Zum wilden Flohmarkt - Vienna Würstelstand

Zum wilden Flohmarkt

July 14, 2020

Find awesome second-hand treasures at this flea market 

Zum wilden Flohmarkt

When: every Saturday, 2pm–8pm
Where: Wild im West 
Entry: free!

It’s time to get wild at a flea market! Every Saturday, there will be a flea market at the Wild im West, which does not only come with cool stands selling off second-hand pieces, but there will also be food trucks, live music, coffee and cake! What else do you need for an afternoon out?

Recommended if you like: finding unique treasures at flea markets, browsing around market stands, dressing all vintage, replying with ‘thanks, it’s vintage’ every time someone compliments you on your clothes or room decor, stuffing your face with cake while looking at cool things, nodding your head wildly to the beat while trying on clothes

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