Yoga in der Albertina - Vienna Würstelstand

Yoga in der Albertina

June 29, 2020

Get down on your mat and do yoga in a gallery

Yoga in der Albertina

When: SAT, July 4, 8:30am–9:45am (future dates available due, check the event page!)
Where: Albertina
Entry: 24€ (incl. museum entrance), buy a ticket

Yoga is a majestic art that calls on those who practise it to search for peace within themselves, an inner peace not many of us can achieve. But tranquil surroundings help a lot. This Saturday, retreat behind palace walls and getting your yoga breathing on within the majesty that is the Albertina gallery. Don’t forget to bring your own yoga mat (unless you want to do it on the hard floor, which we wouldn’t recommend).

Recommended if you like: making the most out of life, yoga, trying kinky sex positions, brunching on a Sunday, feeling as flexible as a 14-year-old again, doing weird things in majestic places, getting sweaty in a palace

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