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10of your favourite breakfast spots in Vienna

We asked the people of Vienna where their favourite breakfast spot is in the city and these 10places made the list.

Ulrich – Best Breakfast

MON–THU: 7:30am–1am
SAT, SUN & public holidays: 9am–1am


Price guide
Breakfast Sandwich = 10€
Melange = 3.90€

Breakfast served
MON–FRI: 7:30am–12am
SAT–SUN & public holidays: 9am–3pm

Ulrich is that rare kind of café that ticks all boxes – they make a damn fine coffee, the atmosphere is cosy, and they serve up a breakfast that will make you think twice about asking for breakfast in bed for your next birthday. You could almost mistake yourself for being in Sydney if you resist looking out at the scenic cobblestone courtyard and baroque church sitting outside the café’s windows. Funny about that, as it was the cafés of Australia and New Zealand that inspired the owner, Gerald, with Ulrich’s design. In the way of warm breakfasts, they serve up a hearty pan of bacon and eggs, fluffy pancakes with fruit and a raft of tasty omelettes.

Ulrich is always popping. It’s loud, packed, full of energy, and most importantly full of delicious food! This spot is a definite go-to for any well-travelled hipster whose favourite thing to do is enjoy trendy brunches in new cities. If you want to dine on a weekend at Ulrich, you’ve got to book in advance. For our full review of Ulrich, see, here.

Our favourite breakfast at Ulrich: We highly recommend the Breakfast Sandwich! Check out the breakfast menu, here.

Erich – Best Breakfast

Daily: 9am–1am


Breakfast Bowl = 9€
Acai Bowl = 4€

Breakfast served
MON–SUN: 9am–4pm

Erich, the brother of the cafe, Ulrich, located just around the corner, claims to serve up a breakfast for individuals. This is due to the flexibility of the breakfast menu. Rather than set menus, Erich encourages you to create your own breakfast combo’. From a vegan or egg base, you build your breakfast by adding extras like smoked salmon, mini sausages, bacon, mushrooms, chorizo or vegetarian options. According to Gerald, the founder of both Ulrich and Erich, Erich is a tad more easy-going, with both born with influences from abroad, including Australia and New Zealand’s breakfast culture. So yes, the coffee is A-grade. The atmosphere is cosy inside the intimate space with the arched roof, while the outside garden is as charming as cafe gardens get with a fountain as a centerpiece.

Our favourite breakfast at Erich: mix and match and make your own rise and shine breakfast! Check out the breakfast menu, here.

Café Ansari – Best Breakfast

MON–SAT: 8am–11:30pm
SUN: 9am–3pm


Russisches Frühstück (Russian Breakfast) = 14.50€
Georgisches Frühstück (Georgian Breakfast) = 11€

Breakfast served
MON–SAT: 8am–2pm
SUN: 9am–2:30pm

This place has fans aplenty, far and wide around the city. It’s especially good looking, with it’s modern take of a Viennese coffeehouse, and the food is, quite simply, exquisite. Run by a couple hailing from Georgia and Lebanon, the menu lives somewhere in between Vienna and the Orient, with a little bit of Russia thrown in there. There are 3 breakfasts that don’t only stand out on the Cafe Ansari menu, but also in terms of what Vienna’s breakfast landscape offers as a whole. The Georgian breakfast involves a very tasty, and very cheesy, Khachapuri which is a Georgian dish of cheese-filled bread crowned with an egg in the middle. Then there’s the ‘Variation von Blinis’ (a range of Blinis) served with sour cream, butter, caviar, salmon and other garnishes. And the Orientalisches Frühstuck (the Oriental breakfast) will have you humming to the hummus. They also spend time and care in preparing the coffee here, with a quality akin to any specialty coffee cafe. It’s a good idea to reserve here, as it’s busy most days of the week. Oh, and they may just have one of the most idyllic alfresco gardens in the city.

Our favourite breakfast at Café Ansari: the Georgian breakfast

Motto am Fluss – Best Breakfast

Daily: 8am–12am


Soft boiled egg = 3.90€
All Day Breakfast Sandwich = 12.50€

Breakfast served
Daily: 8am–4pm

Set alongside the Donaukanal, Motto am Fluss has a view and a setting fit for an inspiring, yet lazy, start to the day. The variety of breakfasts include some international favourites, with an original name and twist. The All Day Breakfast Sandwich is all your breakfast food favourites packed in a bun (avocado, bacon and scrambled eggs), topped with a scrumptious Habanero mayonnaise. They also serve up some decent detox smoothies if you turn up after a heavy night out.

Our favourite breakfast at Motto am Fluss: the All Day Breakfast Sandwich! Check out the breakfast menu, here.

The Guesthouse – Best Breakfast

Daily: 6:30am–12am


Eggs Benedict = 11€
Guesthouse Breakfast = 23€

Breakfast served
Daily: 6:30am–11am

Some hail this as the place for THE best place in Vienna for a breakfast. We don’t know about that, but we will confirm that the breakfast here is something special. The in-house bakery provides a heavenly, homey smell in this place which blends classic Vienna with clean-cut modernity. Here, a vast array of breakfast options can be feasted on. The breakfast packages are not that original, but they’re full of complex flavours – a result of the trained chefs at work on them. All the egg-centric dishes are there, alongside some amazing French toast creations and homemade Bircher muesli. Meanwhile, you may see people slurping at oysters and champagne for breakfast.

Our favourite breakfast at The Guesthouse Brasserie and Bakery: the Eggs Benedict! Check out the breakfast menu, here.

Das Augustin – Best Breakfast

MON–FRI: 6pm–12:30am
SAT & SUN: 9am–12:30am


Farmers Starter Breakfast = 8.80€
Lovely Sunday Breakfast = 9.80€
Cappuccino = 3.60€

Breakfast served
SAT, SUN & public holidays: 9am–4pm

Kater is the German word for hangover and male cat. Both are welcome in Das Augustin. We love those places that are just too comfortable to leave. Where you can meet up with friends after a heavy night of drinking, have great breakfast while you hatch plans to finally turn your chaotic lives around, to start fresh and live everyday like it was the final chance to show the world… and then, before you even realise you look at the wasted lump of flesh that stares at you through the bathroom mirror with an expressionless face and dead milky eyes. It’s 11pm, hours have passed since you ate those delicious pancakes and you just ordered your fifth gin and tonic. Sounds awesome, right? And so it is. Welcome to das Augustin. The food is tasty, the people are super-friendly and two house cats roam the premises.

Nestled amidst the exotic supermarkets and graffiti is Das Augustin, a breakfast haven of yumminess. The breakfast menu is simple, but creative. It’s comprised of the classic ingredients in a Vienna breakfast: muesli, ham and cheese, but all of the breakfasts have their own original homemade twists. Like the Scandinavia-inspired breakfast, made up of Norwegian salmon, goat cheese, and ruccola with a lemon dressing, for example. The more exotic breakfasts are Italian and Turkish inspired, or you can hoe into some good old-fashioned pancakes, with a pile of fruit and whipped cream on top. Everything is fresh, and all the breakfasts come as mini works of art. There’s even little flower on some. The dimly-lit interior resembles an old Austrian Gasthaus that a hippety hipster has set to work on redecorating. It works. Enclosed by an inner courtyard, it once again feels like an escape from the world outside. The sun also hits it perfectly in the morning.

Our favourite breakfast at Das Augustin: the Lovely Sunday breakfast (muesli with yoghurt and a weird strawberries and rocket salad combination), which turns out to be bizarrely delicious. Also, the Caorle breakfast with prosciutto crudo, grana, home made jam and vegetable antipasti. Check out the breakfast menu, here.

Joseph Brot – Best breakfast

MON–FRI: 7:30–7pm (Bistro opens at 8am)
SAT: 8am–6pm
SUN & public holidays: 8am–4pm


Espresso = 2.60€
The Healthy = 14.80€

Breakfast served
MON–SUN: 8am–3pm

Joseph Brot’s bistro on Landstraße offers a great breakfast and brunch menu that features a selection of fresh, original and visually delightful, organic and regional creations. Seasonal changes keep things exciting – at the moment The Healthy will treat you with a slice of Vollkorn-Urlaib bread garnished with salmon, avocado cream, poached eggs, tomato and cottage cheese plus an accompanying chia pudding.
You can also opt for a classic Semmel and Kipferl with butter and jam version, try your way through the bread and pastries on offer, or sip on some healthy drinks, or a cup of quality coffee. Their omelettes are also worth lining up for (there can sometimes be a wait for a table, but it won’t be longer than 10 minutes). The open, airy setting will echo your screams of delight.

Our favourite breakfast at Joseph Brot: The Healthy! Check out the breakfast menu, here.

Palais Hansen Kempinski – Best Breakfast

Breakfast served
MON–FRI: 6:30am–10:30am
SAT–SUN: 6:30am–11am

Hotel Kempinski is one of those names you just know. Apparently the hotel chain is the oldest luxury hotel group in Europe, but they sure keep up with today’s times with their wonderful breakfast. The luxurious breakfast, which goes for 42€, offers everything a breakfast-lovers hungry heart could desire. From eggs in any style you could wish for (including eggs benedict) to a spread including fish, meats, dried fruits, freshly squeezed fruit juices, breads, cheeses, more and more… and more. When standing in front of the buffet, we think about setting up a tent and camping out until we’ve tried everything.

Our favourite breakfast at Kempinski: raid the buffet and try a little bit of everything!

Marks – Best Breakfast

TUE–SAT: 10am–12am
SUN: 9:30am–11pm
MON: closed


Nordic Special = 9.70€
Mark's Fit Frühstück = 7.90€
Cappucino = 3.50€

Breakfast served
TUE–SAT: 10am–12am
SUN: 9:30am–11am

It all starts with the name. Visiting a place with a name that could be the owner’s, automatically feels familiar like you’re being invited over to somebody’s house for a meal. When visiting Marks place for a meal, the genuinely familiar and friendly feeling of the place is instantly relaxing. The perfect tranquilizer prescribed for a Sunday morning breakfast.
The breakfast menu and its five choices make us think – since breakfast became a fancy meal of the day, sitting all distinguished next to dinner on most restaurant menus, finding an original breakfast is like finding a cleanly-shaven guy at a hipster designer market – a pretty tough task. A breakfast at Marks is refreshingly original.
The selections goes from a vegan breakfast boasting a pumpkin smoothie, to a ‘Hangover’ (beans, eggs, bacon etc.) or ‘Nordic special’ (salmon, bagel etc.) each comprised of breakfast foods that fit their name.

Our favourite breakfast at Marks: the Nordic Special! Check out the breakfast menu, here.

Haas & Haas – Best Breakfast

MON–SAT: 8am–8pm
SUN & public holidays: 9am–6pm


English Breakfast = 12.50€
Chinese Breakfast = 11.50€

Breakfast served
MON–SAT: from 8am
SUN: from 9am

The feeling of adventure is not generally something connotated with tea, however, when you hear the stories from Miss Eva Haas, tea takes you to far off places. Most of them being where the tea is grown, which Miss Haas and her husband and daughter, have visited aplenty in their quests to stock the rarest teas in their teashop, many of which can be found served up in the neighbouring tea house. Here is where one of the best breakfasts in the city can be found, which also can take you on exotic adventures.
Haas & Haas is one of the few remaining Viennese institutions which everybody who’s lived in the city long enough knows of. It’s difficult to choose between their 30 breakfast variations, however, we suggest you just close your eyes and point to a country on the map, and they’ll most probably have the traditional breakfast dish from that country on their menu.
While the hearty English breakfast is the most popular here, the Chinese breakfast stands out with its dumplings and noodles. And while coffee is, of course, on the menu, we highly suggest you order the tea that best accompanies your breakfast (just ask the waitress). And remember, in the words of Ms Haas – ‘Tea should always be accompanied by conversation’ (we read this as a license to talk with our mouths full. It got ugly)

Our favourite breakfast at Haas & Haas: the English breakfast! Check out the breakfast menu, here.

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