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10 of Vienna’s best (and most charming) farmers’ markets

July 8, 2018

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10 of Vienna’s best
(and most charming)
farmers’ markets

July 8, 2018

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You probably know the feeling of missing the taste of purely natural food in Vienna. Where everything’s to go and conveniently squished into plastic containers, genuine groceries have become a rarity. Or have they? Visit one of these 10 farmers’ markets in Vienna to get your fix of handcrafted food straight from the fields around the city.

Check them out right here.

Bio-Bauernmarkt Freyung – Farmers Markets

Where: Freyung, 1010

Opening Times
FRI–SAT: 9am—6pm

Right in the heart of Vienna lies this small walking famers market, among the historical freyung area local farmers offer their home made variety of cheeses and cured meat. However, you will also be able to find stunning handmade pottery or family brands of Oil. But wait! The biggest bonus are the small spritzer stands they give you a personal service and the ¼ glass of spritzer is sold for only 2€!

Plus: They usually have a seasonal market just beside it so whether it is winter spring fall or summer you can rest assure you will be able to find the seasonal goodies while still having that farmers market spirit just beside it

Karmelitermarkt – Farmers Markets

Where: Karmelitermarkt, 1020

This calm market square through the week comes to life every Saturday morning, bringing regional farmers closer to families and locals of the 2nd district. Every stand has personality, whether they sell cheese, home made porchetta, or honey fresh from the hive.
If there is one thing to point out at this market, it is the incredible Austro-Italian influence that can be found amongst the stands as, you guessed it, most of them are run by Italians and Austrians! Except the Brit Richard, who’s the butcher behind Britwurst, the famous British sausage brand.

Tip: If you want to cook at home on a Saturday night, go to this market without a specific recipe, let yourself be inspired by the seasonal colors and ingredients the farmers bring with them, and take advantage of the free samples on offer. Not only is it the best way to start a meal, they might even convince you to buy a whole wheel of cheese… just saying.

Vorgartenmarkt – Farmers Markets

Where: Wohlmutgasse/Ennsgasse, 1020

Opening times
Food stands: MON—SAT: 9am—6pm
Restaurants: MON—SAT: 11am—10pm
Times vary among the different restaurants and stands

Far from its more well-known cousin Karmeliter markt, this second district market has nothing to envy. Its wide space offers a good range of fruits and vegetables while the stable stands offer good quality meat, chicken and even fish! However the real reason to come here comes from the selection of Fresh pasta and cheeses the stand “Mein Naschmarkt” offers, as well as a posh selection of affordable Italian wines and international craft beers! You can either take them home or stay in the market and enjoy them in the company of all the commuters. Plus there is a bakery that bakes new bread every morning! Sure, summer is among us and we want a fit body buuut how can you say no to a fresh chocolate croissant!

Biomarkt Josefstadt – Farmers Markets

Where: Lange Gasse, 1080

Every Saturday, Lange Gasse – between Josefstädter Straße and Josefsgasse – will be closed for cars and decorated with neat little food stands in two rows. Offering mainly regional organic produce like fresh fruit and vegetables, you will also find wine, juice, as well as dairy products from the neighbouring cheese shop Jumi Käse that will have you look at and smell cheese in all colours and odours for hours. You will also run into happy faced people that you can have long chats with about the tastiness of Austrian potatoes. Or the weather.

Plus: Baker Öfferl has a stand where you can buy his beautiful bread creations, like his unique bread, tasty Semmeln, and delicious Buchteln. But make sure to be there early, the good stuff will be gone quickly.

Website: www.facebook.com/BioMarkt-LangeGasse

WUK Wochenmarkt – Farmers Markets

Where: Währinger Straße 59, 1090

Opening times
SAT: 10am—5pm

This 1-day market is the perfect way to prepare for your exciting weekend! The stands offer something unique from the common selection of Austrian cheeses and meats, to a coffee stand that makes crazy blends like a brownie blend with regional produce that can be brewed on the spot just for you! Other interesting stands that impressed us where a stand dedicated to the all mighty potato where you have 10 (yes ten) different kind of potatoes to choose from, as well as cheap craft beer and whisky being sold to drink at the spot or to take home.

Plus: you can get a homemade toast topped with gooey sticky glorious melted cheese for 4.50€

Brunnenmarkt / Bauernmarkt am Yppenplatz – Famers Markets

Where: Brunnengasse, 1160

Opening times
MON–FRI: 6am–6:30pm
SAT: 6am–6pm

In the midst of all the gorgeous chaos that is the Gürtel lies Brunnenmarkt, the closest thing you will ever get from a real bazar experience in Vienna, from the cheap butchers and chicken sellers, to all the second hand accessories you can find, there is a special aura in Brunnenmarkt that makes you want to say “I know the price is 3€ but I I give you 6€ for 3”.

Tip: Try the exotic shops behind the stands and go to every street food stand for a cheap and filling experience. Also, if you are interested in upgrading your kebab game, try the kebab places that cook the kebab exclusively on a coal grill.

Website: wien.gv.at/freizeit/einkaufen/maerkte/lebensmittel/brunnenmarkt.html

Kutschkermarkt – Farmers Markets

Where: Kutschkergasse, 1180

Opening hours:
Resident shops: Mon–Fri: 6am–7:30pm | Sat: 6am–5pm
Additional farmers’ stands: Fri: 7am–6:30pm | Sat: 7am–2pm

Kutschkermarkt is one of the two last genuine street markets in Vienna, historically dating back to 1885. And with such a metric ton of experience, it’s no wonder this market has something for every taste. The offer ranges from flowers to fresh veggies and herbs to “Vienna’s best kebab” (it’s pretty good, to be honest), to hand-cured lard, artisan bread and much, much more. Plus on Fridays and Saturdays, the upper part of the Kutschkermarkt gets crowded with additional farmers’ stands – adding wine, fresh fish, honey, and more to the offer, always according to the season.

Insiders’ tip: If you dig the eco lifestyle, check out Naturkost Brunnader at the corner of Kutschkermarkt/Schulgasse, and buy some of their homemade sweets.

Lerchenfelder Bauernmarkt – Farmers Markets

Where: Lerchenfelder Straße/Ecke Schottenfeldgasse, 1070

Opening times
FRI: 8am—2:30pm

This little farmers market is starting to become a neighborhood favorite and we can completely understand why: it combines 3 things we love about markets:
1. It offers the traditional concept of a farmers market with bio fruits and veggies
2. It offers the Austrian farmers classics like cheese, cured meats and styrian wines and
3. It has an element of surprise with a stand taken from a middle eastern bazar that offers a variety of olives, nuts and international olive oil!

Insiders’ advice: If you have time spend, hang out at the Styrian wine stand you may hear crazy farmer market stories while sipping down a delicious glass of local wine.

Viktor-Adler-Markt – Farmer’s market

Where: Viktor-Adler-Markt, 1100 

Opening times
MON–SAT: 6am-1pm

Extra market street on Leibnizgasse: MON–SAT: 6am–1pm

Next to the magnificent authentic market of the Viktor-Adler market you’ll find a makeshift farmer’s market opening up on the neighbouring street, Leibnizgasse. Chaos reigns here and so do very cheap prices on the fruit and veg being sold by stall holders of all kinds of nationalities. Situated in the multicultural 10th district, this place is one of our favourite markets and we felt like we’d left Vienna as soon as we approached it. If you’ve travelled to far-off exotic places in the world, you’ll know that the prerequisites of a real market requires a little grit, a little multicultural colour, pigeons humping on stand roofs. The Viktor-Adler-Markt ticks all of these boxes – the mélange of languages being spoken, the turban wearing men selling sunglasses, the smell of incense and spices, the shearing sound of the meat bansaw, the mix of Balkan, Turkish, Oriental, Asian and Austrian. And, you’ll be hard pressed to find fruit and veg and meat produce this cheap anywhere else in the city. It also boasts a collection of the best, and most reasonably priced seafood restaurants in the city. This place is loud and crowded, but where you’ll find the real deals on produce. An eclectic mix of Turkish housewives and restaurant chefs jostle for the best deals.

Website: www.wien.gv.at/viktor-adler-markt

Meidlinger Markt – farmer’s market

Where: Niederhofstraße to Reschgasse, 1120 

Opening times
MON–FRI: 6am–7:30pm
SAT: 6am–5pm
SUN: closed

The Meidlinger Markt has long been the underdog of Vienna’s market world, but while the Bobo (translation: hipster) army has been bathing in the Yppenplatz sun, things have really been moving south of the Wien river. And finally it seems the time for the takeover has come. Seriously, this market is everything a Viennese market should be. You can get your oriental fix at the Turkish and Greek stalls, or grab a drink at the authentic Viennese Beisln (the typical small Austrian pubs) or a coffee at the young, cool cafés. But the farmers market is the real drawcard. At the Meidliner markt’s farmer’s market you can buy cheap vegetables, or a range of high quality meat and fish products. 

The Meidlinger Markt has been reborn as an eclectic mix of tradition and innovation. If we were going to be stuck on an island with one market – it would be the Meidlinger Markt.

Website: www.wien.gv.at/meidlinger-markt

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