – sandwiches… but not just any sandwiches. They respect the white bread. It’s sacred here, and that’s why their sandwiches are layered with the best quality ingredients, mostly sourced from artisanal regional suppliers near Vienna. So when you see the 7.50–9.50€ price tag, rest assured, it’s more than worth it.
You also get a side of slaw and a few pickles.

Website: facebook.com/pg/bunterhundwien

Lazy Life – New in Vienna

Where: Burggasse 44, 1070

Opening Times
SUN–TUE: closed
WED–THU: 4pm–10pm
FRI–SAT: 4pm–12am

Category: cafe, cultural space

Lazy Life is a brand spanking new cafe in the 7th district that stands for something, and even though its name may suggest it, it does not stand for being lazy. It’s a place where all are welcome, especially those interested in the queer and feminist scene and issues surrounding it. The vegan and vegetarian menu made up of small bites is colourful, while there are also piles of magazines on hand (like every good cafe should), including feminist-focused publications, to sit with while sipping at your fair-trade coffee. They also host the occasional readings, screenings and other cultural events. If this sounds like a place you’d like to become a part of, we’re sure the friendly crowd there will make you feel like you belong.

Website: www.lazylife.at

Lakkana – New in Vienna

Where: Lerchenfelder Straße 49, 1070

Opening times
MON–SAT: 10:30am-9pm
SUN: closed

For all those who like cooking and eating Thai food, let’s see those famous Thai smiles! A new Thai eatery/ food store has opened on Lerchenfelder Straße recently. The store has a huge range of the staple ingredients of the Thai kitchen, while the eatery at the front of the store is serving up all the favourites of the country’s cuisine (including some very tasty curries), at very affordable prices. The atmosphere isn’t much, but the friendly faces of the staff working there will make this one of your new favourite spots for a Thai fix.

Website: www.facebook.com/LakkanaThaiStore

Sofi Vera Pizza Napolitana – New in Vienna

Where: Brunnenmarkt 161, 1160

Opening times
MON–FRI: 5pm-11pm
SAT: 1pm-11pm
SUN: closed

It seems this city can never get enough pizzerias. Keeping things simple, the new one that has opened up at Yppenplatz, Sofi Vera, claims to be serving up some of the best Napolitana pizza in the city. Sofi Vera spreads itself out with a huge al fresco garden at the atmospheric Yppenplatz, while the smell of the pizzas in the oven also lets everybody know of the new Italian’s presence. The pizzas have all the traditional toppings, and sport the thick crust and thin, floppy base of a true Napolitana pizza.

Website: www.facebook.com/sofiwien

Cafe Frida – New in Vienna

Where: Payergasse 12/4 Yppenplatz, 1160

Opening Times
Daily: 9am-12am

Category: cafe, bar

In amidst the cosmopolitan vibe of Yppenplatz, a new little cafe opened its doors in March. Aptly named after the Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo, Cafe Frida is a colourful cafe serving up a very tasty breakfast in the kind of setting that makes you sigh and go, ‘ain’t life wonderful.’ With field flowers on every table and staff that are always smiling, Cafe Frida eminates a light and warm atmosphere. It’s also a great spot for lunch as their menu has a range of original club sandwich creations and salads, while at night, you can soak in the buzz of this lively square while sipping at one of their homemade lemonades, or if you’re after something harder, spend some time with the drinks menu filled with a few new faces that we bet you haven’t tried before.

Website: www.facebook.com/pg/Frida1160

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