Plogging in Vienna - Vienna Würstelstand

Plogging in Vienna

April 19, 2019

Clean the city while doing your morning run

Plogging in Vienna

When: SAT, April 27, 10am
Where: Neue Donau U6 Station
Entry: free, but do register and choose a route here!

Plogging is a trend that started in Sweden when some ambitious runners decided to collect some trash while on their morning run and encouraged others to do the same. And because true heroes don’t wear capes, but rather lycra pants and ear pods, this trend quickly become popular in other European cities, including Vienna!

Here is the drill: everyone is welcome to join! Sign up here and pick a route. Bring a garbage bag or two from home and then, while running along the proposed route, you pick up any trash you encounter (if any, this is Vienna after all *hehe* ). Important information: there will be snacks!

Recommended if you like: snacks, running with a purpose, cleaning up after others, team-building, meeting new people who like their city clean, trends, the word plogging.

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