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Yoga im Grünen with Wiener Landluft – outdoor yoga events

Practice yoga and help protect the environment while you’re at it

Yoga im Grünen with Wiener Landluft – für den Umweltschutz

When: every Tuesday at 6pm
Where: Arenawiese
Entry: donations welcome, reserve a spot
Equipment: bring your own mat!

Leave the stress of your everyday life behind you at this yoga session in the Arenawiese by Wiener Landluft. All the proceeds go to the Austrian environmental protection organisation, GLOBAL 2000, so you’ll not only fuel your own energy tanks, but also help fuel those of mother earth.

Recommended if you like: doing good things for the earth as well as yourself, practicing yoga with a breeze, supporting environmental organisations, looking at grass while you’re doing the downward dog, greeting the sun under the sun

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